Use Of Microsatellite Dna Markers To Determine The Reproductive Success Of Hatchery And Natural Origin Chinook Salmon In A Supplemented Idaho Stream B Related PDF's

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Use Of Microsatellite Dna Markers To Determine The Reproductive Success Of Hatchery And Natural Origin Chinook Salmon In A Supplemented Idaho Stream B - [Full Version]
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Use Of Microsatellite Dna Markers To Determine The Reproductive Success Of Hatchery And Natural Origin Chinook Salmon In A Supplemented Idaho Stream B - Full Download
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Use Of Microsatellite Dna Markers To Determine The Reproductive Success Of Hatchery And Natural Origin Chinook Salmon In A Supplemented Idaho Stream B - [Complete Version]
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Influences of Hatchery Supplementation, Spawner Distribution, and
straying among hatchery-origin Chinook salmon is significantly higher than is ... Restricting reproductive interaction or genetic introgression be- ... weirs used to limit stream access, fin marking to physically dis- ... 1993) and microsatellite markers (Narum et al. ... natural-spawning and hatchery supplementation components.
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Res14-17Stark2014CaptiveRearing Program Chinook
Jan 1, 2014 ... Summary of natural origin Chinook Salmon redds counted during ground ... Location of study streams included in the Idaho Department of Fish and .... hatchery technology that may be used in the recovery of the listed .... samples was conducted using microsatellite markers (parental analysis: Estoup et al.
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Microsatellites Reveal Population Substructure of Klickitat River
Jan 18, 2006 ... Determining fine-scale genetic diversity and structure is critical for the conservation and .... a distinct marker of hatchery or natural origin, only.
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Early male maturity explains a negative correlation in reproductive
Jun 3, 2012 ... reproductive success between hatchery-spawned salmon and ... little evidence that parental origin of the captive spawners ... term strategy to supplement populations in their natural ... Spawners in the stream in generation 1 and their progeny .... axis) is used as the denominator to calculate the genera-.
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Barnett-Johnson, Rachel, Thomas E. Pearson, Frank C. Ramos
Tracking natal origins of salmon using isotopes, otoliths, and landscape geology ... and improved when additional otolith markers identified fish to hatchery ... growth, survival, and reproductive success of anadromous fishes. ... (naturally spawned) Chinook salmon in the CCV are listed ...... Analysis of microsatellite DNA.
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Jan 1, 2011 ... Disposition of natural origin adult Chinook salmon captured and ... Location of study streams included in the Idaho Department of Fish and ... Appendix B. Summary of Chinook salmon carcasses collected in the ... released to spawn in 2006 did demonstrate reproductive success. .... To determine if the trap.
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Changes in run timing and natural smolt production in a naturally
hatchery-produced coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in Minter Creek, Washington, ... term changes in natural smolt production in this stream after several decades of ... the proportions of adult hatchery fish in natural Chinook ... supplementation of a naturally spawning population of coho ...... microsatellite DNA markers.
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Weigel et al 2013b -
of steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in a small stream ... identify the life history, origin (hatchery or wild) and reproductive success of migratory rainbow/ steelhead for .... Steelhead and Chinook salmon .... was used to determine if the number of offspring by ..... J (2002) Development of rainbow trout microsatellite markers.
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Impacts of Fish Hatchery
Hatchery Supplementation and Enhancement on Wild. Populations .... hatchery broodstock), the reproductive success of the hatchery fish spawning .... markers, we show that genetic effects of domestication reduce subsequent reproductive .... reared chinook salmon released at maturity into a controlled-flow stream channel .
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Isotopes and genes reveal freshwater origins of Chinook salmon
Apr 21, 2016 ... how these, in turn, influence reproductive success ... bands, strontium isotopes ( 87Sr/86Sr), and microsatellite DNA were used as intrinsic tags ...
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Tracking natal origins of salmon using isotopes, otoliths, and
isotope (87Sr : 86Sr) ratios recorded in otoliths of fall-run Chinook salmon ( Oncorhynchus ... (82%) and improved when additional otolith markers identified fish to hatchery ... of otoliths accreted in natal streams and hatcheries using laser ablation and a ... growth, survival, and reproductive success of anadromous fishes.
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Largescale parentage analysis reveals reproductive patterns and
parentage analysis and pedigree reconstruction in a hatchery population of steelhead, ... and distinct from naturally spawning steelhead in the region, which raises a significant ... Keywords: heritability, Oncorhynchus mykiss, pedigree, reproductive success, SNPs .... supports populations of Chinook salmon (O. tshawyts-.
