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The Reasons for Wars – an Updated Survey - Stanford University
Why do wars occur and recur, especially in cases when the decisions involved ... Before proceeding to discuss various bargaining failures as causes of war, we.
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Why do wars happen? - Taylor & Francis Online
the causes of war and desolation proceed from those passions, by which we ... In their famous correspondence Why War?, Freud and Einstein agreed (1932).
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Explaining War: The Levels of Analysis
profit from, happen by themselves, but whatever is useful to the ... In Man, the State, and War, Waltz makes the point that to explain how peace can be better ...
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Make Trade Not War? - Paris School of Economics
When war can occur because of the presence of asymmetric information, the .... the Correlates of War (COW) project that makes available a very precise ...
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Why Are There So Many Civil Wars in Africa? - World Bank
of the causes of civil war suggests that Africa's civil wars conform to a global ... happen because rebel cohesion may be a function of the degree of ethnic or ...
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Trends and Causes of Armed Conflict - eDoc
The fourth reason for the resumption of war is that the underlying causes of armed ..... thing that helps them make any kind of sense out of what is happening to.
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Economic and Political Causes of Conflict - QEH Working Papers
economic causes of contemporary civil wars, asking whether it is simply poverty .... Lanka), or different identities may occur within the same geographic space ...
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Economic Causes of Civil Conflict and their Implications for Policy
argue that this is because civil wars occur where rebel organizations are .... greed, by a lust for power, or by grievance, as long as what causes conflict is the  ...
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Alliance Formation and War - New York University
C then nation B expects its ally to help it fight should a war occur. Knowing ..... retaliate. An offensive (AC) alliance makes A more likely to attack and B less likely.
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A Dynamic Theory of Resource Wars - MIT Economics
Aug 24, 2012 ... determinants of wars.1 An early study of causes of modern wars during the ...... continuation equilibrium in the event that war does not happen.
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Rationalist Explanations for War - Columbia University
May 14, 2002 ... make commitments should imply that war will sometimes occur. ... commit makes it impossible for states to strike deals that would avoid the ...
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Just Cause for War
sides in a war can have a just cause, and so on. ..... established, some just causes for war can permissibly be ... aims are “discrete” because they occur in iso-. 6.
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theories of war and peace - University of Chicago
Are wars more likely to occur under some conditions ... Jack S. Levy and William R. Thompson, Causes of War (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). John A. Vasquez, The ...
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The Causes of Ethnic Conflicts, 84-97 - Journals
of public attention due to the war in Rwanda, the events in Eastern Europe, and ..... Violence is more likely to happen when the ethnic groups are ambitious for ...
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Internal War - Page Under Construction
the causes of internal war are so general that it is unclear how much they really ..... Internal wars happen not because one people hates another, but rather ...
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What Makes an Act of War Disproportionate? - Jeff McMahan
What Makes an Act of War. Disproportionate ..... going to outweigh the good, that makes it an unjust war accord- ..... happen to you if you refuse to go fight in Iraq.
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8 Civil wars and guerrilla warfare in the contemporary world: toward
Apr 14, 2008 ... violence emphasized the presence of “structural” causes to explain civil ... then concluded that civil wars happen in “fragile states with limited.
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How May Economic Factors Influence War? Mark Harrison
Dec 2, 2002 ... civil war and in Europe it happened at the beginning of the twentieth century. ... going to rise with higher energy prices, and that always makes ...
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The Causes of the Korean War, 1950-1953 - CIAO
Keywords: Korean War, 1950-1953; Division of the Korean Peninsula;. Military Occupation of the ... In order to clarify the direct causes of the war, that is, that North. Korea attacked South ...... at sea and in the air, will occur in days to come.
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Exploring the Bargaining Model of War - Cambridge Journals
treatment of the causes, prosecution, termination, and outcome of war, and .... important bargaining-model observation that wars may occur because of ...
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