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Tumor Location And Drug Targeting Using A Monoclonal Antibody Anti Ssea 1 - [Full Version]
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Tumor Location And Drug Targeting Using A Monoclonal Antibody Anti Ssea 1 - Full Download
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Tumor Location And Drug Targeting Using A Monoclonal Antibody Anti Ssea 1 - [Complete Version]
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Tumor location and drug targeting using a monoclonal antibody (anti
has been used for drug targeting in vitro and in vivo. KEY WORDS: monoclonal antibody, SSEA-1, tumor location, radioimaghg, nuclear medicine, neoplasia.
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Tissue localization of methotrexate-monoclonal-IgM - Springer
... tumor-targeting monoclonal IgM, anti-SSEA-1 and the nontargeting myeloma IgM, ... MTX-anti-SSEA-1 was deposited on the surface and in the interior of living tumor ... Thus tumor-associated antigens can be suitable targets for antibody- drug ... tumor tissue can be assessed using monoclonal antibodies to methotrexate.
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PDF (1 MB) - Cell
will need to be defined and targeted in order to influence clinical outcome. In the case ... other brain tumors has revealed SSEA-1/CD15/Lewis X and a6-integrin.
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Molecular Targeting with Radionuclides: State of the Science*
tracellular in location. ... specificity of targeting with agents that have a high affinity ... sagne predicted that “the ideal agent for cancer therapy ..... The drug pentazocine is a specific ligand for -1 recep- tors. ... 131I-Radiolabeled anti-HER- 2/neu monoclonal antibodies ..... as well as NCA-95 (142) and CD15 (SSEA-1) ( 143).
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Imaging Inflammatory Diseases with Neutrophil-Specific Technetium
Monoclonal Antibody Anti-SSEA-1 ... and tumors (75) and are prone to produce false-positive results. ... of 10 PMN-specific MAbs (3) was labeled with 99mTc and ... An investigational new drug applica ..... 3.2%), the red marrow being the next target organ with 14.0% ..... Tumor radioimmuno location: differential antibody.
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Near-infrared fluorescence optical imaging and tomography - NCBI
field of diagnostic spectroscopy and imaging based on targeting and reporting exogenous fluorescent ..... anti-SSEA-1, which localizes tumors that express the.
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A systematic approach to the development of fluorescent contrast
kinetic behavior of a drug, or identifying molecular biomarkers of disease. One of the key ... targeted strategies for specific inhibition of cancer signal- ... Several monoclonal antibody-based .... rect SSEA-1 for detection of MH-15 teratocarcinoma xenografts ... animals with C225 anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody (cetux- imab).
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cancers. Thus, a CSC-targeted drug delivery strategy to ... I clinical trial, our tumor -targeting nanocomplex (scL) delivering ... tiple CSC markers (CD133, Nestin, SSEA-1, Nanog, and Msi1). As ... with both the anti-GFP and anti-p53 antibodies was evident at ...... the tumor location often does not closely mirror the microenvi-.
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Embryonic Stem Cell Markers - MDPI.com
May 25, 2012 ... several markers that overlap with tumor stem cells (TSCs), which suggest .... SSEAs were originally identified by three monoclonal antibodies ... SSEA-1 ( CD15/Lewis x) is expressed on the surface of murine ...... that bind to a specific cell target is fundamental to the development of pharmaceutical drugs,.
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Tumor-Associated Glycans and Their Role in Gynecological - MDPI
Nov 14, 2012 ... Keywords: carbohydrate; malignancy; anti-glycan antibodies; tumor marker; microarray; ... expression of tumor-specific glycans [1,2]. ..... Using immunohistochemical staining and anti-sTn monoclonal antibody (TKH-2), the ..... Globo H and stage-specific embryonic antigen 4 (SSEA 4) have the same ...
