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What can be said about pure O-sequences? - ScienceDirect.com
In this paper we consider O-sequence analogue of the inequalities (∗) and (∗∗). Let (h0, h1, …, hs), hs≠0, is a pure O-sequence. We shall prove that hi⩽hs−i ...
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PURE O-SEQUENCES - University of Notre Dame
On the one hand, a pure O-sequence can be defined as the vector whose ... us to use special algebraic tools to say something about pure O-sequences, so in.
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On the shape of a pure O-sequence Mats Boij Juan C. Migliore Rosa
Equivalently, pure O-sequences can be characterized as the f-vectors .... The theory of pure O-sequences, as we said, began over thirty years ago with. Stanley's ...
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Pure O-sequences and matroid h-vectors - arXiv.org
Finite matroids can be naturally identified with a class of finite simpli- cial complexes ... The h-vector of a matroid complex is a pure O-sequence. This conjecture, as .... We say that X is pure if all of its maximal monomials have the same degree.
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Dec 14, 2012 ... What can be said in general about these vectors? Starting ... Conjecture ([35, p. 59]). The h-vector of a matroid complex is a pure O-sequence.
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The Unimodality of Pure O-Sequences of Type Three in Three
The study of pure O-sequences began in 1977 with the work of Stanley. It ... The WLP can fail for Artinian level monomial algebras in three variables when the type ≥ 3, .... T. Hibi: What can be said about pure O-sequences?, J. Combin. Theory.
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To help you understand… “Pure-O” - OCD-UK
Please be aware that developing a full understanding of “Pure-O” can be challenging for sufferers and ... True, the unwanted sequence of thoughts might have been triggered by an unpleasant ... suffer from OCD. It also seems fair to say that.
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Generalized permutohedra, h-vectors of cotransversal matroids and
Oct 3, 2012 ... Conjecture 1. The h-vector of a matroid is a pure O-sequence. .... ∆J1 + ททท + ∆ Jn . We can say a bit more about the lattice points in each ∏. T.
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Mar 7, 2013 ... We should note that pure O-sequences and the Hilbert functions .... It follows from what we have said above that pure O-sequences of type one ...
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The term sk of the independence sequence (s0, s1,... ,sα) equals the number of ..... [6] Hibi, T.: What can be said about pure O-sequences? J. Combin. Theory ...
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The complex ∆ is said to be pure ... we will describe a simplicial complex by listing its facets. ..... Hence the h-vector of X is the pure O-sequence h = (1,3,6,7,5, 2).
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The unimodality of pure O-sequences of type three - Project Euclid
We say that an order ideal is pure if all the maximal monomials have the same .... whether or not a pure O-sequence can be guaranteed to be unimodal even if.
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O-sequences and h-vectors of matroid simplicial complexes - I3M
Sep 5, 2014 ... O-sequences and h-vectors of matroid simplicial complexes ... The complex ∆ is said to be pure if all its facets have the same dimension. ..... (a) Matroid complex ( this can be checked by verifying that every. A ⊆ {1,...,6}, ∆A is ...
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On the Structure of the h-Vector of a Paving Matroid
Mar 25, 2015 ... pure O-sequence, thus answering in the affirmative a conjecture made ..... Now suppose that 1 < r < n − 1 and that the theorem is true for all.
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Oct 24, 2001 ... We will say that an O-premodule F is said to be flat if lim. → x∈U .... Every left R- module M is the continuous union of a chain of pure submodules {Mα .... F(U1) pure. So we can construct the increasing sequence {Gλ+α; α <.
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Supporting sequences of pure states on JB algebras
Abstract. We show that any sequence (can) of mutually orthogonal pure states on a .... Elements a, b E A are said to be orthogonal if a o b : O, or equivalently, if.
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Titles and Abstracts - Universidad de Buenos Aires
A simplicial complex can be turned into a (piece-wise Euclidean) metric space .... A vertex x of a graph G is said dismantlable if there is another vertex a which contains all .... result is that the h-vector of a paving matroid is a pure O-sequence .
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3 Game Theory: Basic Concepts
Edward O. Wilson (1998):191. 3.1 Big John and ... a pure strategy, in contrast to “ mixed” and “behavioral” strategies, which we will discuss ... This is because we can only say for sure that Big John is choosing a best response to .... node of b by bt . A path from node a to node a0 in the game tree is a sequence of branches.
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quaternion operators in a variety of rotation sequence applications. 127 ... Some real number, say qo, and associate with it a vector part, say q, an ordinary vector in R* ... becomes the quaternion product of two quaternions — one of which is a pure ... It is clear that the inverse of a rotation through an angle o about some axis .
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Diffuse Sequences and Perfect C<sup>*</sup>-Algebras - jstor
A C*-algebra is separable and perfect exactly when the closure of the pure state space consists ... A (with j, , and o used for some special elements). We shall ..... that M has only trivial diffuse sequences if the continuum hypothesis is true and.
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