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Two Level Data Security Using Steganography And 2 D Cellular Automata - [Full Version]
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Two Level Data Security Using Steganography And 2 D Cellular Automata - Full Download
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Two Level Data Security Using Steganography And 2 D Cellular Automata - [Complete Version]
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two-level data security using steganography - eSAT Journals
336. TWO-LEVEL DATA SECURITY USING STEGANOGRAPHY AND 2D. CELLULAR AUTOMATA. S.Saraswathi. 1. , V.Santhosh Raj. 2. , S.Sethuraman. 3.
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Secure Steganography Algorithm Based on Cellular Automata using
basic idea of steganography based on cellular automata using ... planes which can be used for data hiding for encryption we use ... is because performance of the algorithm and the level of ... most alternative security. II. PROPOSED METHOD. This proposed algorithm that .... The secret bit can be embedded d into higher.
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a novel dna encryption system using cellular automata
International Journal of Security, Privacy and Trust Management (IJSPTM) Vol .... introduce the application of DNA computing in encryption, steganography ... A Study of Data Encryption Standard (DES) Algorithm with Cellular Automata ... using password and the second level comprises of encryption using 2D Cellular rules.
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A Novel Approach for Integrating Image Steganography and
security. In this paper, a novel approach for integrating image steganography and encryption techniques are ... presents an acceptable level of image quality since ... hidden data is a secret between the sender and the receiver. .... of image steganography using two-dimensional. Cellular Automata (2D-CA), they convert the.
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a novel secure image steganography method based on chaos - Aircc
This paper presents a novel approach of building a secure data hiding ... A 3-3-2 LSB insertion method has been used for image steganography. ... secret message is encrypted chaotically and then embedded using two steganographic methods. ... hybrid model of chaotic function and cellular automata is presented in [24].
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design and analysis of a novel digital image encryption -
Encryption, Secret key, Substitution, Scrambling, Security, Image cipher. 1. ... data from unauthorized eavesdropping are cryptography, steganography and ... level of security. ... using two chaotic logistic maps and a secret key of 80-bits was suggested by ... Hybrid model of cellular automata and chaotic signal was proposed.
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An Investigation on Image Secret Sharing - SERSC
Keywords: Secret Sharing, Steganography, Data Hiding. 1. ... In cryptography, security depends on the length of the secret keys. ... Using RG method, a binary secret image is shared into two noise- ... The secret image can be binary, gray- level, or color and ...... The Configuration of 2D Cellular Automata, Gray Cells Shown.
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Download PDF - AIRCC
transfer and save the medical image data through open networks, which has ... steganography with a variable length key derived from the encrypted text itself ... The watermarking techniques are divided into two basic categories as spatial domain .... A secure watermarking system using Arnold scrambling and 2-D Cellular ...
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Steganography by using Logistic Map Function and Cellular Automata
Using cellular automata and logistic map function cause more security and safety in ... the two areas and based on their algorithm the data will be .... noise, we use the Eq. (5) Neumann (1966): (7). (. ) PSNR. W H. O. D ... 2. 1. 1. *log. *. In which the Oij and Dij show the values of the gray levels of the main image pixels and ...
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An Approach for Message Hiding using Substitution Techniques and
substitution technique of steganography can been used to hide data ... Two bits from the LSB of r is replaced by the first two bits of ... 1. Start. 2. At first the file E is tested to know whether it is a genuine encryption or not. 3. ... Dr D Mukhopadhyay is with Cellular Automata Research Laboratary .... 'Information Hiding for Secure.
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Image Encryption Scheme Based on Balanced Two-Dimensional
Sep 13, 2013 ... instead of a one-dimensional digital data, two-dimensional. (2D) cellular ... 2D cellular automata with complete Moore neighborhood which is easy to get ... key space analysis and other security analysis are shown in Section5. ...... based symmetric image encryption scheme using a bit-level permutation ...
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Cellular Automata for Medical Image Processing - InTech
Apr 11, 2011 ... using CA model (Cheng et al, 2006; Viher et al, 1998, Ferrari et al., ... 2. Cellular automata. Let I denote the set of integer. A 2-D cellular ... a set of cartesian product of two integer sets, V is a set of cellular ... The main cellular automata algorithm for k gray levels of digital ..... automata and steganography.
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Full Text - ARPN Journals
STEGANOGRAPHY USING IWT AND RANDOM PIXEL ... cryptographic techniques together to improve the standard of data security such that none other than ...
