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Lecture 15 - Zero Knowledge Proofs - Computer Science
Nov 21, 2007 ... Zero knowledge proofs were invented by Goldwasser, Micali and Rackoff in 82 ... schemes to proving that many NP-complete problems are hard even to approximate. ... However, in crypto we often want to design protocols that should ... A proof system is complete if you can prove all true statements using it.
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Types and qualities of knowledge.
parently, researchers need many and fine-tuned terms for describing ... knowledge that do nothing more than describe properties of ... found in instructional design theories, of which Gagné (1985), ... van Berkum and de Jong (1991), we use the term declarative ..... course, students were trained to use cognitive tools tailored.
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The value of design knowledge - Research Showcase @ CMU
Design knowledge exists in many ways and qualities: It may be referred to as being ... function is practical: The identification of good design knowledge for use by ... As we see later, the evaluation of knowledge quality is tightly coupled with the ... to have the properties of measures; however, the qualitative methods cannot ...
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1 Introduction to Knowledge Management - MIT Press
Use a framework and a clear language for knowledge management concepts. 2. ... only 20 percent of workers were devoted to industrial work — the rest was knowledge .... Strategies and processes designed to identify, capture, structure, value, leverage, and .... Comparison of properties of tacit versus explicit knowledge.
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Strong concepts: Intermediate-level knowledge in interaction design
diate design knowledge form that we name strong concepts that has the .... son's findings on design as exploration of the solution space, as just mentioned, were ..... This strong design concept cuts across many use situations and .... tools and therefore changing the properties of the photo and the possible ways it can be.
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The Design Process: Properties, Paradigms - New England
of design, and the prescriptive role of design paradigms, we ad- vocate the plausible ... broad sense). Design science is a collection of many different logically ... These characteristics were arrived at from arguments based on the concept of ..... concepts by using design knowledge; 4) testing—evaluating the alternatives in ...
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Human-centered design of a distributed knowledge management
Many healthcare technology projects fail due to the lack of consideration of human issues, such ... In this paper, we describe the application of a human- centered design ... Design Lifecycle are used in the development of a web-based knowledge ..... One issue with six sub-issues, whose properties were representative of the ...
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Integration of Knowledge in Synthesis Process - CEUR-WS.org
synthesis and how knowledge is used in synthesis ... We model synthesis process as integration of knowledge units called design experiences that ... objects, properties on the objects, and ontology to .... infer many solutions without any order.
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Knowledge and common knowledge in a distributed environment
We argue that states of knowledge of groups of processors are useful ... that are attainable in many cases of interest are introduced and investigated. ... makes the design and analysis of distributed protocols and plans a comple x task. ..... to as the knowledge aба iom, is the main property that philosophers customarily use to .
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What are Emergent Properties and How Do They Affect the
Marashi and Davis define complex systems to 'contain many components and ... safety requirements using components that were not designed for safety-critical .... The limitations in our knowledge could be addressed if we augmented our ...
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Developing Vocabulary and Conceptual Knowledge - University of
20 items ... the instructional design were implemented in Phase II of the study. In Phase II .... helping to build children‟s knowledge of the properties (e.g. insects have six legs and ... We also used a set of corpora from the CHILDES database ..... complexity and the sounds of many of the words like „camouflage‟ and „habitat.”.
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Proofs of Partial Knowledge and Simplified Design of Witness
Abstract. Suppose we are given a proof of knowledge P in which a ... Such a proof is called a proof of knowledge [5], and can be used in practice to design ... property than general ZK, it can replace ZK in many protocol constructions, including .... With respect to the witness indistinguishable property, we can already now.
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12 What is a Community of Practice and How Can We Support It?
finally, I describe some of the techniques people have used to support communities of ... view that learning was not a property of individuals and the representations ... knowledge, and therefore learning, were embedded in cultural practices. ... practices in public health, which are easy in many cases to convey to people.
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Formally verifying dynamic properties of Knowledge Based Systems
In this paper we study dynamic properties of knowledge-based sys- ... intractable computational tasks: diagnosis, design, and classification are all ... In Software Engineering, many formal frameworks have been developed for a formal ..... Use of KIV: Both properties were proven in KIV with the following statistics: the first.
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When Leopards Lose Their Spots: Knowledge of Visual Properties
they have spots, and we use this information to distinguish leopards from .... number of intact non-visual properties, but if we were to probe specifically for the visual .... thus, many of the visual properties are dependent on non-visual properties. This does not apply in the case of living things, which were not designed with.
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Transferring and Transforming Design Knowledge
Many believe that this applies equally to all knowledge, but is almost inevitable in the case ... properties of design knowledge make it difficult to transfer and this paper contends .... knowledge, universal truths and how we use knowledge in teaching and practice? .... There were similarities in the result of this and the previous.
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What is Intellectual Property - WIPO
What is an Industrial Design? 12. What is a .... parties to use their inventions on ... average knowledge of the technical field. ... and request protection in as many.
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Structural Properties of Stereotypic Knowledge and Their Influences
Many thanks also go to .... The three experiments reported in this article were designed to explore ... We decided to use the MRS in the current research for two .
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design, knowledge exchange and intellectual property. - European
(Intellectual Property). There is almost no use of IP within the design ... employees, and many function as micro-businesses or lone traders. Even ... sought by Design in Action an Arts and Humanities Knowledge Exchange hub for the .... Apple's Jony Ive: “We're keenly aware that when we develop and make something and ...
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Towards the Principled Engineering of Knowledge - Association for
and al ticulate many of these ideas We are also grateful to John Se+. Brown, Douglas Lcnat .... ideas for creating and refining methods per se were described anecdotally in ..... properties of notations used in the integrated circuit design culture.
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