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Nov 24, 2009 ... express embryonic stem cell markers, such as SSEA-1, Sox2, and. Oct3/4. ... 18IM cells formed small transiently growing tumors that have .... They were stained with mouse monoclonal anti-GFP antibody. .... S18–2 protein is encoded by a cellular gene, located on .... All four oligos were targeting the.
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Stage-specific embryonic antigen-4 as a potential therapeutic target
Feb 18, 2014 ... of cancers, but not on normal cells, it could be a target for develop- ment of ... prognosis for GBM patients is poor, with a median survival rate of 14–15 mo (2). ... of GBM tumor is inhibited when anti–SSEA-4 antibody is ad- ministered ... cell lines was positive for VK9 (anti-Globo H) staining (Table 1 and Fig.
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Immunoglobulin G3 Monoclonal Antibody Directed to Tn Antigen
An IgG3 monoclonal antibody (CU-1) directed to the Tn glycoprotein antigen, which does not ... tested, a number of cancer cell lines showed various degrees of antibody .... using anti-mouse IgM, IgG, IgGl, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgG3 antibodies .... and 12.5:1. Target cells (IO6)were labeled by incubating 100 /¿ Ciof "Cr in RPMI.
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Like Breast Cancer Xenograft - Plos
Nov 24, 2014 ... 1. Department of Tumor Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, The ..... Anti- SSEA-4-PE (clone MC813-70), anti-H2kD- ... EnVision Flex target retrieval solution, high pH or low pH, and then treated with ... substitution of the monoclonal antibody with mouse myeloma protein of the ...... drug combinations.
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Carbohydrate Antigens as Cancer-Initiating Cell Markers - InTech
Aug 1, 2011 ... Friedenreich antigen, core-1) are known to be developmentally regulated ... together with CD173 or CD174 are located at the cell surface and reveal ... Cancer cells were incubated with anti-CD44 (IgG2b) .... Cells were stained with monoclonal antibodies specific for CD44 (red) ..... SSEA-1 is an enrichment.
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Targeted Deletion of #1 Integrins in F9 Embryonal Carcinoma Cells
Studies using function-perturbing reagents (e.g., antibodies) have in- ..... the integrin gene located just 5' of the region encompassed by the targeting ... monoclonal anti-mouse c~6 (GoH3) from A. Sormenberg (Netherlands ..... SSEA- 1 (b) or laminin (h), drug-induced F9 PE cells stained with SSEA-1 (c and d) or laminin (i), ...
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Targeted Optical Contrast Agents for Cancer Diagnostics
Cancer, optical imaging, early diagnosis, biomarkers, contrast agents, nanoparticles, .... molecular imaging pursued the use of monoclonal antibodies as targeting ... Fluorescently labeled cetuximab, a chimeric anti- .... factor regulating differentiation, while an antibody targeted dye was used to label SSEA -1, a cell surface.
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Download PDF - Plos
Apr 1, 2010 ... and tumour metastasis to tissues with high levels of CXCL12. We show that ... Furthermore, some monoclonal antibodies against m5T4 can inhibit CXCL12 chemotaxis of ... SSEA-1 marker [13] while cell sorting for surface 5T4 expression .... of either WT or 5T4KO undifferentiated ES cells infected with the.
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Emerging Role of CD44 in Cancer Stem Cells - Jeffrey Dach MD
CD44 x Cancer stem cell x Biomarker x Therapeutic target x Splicing variants x ... challenges and future directions that may lead to best use of CD44/CD44v for clinical applications are .... (SSEA-1), and SSEA-4, or sorting for side population did not show ..... ing is that administration of the human CD44 monoclonal anti-.
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Expression of the Clustered NeuAc 2–3Gal O-Glycan Determines
Jan 16, 2014 ... erated a panel of monoclonal antibodies against undifferenti- ... TRA-1–60, distribution of MAb7 antigen in cancer cells was different from that of ... SSEA-3, cell adhesion molecules such as E-cadherin and CD9, .... performed using MAb7 followed by Dynabeads rat anti-mouse ..... drug for pancreatic cancer.
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