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A Survey of State of the Art techniques of Steganography
Steganography hides data for various purposes, including secret data ... [13] developed a text based steganography to solve the capacity and security issues of the ... They used 2D reversible cellular automata with memory to encrypt the secret ... [23] proposed a JPEG steganographic technique for DCT domain using  ...
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Knights Tour Application in Digital Image Encryption - IJARCSSE
data from unauthorized eavesdropping are cryptography, steganography and watermarking. ... has become one of the major tools to provide high level of security. ... principle of chaos[2-3], cellular automata[4-5], spatial transform [6-7], matrix .... produced using the proposed image encryption algorithm by computing the ...
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Image steganography based on reaction diffusion models toward
Oct 1, 2014 ... (RD) cellular automata (CA) model toward digital hardware (HW) implementation. Steganog- raphy is one of data-hiding techniques which conceal hidden data ... to security of the RD steganography. 2. A reaction-diffusion cellular ... pattern formation for a two-dimensional model (Dv/Du = 3.0, β = 20 and c ...
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Recent Advancements on Symmetric - Global Journals
adopted by many authors to secure the data, but still there is a scope to improve the previous approaches. For this ..... specific techniques, two-level prediction and context- ... In Cellular Automata, rules are ... symmetric key algorithm is based on 2-d geometry using .... hided inside any cover image using a Steganographic.
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Secret Sharing in Visual Cryptography using NVSS and Data - inase
security of the shares data hiding techniques such as. Steganography and Alpha channel watermarking are proposed. Index Terms—Natural Visual Secret ...
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Image security and biometrics: A review.
Imaging security and biometrics are two heavily connected ... 2. The integrity of the image data, and the ability to know if the image has ... techniques like watermarking and steganography have been present in ..... level fusion of multimodal biometrics using triangular norms. ... hood configurations of 2-d cellular automata.
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Full-Text PDF -
Dec 21, 2015 ... patterns produced by such initial cell states ensure a secure and efficient ... cellular automata [1] clearly resembles the initial fingerprint image ... and excited cells (white) interact in two directions with different probabilities. ... be illustrated by a simple computational experiment in Figure 2. ... across 2D plane.
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A Steganography Technique Based On Chaotic LSB and - IJIRCCE
Jun 28, 2016 ... A hybrid model of chaotic function and cellular automata is ... image using the base embedding technique. ... enhance the security of the image steganography as the secret data ... Step 2: Embed the eight bits of the secret message into 4 LSB of .... procedures of a 2-D Haar-DWT are described as follows:.
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program guide - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Nov 4, 2015 ... 3PGCIC-S3: Big Data, Parallel Algorithms and Applications . ... SMECS-S3: Data Security Modelling and Performance . ..... 2. A Comparative Evaluation of Two Intrusion-Tolerant Routing Protocols .... Call Connection Admission Control for Wireless Cellular Networks Using ..... Fabio Persia, Daniela D'Auria.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
The digital watermarking [9, 10, 11] and cryptographic data authentication[12, 13] provide ... watermarking is the steganography [16], in which the watermarking hides a ... on one-dimensional (1-D) and two-dimensional (2-D) Cellular Automaton ... Better and more secure schemes can be constructed using pseudorandom ...
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Evolution of Encryption Techniques and Data Security Mechanisms
Substitution Cipher, Steganography, Caesar Cipher by Romans - 600 BC. Spartans ... LCASE (Lightweight Cellular Automata-based Symmetric-key Encryption) by Somanath Tripathy and Sukumar Nandi ... a cipher-text 'C' using Table 2 by employing equation (1). .... However, both strategies provide two level security and.
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pdgc-2010: list of accepted papers - Jaypee University of Information
1. PDGC-6. Steganography in Text files by using Sudoku Puzzle and Conversion Table ... 2 PDGC-22 .... An Efficient Approach to Web Page Classification using Non-Linear Cellular Automata ... A Novel protocol for Secure Data Storage in Data Grid ... Optimized Grid Scheduling Using Two Level Decision Algorithm ( TLDA).
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EDUCATION. Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY (GPA 4.0/4.0) ... Turbine Airfoil Optimization Using Quasi-3D Analysis Codes, International. Journal of ... Journal on Information Systems Security ( JISSEC), 2(2), 25-45. 12. Goel, S. .... Constrained Optimization Using Cellular Automata.
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Multimedia Data-embedding And Watermarking Technologies
As we shall see in Section II, pure analog data-hiding ... providing different access levels to the data. ... that it is desirable to have secure data-embedding and .... For example, a class of steganographic techniques ..... The author has two random keys and ... is embedded into the signal using the embedding algorithm and.
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