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Towards a computational theory of cognitive maps
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 297 Towards a Computational Theory of Cognitive Maps Wai K. Yeap Department of Computer Science, University of Otago, ...
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Computing a representation of the local environment
Yeap (1988) argued that an important basis for computing a cognitive map is the ... associative networks (PLAN): Towards a unified theory of cognitive mapping.
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Towards a computational theory of experience - Kybele - Cornell
We then sketch a naturalistic computational theory of qualia, which posits that expe- .... T. Fekete, S. Edelman / Consciousness and Cognition xxx (2011) xxx– xxx ... map follows the spatial organization of the body: the representation of the ...
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Applying Perceptually Driven Cognitive Mapping To Virtual Urban
computational framework proposed by Yeap and Jefferies .... The basic idea behind Yeap's theory of cognitive maps ... toward building a 2-1/2D sketch.
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A computational theory of human perceptual mapping - CSJ Archive
Abstract. This paper presents a new computational theory of how humans integrate ... Keywords: perceptual map; cognitive map; spatial layout; spatial cognition.
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# Using a Mobile Robot to Test a Theory of Cognitive Mapping
interested in developing computational theories of cognitive mapping rarely test ..... the robot to estimate its orientation towards home and the result is compared ...
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An MFIS for Computing a Raw Cognitive Map - IJCAI
theory of cognitive maps was developed which ... the input for computing a raw map is information from the senses and ..... Towards a Computational. Theory of ...
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Initial Experiments with a Mobile Robot on Cognitive Mapping
in robot. This paper is about how to use a robot to test theories of cognitive mapping. We ..... Yeap, W.K.: Towards a Computational Theory of Cognitive Maps.
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a mobile robot that maps naively but plans intelligently - CiteSeerX
We implemented Yeap's computational theory of cognitive mapping [1], [2] ... the mobile robot to test our theory of cognitive mapping, it should compute each .... ASRs might be connected, namely either towards the left, or towards the right or ...
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Towards a computational(ist) - University of Pennsylvania
Jul 21, 2015 ... Towards a computational(ist) neurobiology of language: correlational, integrated and ... of truly integrated or unified theories that link cognition and NB. Thus .... neural structure and function do not connect with (or map.
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The Utility of Global Representations in a Cognitive Map - Auckland
key words: cognitive map, path integration, global spatial representation, local ... the computational theory of cognitive maps we have developed [10, 2].
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Towards a Computational Model of Evaluating and Using Analogical
Cognitive Science Society, 229-234. ... Reasoning by analogy is a central phenomena in cognition. .... Structure-mapping theory defines analogical inferences.
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We show that using our theory of cognitive maps it is possible to build a reasonable ..... W.K. Yeap, Towards a computational theory of cogni- tive maps. Artificial ...
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Toward a computational theory of conscious processing - Cognitive
Toward a computational theory of conscious processing. Stanislas Dehaene. 1,2, 3,4 ... theories of the computations underlying conscious processing. Experimental ...... Marti S, Sackur J, Sigman M, Dehaene S: Mapping · introspection's blind ...
[ Dehaene Charles King Marti Review Mechanisms of Conscious Processing Curr Op Neurobiol 2014.pdf - Read/Download File

Representing the Local Space Qualitatively in a Cognitive Map
Abstract. The cognitive maps that humans compute as representations of the spatial ... In our own laboratory a computational theory of cognitive maps has been ...
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Prototypes, Location and Associative Networks - CiteSeerX
Towards a unified theory of cognitive mapping. Eric Chown ..... we shall see this is one area that computational models of cognitive maps have tended to.
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Exploiting Local Perceptual Models for Topological Map-Building
lows an autonomous robot to build correct topological maps ... weak requirements for building robust cognitive maps. To ...... Towards a computational theory of.
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bayesian mechanisms in spatial cognition: towards real - CCRG
Sep 27, 2015 ... 2.5 Bayesian nonparametrics for map structuring . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 3 Review of Computational Cognitive Models of Spatial Memory. 48 ..... ical framework, then proceed to test and refine that theory”, supporting the arguments.
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Cognitive Maps and the Language of Thought - UCSB Department
(2) The symbols that figure in computational mental activity have syntactic structure and a ... seem to suggest logicism, he inclines more towards pluralism ([ 2007], pp. ... models posit representations, cognitive maps, whose structure is geometric ... contrast between logicist, pictorialist, and pluralistic theories may seem trifling ...
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Route generation and description using the notions of object's
Spatial Cognition and Computation. September 1999 , Volume ... influence area route determination and description spatial conceptual map. Page %P. Loading.
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