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Christie et al. 2011 - Oregon State University
used parentage analysis on complete samples of return- ing anadromous fish to ... estimates of reproductive success of hatchery fish have focused only on ...
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Download (PDF, 268KB) - Wild Steelhead Coalition
microsatellite DNA, Oncorhynchus mykiss. ... flow on reproductive success of early-spawning hatchery fish. Furthermore, proportions of ... of naturally spawning hatchery-produced adults was higher. Divergent ... in segregating the populations, the use of propagated ... and Wildlife (WDFW) operates a salmon and steelhead.
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Attachment F - State Water Resources Control Board - California
samples from 7 basins in the two DPSs using microsatellite DNA, highly variable genetic markers that can be used to trace ancestry and evaluate even small genetic ... Fillmore Hatchery on the Santa Clara River and used in stocking of trout in ... current genetic composition of naturally spawned populations in these streams.
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Genetic Characterization of Lake Ozette Sockeye Salmon for
Jul 31, 2001 ... differences and to determine if genetic differences observed among ... salmon hatchery supplementation and reintroduction program. .... microsatellite DNA markers to elucidate population structure and assign ... 1999a & b, Olsen et al. 2000a .... Task 6: Collect samples of kokanee from Lake Ozette streams.
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Download PDF - eScholarship
Jun 3, 2014 ... Chinook, salmon, fall-run, San Joaquin River, SJRRP, genetics, ... Hybridization During Chinook Salmon Reintroductions: .... Feather River Hatchery is likely to be used as the source population for ..... and reproductive success, as well as reductions in ... and natural-origin fish are known to occur (reviewed.
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Colonization of Steelhead in a Natal Stream after Barrier Removal
Hagerman, Idaho 83332, USA ... with 16 microsatellite markers to determine the source, extent, and success of ... Hatchery steelhead, although comprising more than 80% of the adult returns to the ... and reproductive success of trout and salmon (Miller et al. ... PIT tag information was used to identify the life history of in -.
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Burger, C. V., K. T. Scribner, W. J. Spearmen, C. O. Swanton, and
We used six nuclear DNA (nDNA) microsatellite loci and mitochondrial DNA ( mtDNA) to de- ... tions were critically important for successful colonization of Frazer Lake, thus underscoring the need to .... Snake and Salmon rivers in Idaho to northern Japan and in- ... populations with molecular genetic markers (Hendry et al.
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Major Lineages and Metapopulations in Columbia River
Jun 17, 2011 ... 3059-F National Fish Hatchery Road, Hagerman, Idaho 83332, USA ... and natural-origin fish and differences in reproductive success .... end-labeled microsatellite marker loci, namely, Ogo4 (Olsen ..... life history diversity for Columbia River Chinook salmon On- ..... Distribution of LDH-B gene in resident.
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similarities, differences, and unknowns in biology and Management
Dec 12, 2010 ... use and enjoyment by the public. ... Republication or systematic or multiple reproduction of material ... be used to measure benefits of fishery regulations ..... Yearling Chinook salmon from the snake ... redband trout in idaho desert streams ..... microsatellite markers suggests panmixia along the Atlantic coast.
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feature - US Forest Service
Parks (MFWP); Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG); and Avista Corporation, to ... describe here a case study of one application of the expert advisory panel approach ..... When might hatchery supplementation be an appropriate tool to increase ... streams supporting bull trout above and below Cabinet Gorge Dam.
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Standard PDF (722.2 KB) - Wiley Online Library
of Biological Sciences and Center for Reproductive Biology, Washington State University, ... conserving and restoring natural populations of these important species. ... Strikingly, we find that not only is a parallel genetic mechanism used but that a ... Keywords: adaptation, conservation, genomics, salmon, salmonids, trout.
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Movement of resident rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss
aid in surveys, equipment usage, sharing of data, and breadth of knowledge .... B. Detection of tagged rainbow trout downstream of the waterfall in ... northern California stream would exhibit migratory behavior when ... The origin of this above-barrier ... The fish assemblage of Freshwater Creek includes Chinook salmon.
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Population genetics of steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the
Genotype data from 16 microsatellite loci in almost 1,700 fish revealed genetic ... tribal and commercial fisheries for Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, ... both the Klamath (Iron Gate Hatchery) and Trinity (Trinity River Hatchery) rivers . ... from the same microsatellite markers collected from O. mykiss populations in ...
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Abstract Book - Physiology Section of the American Fisheries Society
fluviatilis, Albunoides bipunctatus in Golestan National Park stream. ... exponential regression equationw=al b, where W is total weight, L is total length , a & b the ..... by global warming may influence their reproductive success in tropical regions. ..... Chinook salmon microarray and quantitative real-time PCR was used for ...
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