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Transport Simulation For The Scrape Off Layer And Divertor Plasmas In Kstar - [Full Version]
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Transport Simulation For The Scrape Off Layer And Divertor Plasmas In Kstar - Full Download
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Transport Simulation For The Scrape Off Layer And Divertor Plasmas In Kstar - [Complete Version]
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Fluid Simulations of Plasma Transport in the Scrape-off Layer and
Plasma transport in the scrape-off layer and the divertor region of the Korea Superconducting ... Keywords: Fluid simulation, KSTAR divertor, Carbon impurity.
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to download the detailed Schedule OF THE TALKS - PSI 2016
Y. Hatano - Fuel retention and transport in tungsten: neutron irradiation, seeded ... O. E. Garcia - SOL width and intermittent fluctuations in KSTAR ... M. Jakubowski - Scrape-off layer physics in the initial campaign of Wendelstein 7-X ... T. Rognlien - Comparison of 2D simulations of detached divertor plasmas with divertor.
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Fluid-particle hybrid simulation on the transports of plasma
... Carlo technique. This simulation code is applied to the KSTAR .... count simultaneously in the scrape-off layer SOL. The in- ... amount of heat removal required for the KSTAR divertor. ... In this plasma transport modeling, the parallel transport.
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High-Recycling Characteristics in the KSTAR Tokamak Divertor by
... Divertor by Using. Two-Dimensional Transport Simulations ... divertor plate with the upstream plasma density are derived, and they are compared with those in a simple ... regimes based on the ability of the SOL (scrape-off layer) to sustain a ...
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TTF 2016 - Session Programme - Swiss Plasma Center (SPC)
Progress towards full-F kinetic turbulence simulation (Chair Y.Idomura) ... High and low Z impurity transport, control and effects on plasma confinement (Chair .... The power of a tokamak is exhausted to the divertor target plates via a the scrape -off layer ... KSTAR. MTA Wigner. RCP, Hungary,. Budapest. P2.6. Morales Jorge.
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Article PDF - IOPscience
M. Shoji: Studies of dust transport in long pulse plasma discharges in the large helical device . ... K. Schmid: WALLDYN simulations of global impurity migration in JET and ...... field configuration on divertor/scrape-off layer transport and optimization .... Y.J. Shi: Toroidal rotation profile structure in KSTAR L-mode plasmas with ...
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Preliminary Programme
May 20, 2016 ... BORBA, Duarte. Edge and divertor plasma: detachment, stability, and plasma- wall interactions ... Overview of the KSTAR Research in Support of ITER and DEMO .... On Benchmarking of Simulations of Particle Transport in ITER .... Ferritic Wall and Scrape-Off-Layer Current Effects on Kink Mode Dynamics.
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APTWG 2015 Poster Session
Jun 11, 2015 ... A. Turbulence suppression and transport barrier formation. Poster board ID ... Characteristics of edge pedestal in RF/ NBI heated plasma on EAST .... Simulation Sawtooth Control by ECH/CD in KSTAR Experiment. Poster. 23 .... Fast electron flux driven by lower hybrid wave in the scrape-off layer. Poster. 37.
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Development of Long
Jan 13, 2016 ... at KSTAR. ... Physics of divertor plasma and impurity sources (MIT, USCD, WM) ..... module for impurity transport in BOUT++ framework,” 57th APS-DPP, ... “Effect of the scrape-off layer in AORSA full wave simulations of fast ...
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JT-60SA Research Plan = Research Objectives and Strategy =
Ch.10 Theoretical models and simulation codes: Nobuhiko HAYASHI, Jeronimo ... Divertor, Scrape Off Layer and Plasma-Material Interaction… ... of i) operation regime development, ii) MHD stability and control, iii) transport and .... ITER and other non-circular cross-section superconducting tokamaks (Fig.2-3(c), KSTAR [7 ],.
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Poster Session - IPFN
Fast measurements of the electron temperature in divertor region of the. COMPASS ... ELM and inter-ELM electromagnetic filaments in the COMPASS Scrape. Off Layer ... Neon transport simulation for highly peaked density FTU plasma. P4.115 A. ... Effects of ECH on argon impurity transport in KSTAR plasmas. P4.136 H.
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Draft FESAC Strategy Panel Report - The FIRE Place - Princeton
Sep 22, 2014 ... Fusion Predictive Modeling: The FES theory and simulation .... divertor simulator and an intense, neutron-irradiation source ..... termed the scrape-off layer (SOL) that surrounds the core plasma. .... validation of transport theoretical models and testing the ..... Research teams from EAST and KSTAR could.
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Topological effects of tokamak divertor geometry - Our Home Page
In the edge plasma, the transport related to the magnetic islands is one of the important ... Development of a drift-kinetic simulation code for estimating collisional ..... transport barrier could also pave the way for turbulence control in the Scrape-Off-Layer, for instance by a .... Experimental data from KSTAR ( although on type-I.
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HTPD Detailed Agenda Monday, June 6th - Wisconsin Union
Jun 6, 2016 ... Synthetic plasma edge diagnostics, highlighted for Wendelstein 7-X. Eric ... End Loss Analyzer System for Measurements of Plasma Flux at the C-2U Divertor Electrode ... Particle-In-Cell simulations of pulse-dilation system performance for ...... Dual Wavelength Imaging of a Scrape-Off Layer in an Advanced ...
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Enhancement of Plasma Burn-through Simulation and Validation in
phase, new models of particle transport and plasma-surface interaction(PSI) have been added to B. ... a magnetic field line to the vessel wall as used in divertor-SOL plasma simulations[7]. ..... Analogous to the plasma in the Scrape- Off-Layer (SOL), deuterium ..... Stable plasma start-up in the kstar device under various.
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2011 IOS Report - Iter
IOS-4.2: ρ* dependence on transport and stability in hybrid scenarios .... “ Comparison of radiating divertor behaviour in single-null and double-null plasmas in DIII-D”, ... “Simulations of KSTAR high performance steady state operation scenarios”, ... “Absorption of lower hybrid waves in the scrape off layer of a diverted ...
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The Title Goes Here - Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)
Dec 18, 2015 ... 3 Plasma Theory, Modelling and Numerical Simulation .... 3D Character of Plasma Transport in the Aditya Limiter Scrape-off Layer .... Divertor Coil Power Supply in Aditya Tokamak for improved Plasma .... Recent Advancement in Research and Planning toward High Beta Steady State Operation in KSTAR.
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linear resistive MHD simulations done with the code JOREK in toroidal geometry including confined plasma region, X-point, Scrape Off Layer (SOL) and divertor [ 14]. ... After the crash, the magnetic energy starts to decrease since the transport ... towards lower n-numbers [22], observed in KSTAR RMP experiments [23].
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Gyrokinetic Simulation of Tokamak Edge Plasma
Dec 18, 2015 ... b)SciDAC-3 Center for Edge Physics Simulation. ITER School, USTC, Hefei, ... Divertor heat-flux width .... Radial excursion brings in the neoclassical transport. Grad-B Drift ... 100 keV Beam Ion dynamics if Ripple in KSTAR is enhanced ...... Poloidal potential variation in the scrape-off layer is calculated in ...
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experimental research, theory, simulation, and computation. Now the world is engaged ...... activities also include experimental validation of transport theoretical models and .... scrape-off-layer/divertor, plasma-surface interaction, and material science. ... conducting long pulse tokamaks such as EAST, KSTAR, the. JET-sized ...
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