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Trophic Control Of Non Nervous Tissues By The Nervous System A Study Of Muscle - [Full Version]
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Trophic Control Of Non Nervous Tissues By The Nervous System A Study Of Muscle - Full Download
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Trophic Control Of Non Nervous Tissues By The Nervous System A Study Of Muscle - [Complete Version]
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Trophic control of non-nervous tissues by the nervous system: A
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Inductive Functions of the Nervous System - Annual Reviews
All nerves are trophic nerves and . .. their trophic influences are not limited to one ... In addition to their responsibility for the minute to minute control of behavior and ..... phoretic and radioautographic techniques to study both the physiological and the ... of receptors into the membranes of developing muscles in tissue culture.
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PDF (662K) - Annual Reviews
Aug 13, 2015 ... long-term potentiation, LTP, synapse, muscle, plasticity, impulse patterns, ... high- frequency impulse activity at synapses in the brain can lead to long- .... tion to study input-output functions and the transverse spread of ...... Trophic control of non-nervous tissues by the nervous system: a study of muscle and.
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PDF(1178K) - Wiley Online Library
In the slow muscle, soleus, there is continuous e.m.g. activity, whereas the ..... Trophic control of non-nervous tissues by the nervous system. A study of muscle  ...
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Neurotrophic regulation of muscle cholinesterase: effects of
Feb 28, 1972 ... by the nerves might transmit this and other 'trophic' influences to skeletal muscles . ... In the present study, the effect of blockade of ACh transmission by botulinum ... regulation of muscle ChE, but alsoto a non-cholinergic effect of themotor nerve. ... In all, six unoperated control muscles, six botulinum-treated.
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Dissociation between nervemuscle transmission and nerve trophic
Dec 30, 1974 ... 7. It is concluded that the blockage of the trophic effects of nerves .... of living nerve-muscle junctions, but with this optical system it was always possible to identify ... examined in this study, including those in muscles poisoned with the ..... phrenic nerve has not previously been described, a series of control.
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The response of denervated muscle to long-term stimulation (1985
unknown nerve-derived trophic factors control such properties, as posited by the ... activity explains the effects of denervation on non- .... tissue to make inferences about the role of muscle ..... by the nervous system: A study of muscle and bone.
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Chapter XI. - Springer
I. Metabolic relations between nervous and non-nervous tissues. Studies ... Denervation demonstrates the trophic control of the nervous system on skeletal .... We may ask whether study of changes found in the denervated muscle can con-.
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A Sciatic Nerve Protein has a Trophic Effect on Development - JStor
ABSTRACT Citrate-soluble extracts of chicken sciatic nerve ... onstrated that extracts of central nervous or peripheral nervous system tissue enhanced the morphological maturation of muscle cells and ... In the present study, we report that a biologically active ..... protein to these degenerating, control cultures prevented or.
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Axotomy-induced Changes in Rabbit Hindlimb Nerves and the
These studies show that the trophic control of nerve fiber size is mediated .... neuromuscular system rather than reduced muscle bulk and that ..... effect of stimulation on atrophy of axotomized nerves was not ..... Cell Tissue Res 169:405 -414.
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Deafferentation Causes Apoptosis in Cortical Sensory Neurons in
study (up to 48 hr postlesion), cell death was observed exclu- sively in the ..... limited record of applications in the nervous system, has been shown to mark ..... et al., 1992), induces synaptic clustering of several muscle surface proteins .... Tower SS (1937) Trophic control of non-nervous tissues by the nervous system: a  ...
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A Primer On The Brain And Nervous System -
nervous system and understanding of brain-based disorders have increased .... pound mass of tissue — is the most complex living structure ... Neuroscientists, whose specialty is the study of the brain ..... cord to the body's peripheral nerves, which control the muscles and internal organs. .... mechanisms of trophic factors.
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Trophic Influence of the Sympathetic Nervous System on the Rat
scattering. Proceedings of the 1975 Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization ... The main findings of this study indicate that the in vivo denervation produced: ... membrane excitability changes are involved in trophic nerve-muscle interactions in blood vessels. MOTOR .... feature observed in controls but not observed 1 and 3 days.
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Children at High Altitude - Circulation Research
stillborn to 11 years. The 80 control infants with whom the Leadville ... this muscle mass did not undergo a nor- mal decrease (figs. ..... TOWER, S. S.: Trophic control of non-nervous tissues by the nervous system: A study of muscle and bone ...
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Stem Cell Basics - Stem Cell Information - National Institutes of Health
Apr 8, 2015 ... from human tissues, but some studies of animal-derived stem cells are also described. The National ... function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell. .... The internal signals are controlled by a cell's genes, which .... scientists believed that the adult brain could not generate new nerve cells.
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Use and disuse and the control of acetylcholinesterase activity in
release of trophic materials from nerve to muscle. These two ... endplate ACNE and increase in non-endplate AChE. These ... developmental study of AChE and its molecular forms in EDL and SOL ...... tissues by the nervous system. A study of  ...
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CHAPTER 16. Diseases Of The Peripheral Nerves And Motor Neurons
The peripheral nervous system (PNS) includes all structures related to the Schwann cells ... The first (olfactory) and second (optic) cranial nerves are not considered ... involvement or more likely primary muscle involvement (myopathy). .... studies define distribution and extent of neuropathy and differentiate between axonal ...
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Sympathetic Innervation of Human Mesenteric Artery and Vein - UCL
Mar 3, 2008 ... tions of nerve fibres from the enteric nervous system may also be present [5, 6] . Studies ... connective tissue in the non-functional group. Inferior.
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Effects of chronic oestrogen treatment are not selective for uterine
that control transplants had a rich noradrenergic innervation, associated with both ... Key words: Autonomic nervous system; uterus; myometrium. ... myometrial smooth muscle (Marshall, 1970; Owman .... attached iris, biochemical studies on these tissues were not ..... BARDE YA (1989) Trophic factors and neuronal survival.
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A sciatic nerve protein has a trophic effect on development and
for longer periods in vitro than did comparable controls. ... ulates the metabolicproperties of muscle is not known, although ... system tissue enhanced the morphological maturation of muscle ... It was shown recently that extraction of sciatic nerves with ci- ..... the present study, we found that fractionation of citrate- soluble.
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