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The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Hyphenation Table
ironed- on decal we were dressed up that decal is ironed on. Adjective form hyphenated before but not after a noun. Verb form always open. phrases, adjectival.
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Hyphenating prenominal adjectives and finding - Copyediting.com
Jul 14, 2011 ... learned from linguistics to help us understand when we should hyphenate adjectives before nouns and when we shouldn't. Grab a cup of tea; ...
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hyphen with “like” & “wise” - mtcra
The word penny-wise is spelled with a hyphen because it is a compound adjective in which wise ... NOT: Costwise, we're already 20 percent over budget.
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Compound Adjectives and Hyphenation
Hyphenated compound adjectives are used before nouns. When they ... We filled out a self-esteem questionnaire. and The questionnaire measured self-esteem.
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Using Hyphens - kent.edu
of the word(s). Hyphenated compound words are usually used to describe nouns. ⇒ In fractions. In order to designate fractions in writing, we use hyphens.
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To Hyphenate or Not To Hyphenate After a Noun - Writing.Rocks
Do you need the hyphen here? ... hyphenate a compound modifier when it follows the modified noun. ... effective. Do we hyphenate this compound after a noun?
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In disci ' Working the Hyphens
just important what we speak about, but how and amine the hyphen at which Self -Other join in ... Working the Hyphens: Reinventing Self and Other in Qualitative.
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Punctuating with hyphens - University of New England
The use of hyphens (e.g. free-to-air, with NO spaces between letters) is ... Mostly, hyphens indicate that two or more words or numbers are to be read together.
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Hyphens and Dashes
Generally, hyphenate two or more words when they come before a noun they ... With no hyphen we could only guess: was the vehicle report stolen, or was it a.
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Hyphens - San Jose State University
A compound adjective that appears before a noun needs a hyphen: the old- fashioned ... Words ending in -ly do not make a hyphenated compound adjective: .
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AGU Grammar and Style Guide
"Quasi" + adjective or adverb (Also hyphenate as a predicate adjective.) .... contains more than one word and is a combination that we never hyphen, match the.
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The Hyphen - Austin Peay State University
Apr 3, 2012 ... DO NOT put spaces between the hyphen and the words. Hyphen ... 2.) Our photos turned out dark because we used a very poorly lit studio.
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Automatic non-standard hyphenation in OpenOffice.org - Hunspell
The hyphenation algorithm of OpenOffice.org 2.0.2 is a generalization of TEX's hyphenation algorithm .... hyphenation is suppressed by TEX, so we end up with.
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The Hyphen - Writing Center
The Hyphen. When do we use a hyphen? This can be a complicated question, even for professional writers. Consider the following: • Compound words.
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Hyphens, Dashes, Parentheses, and Brackets
11 Hyphens, Dashes,. Parentheses ... Hyphens are a punctuation mark that can be used in several ways ... The stock market goes down—at least that's what we.
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Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put«er - TeX Users Group
Hyphenation is viewed primarily as a data compression problem, where we are given a dictionary of words with allowable divi- sion points, and try to devise ...
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Notes on Compound Word Hyphenation in TEX - TeX Users Group
Proceedings) we presented a case study of problems related to achieving quality hyphenation in TEX— especially pattern generation for flexive languages.
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Using hyphens - Plain English Campaign
Plain English Campaign: Using hyphens. Copyright Plain English ... Sometimes a word needs a hyphen for it to be spelt correctly. For example: • one-off. • part- ...
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To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate.
English by indicating every open- or plus-juncture with a hyphen .... We will thus uniformly hyphenate all compounds having the pattern / ' + ' /, e.g., cross-.
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america for americans - Theodore Roosevelt
false to this country if we rank ourselves as “German'Atnemcans” or. “English- Americans ... hyphen and along the lines of national origin is certain to breed a.
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Are You a Hyphen-Happy Lawyer? - State Bar of Michigan
little piece of punctuation: a hyphen. When punctuated ... read like this, with the hyphen preventing all that brainache: ... We'll call that adjective a compound ad-.
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Do not hyphenate noun ... Rules about hyphenation are often difficult to apply consistently, and proofreaders and editors need ... Campus – we will meet you at.
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Hyphenation on Demand - CiteSeerX
An overview of approaches for building custom hyphenation patterns is pro- vided, along with ... of multilingual documents (mostly dictionaries), we want to point ...
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The Hyphen Goes Where? - Maryland Institute College of Art
Sep 1, 2009 ... which we may consider the intersection of education and culture” (Davenport, 2000, p. 361). For first-generation students born in the USA to ...
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Continuing Studies Style Guide—Updated Jan 2014
Jan 17, 2014 ... Only hyphenate after co if the word has other meaning (co-op, unless you're talking about a house for chickens). commas. We use the “serial” ...
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A Quick Primer on Hyphens - The SUM Program for Medical
People get way too upset about hyphens (or commas, pick ... hyphens, don't just look at the hyphenated term; notice its ... what we call a temporary compound.
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Hyphenated Selves: Muslim American Youth - NYU Steinhardt
of psychological reconciliation – piecing together what we call hyphenated selves. The results show that Muslim youth experience discrimination, sometimes to ...
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