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Timing Results Of Some Internal Sorting Algorithms On The Eta 10 P - [Full Version]
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Timing Results Of Some Internal Sorting Algorithms On The Eta 10 P - Full Download
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Timing Results Of Some Internal Sorting Algorithms On The Eta 10 P - [Complete Version]
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A vectorized algorithm on the ETA 10-P for molecular dynamics
The algorithm has been devised for the CYBER 205 and ETA 10 computers and is ... it is achieved by performing some kind of presorting of particles, so that the pairs with .... The internal program units are chosen to give e = 1/24, where a is the LJ ... Results Tests of the algorithm were obtained in a batch environment on the ...
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Microcomputers Against Supercomputers? On Geometric Partition of
on ETA 10-P*108 and IBM 3090/150E (with Vector Facility) computers as well as on ...... and P.W.M. Jacobs, “Timing results of some internal sorting algorithms.
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FastJet user manual
Matteo Cacciari,1,2 Gavin P. Salam3,4,1 and Gregory Soyez5 ..... PseudoJet provides a jet object with a four-momentum and some internal indices to situate it in.
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A New Implementation of the Region of Interest Strategy for the
mechanism the average latency is about 10ms. In or- ... The trigger algorithms used for this stage have much ... retrieval and sorting. ... nally, at LVL2 there is the possibility to do some data .... We can see from the results that the timing is ... : etaMap getpos(Detectors): pos(r, eta, phi) loop<phi> get(HashId): list<eta>.
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FastJet user manual
Nov 25, 2011 ... to facilitate the manipulation of jet substructure, including some common boosted ... 5. 2 Quick-start guide. 8. 3 Core classes. 10. 3.1 fastjet::PseudoJet . .... Jets are the collimated sprays of hadrons that result from the .... t with p-2 t in eqs. (1,2). Sequential recombination algorithms were also .... double eta().
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
We show that the computed results are as accurate as if computed in twice or K- fold working .... i=1 p. (k) i for k ≥ 1. Some distillation algorithms use sorting of input data by ... details, see Sections 4 and 5, and for timing and accuracy see Section 6. ... by F, the relative rounding error unit by eps, and the underflow unit by eta.
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On the False Path Problem in Hard Real-Time Programs - CiteSeerX
relies on the values delivered by the static timing analysis. Most of the recent work on ... In Section 4 some experimental results are presented. Finally, Section 5 ...
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A Retargetable Technique for Predicting Execution Time
First a summary of some of the hardware and software factors that make ... is presented, along with the results of experiments that evaluate the degree of variation ... The stream of micro-instructions is then analyzed for timing, via a .... algorithm of the target processor, and the accuracy of the timing data used by the simulator.
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Julia for R programmers
Jul 18, 2013 ... Techniques for large data sets – parallelization, memory mapping, ... Sort-of object oriented using generic functions but implementation is casual. .... Julia for R programmers. July 18, 2013. 10 / 67 ... Starting julia with the -p 4 flag .... distribution results in dozens of such functions and some confusion.
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KtJet: A C++ implementation of the Kt clustering algorithm
Oct 1, 2002 ... and hl are combined into a single object with momentum p(kl) according .... (10). This procedure results in massive final state jets. 2.5.2 The pt ... inherits from HepLorentzVector, carries an internal index which ... suggested for certain applications [5,6]. ... std::vector<KtLorentzVector> getJetsEta() const;.
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CENG-2010-3 - USC - University of Southern California
simultaneous transitions) at inputs of a gate, the charge on internal ... These results are contrary to common belief that path delay testing ... Although many approaches [10]-[26] have improved accuracy and resiliency of ... accurate and resilient delay model is compatible with some existing approaches for timing analysis ...
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Unified Invariants for Cyber-Physical Switched - Missouri S&T
Tamal Paul, Jonathan W. Kimball, Maciej Zawodniok, Thomas P. Roth, Bruce ... ponents, network timing, and frequency response are all system as- .... using results from switched-systems theory as in [6]. In most ... discrete states the verification process [9], [10]. ... into the network and physical domains requires some insight.
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Blue Gene/L compute chip: Synthesis, timing, and physical design
Mar 31, 2005 ... critical circuits or to relieve wire congestion, and a timing closure ... additional input/output (I/O) and internal decoupling capacitors ... The chip operates at up to 700 MHz, with some critical ... design tools, new techniques were devised to deal with the ..... using the IBM Verity tool [10], which verifies logical.
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Standard PDF (3.1 MB) - Wiley Online Library
The R gene family determines the timing, distribution .... some 10). These genes, called Sn and Lc, show a tissue- specific pattern of expression ... S and P component of the R locus (Dooner and Kermicle. ... family (Dellaporta et a/., unpublished results; Goff et a/., .... based DNA-binding proteins (Murre eta/., 1989 ) being the.
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Voting after bombing: the electoral effect - Department of Economics
debated effect of terrorist attacks is its impact on the results of democratic ... predicting the results of elections using techniques alternative to the usual ... find that terrorism in the Basque Country produced a reduction of 10% in GDP per .... Some political scientists have given a negative answer, using post-electoral polls .
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2008 jinst 3 p07006 - IOPscience - Institute of Physics
Jul 18, 2008 ... This content was downloaded on 10/07/2016 at 17:51 ... S. Tavernier, L. Van Lancker, P. Van Mulders and I. Villella ..... some of the subdetectors in the SX5 surface hall to launch the Magnet Test ... Tracker performance results are presented .... The firmware algorithm implemented within FPGA devices per-.
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GRADSIM: A Connectionist Network Simulator - ScholarlyCommons
Mar 4, 1988 ... Benchmark results for the simulator running on the DEC ... optimization techniques for training networks of axbitrary connectivity. ... internal recurrent links to provide dynamic temporal properties. .... very briefly some of the optimization methods which are included in the ... piled constants, ETA and MU.
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PDF(2320K) - Wiley Online Library
structures containing myc-DT, using some established ... steady state for 30 min) (row 8) 10 min with myc-DT and then processed for DAMP .... these results suggest that membrane translocation and .... GTPyS (10 p,M) (+GTPyS), cytosol plus either anti-pCOP: maD ... reaches the sorting compartment of early endosomes (2).
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Mar 16, 2012 ... Matteo Cacciari1,2, Gavin P. Salam1,3,4, Gregory Soyez5,a ... as access to 3rd party jet algorithms through a plugin mechanism, ..... This was the first jet algorithm to be implemented in FastJet [10] and its structure, ..... a jet object with a four-momentum and some internal indices to situate it in ... double eta().
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On the Design and Implementation of an Efficient DAA Scheme *
Support for RSA-DAA alone represents around 10% of the TPM resources and as such .... scalar multiplication of an elliptic curve point P by some integer x.
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