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Thrust Control Of Hydrazine Rocket Motors By Means Of Pulse Width Modulation - [Full Version]
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Thrust Control Of Hydrazine Rocket Motors By Means Of Pulse Width Modulation - Full Download
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Thrust Control Of Hydrazine Rocket Motors By Means Of Pulse Width Modulation - [Complete Version]
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Thrust control of hydrazine rocket motors by means of pulse width
A concept of thrust modulation of a hydrazine rocket engine is evaluated and studied experimentally. The concept is based on a continuous cyclic ...
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Delta-Qualification Test of Aerojet 6 and 9 Lbf MR-106
Monopropellant Hydrazine Thrusters for Use on the Atlas ... Aerojet Rocket Engine Modules (REMs) that are installed on the Centaur upper stage will .... control for the Centaur stage, and the axial 6-lbf engines provide fuel settling prior to ... demonstrated pulse count for the lateral thruster from 7,629 pulses to greater than ...
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a comprehensive approach to pulse modulation for attitude control
thrusters are available such as hydrazine, cold-gas and pulsed-plasma ... linearisation through pulse modulation allows for the use ..... [11] H. Rom, A. Gany, Thrust control of hydrazine rocket motors by means of pulse width modulation, Acta.
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Aerospace - eLib - DLR
Keywords: Pulse modulation: Attitude control; Thrusters; Aerospace control; Switching restrictions ..... ing pulse-width pulse-frequency modulated thrusters, M. Sc. Thesis. ... A. Gany, Thrust control of hydrazine rocket motors by means of pulse ...
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The NASA Low Thrust Propulsion Program - NASA Technical
greatest reported for small hydrazine rockets (ref. 8). The total impulse .... isolation. Previously, a 1-kW class pulse-width modulated parallel converter was used.
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Development of a Cold Gas Propulsion System for the TALARIS
provide impulsive rocket propulsion, flying in an environment dynamically ... requirements definition, computer design and analysis methods, and .... Modeling and Flow Control Components . ..... Impulse vs. pulse width for single-stream thruster producing 40 N maximum thrust [38]. ..... firing rocket engines near the surface.
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The New Horizons Spacecraft - Southwest Research Institute
N thrusters, and the hydrazine propellant tank and associated control valves, as ... The 16 rocket engine assemblies (REAs) are organized into 8 sets and placed ... generate thrust in both directions without a 180·аrotation of the spacecraft. .... The thrusters are used in a pulse width modulation mode to achieve the desired.
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TRW Pintle Engine Heritage and Performance Characteristics
The pintle injector rocket engine is fundamentally ... thrust and 250:1 in chamber pressure and operation with ... means of “tuning” the injector to provide fuel film cooling ..... attitude control on such programs as Apollo,. Gemini and .... developed a very small 5 lbf N2O4/hydrazine ... MMH propellants for pulse-width modulated.
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Closed-Loop Thrust and Pressure Profile Throttling of a Nitrous
controller for a hybrid rocket motor using nitrous oxide and hydroxyl-terminated polybuta- ...... Other valve types that would require pulse width modulation (PWM) .
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Development of a Low Power Radiatively Cooled Thermal Arcjet
arcjet system, therefore all experiments used simulated hydrazine (N2 + 212 mixture) as ... With this configuration, specific impulses of about 430 s and thrust efficiencies of 34 - 35 ... ce mean exit velocity of a nozzle Im/sl .... switching circuit, a pulse width modulated control ..... equations for an ideal thermal rocket engine, the.
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Development of the Titan Stage III - ERAU Scholarly Commons
ten foot diameter, 1,000,000 pound-thrust solid propellant rocket motors. (stage 0 ) attached in ... an attitude control system and the main stage III propulsion system. ... metrical demethylhydrazine and hydrazine fuel. ... pressure-fed, storable, hypergolic, liquid-propeHants, pulse width modulated rocket engine control system.
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Vega roll and attitude control system algorithms trade-off study
Rocket Motors) and LPS (Liquid Propellant System) propelled phases as well as .... thrust and temperature dynamics, as well as tank residual hydrazine ..... mentation of the commanded torque as a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signal. ... hydrazine mass), it is possible to compute the PWM duty-cycle by means of the.
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Riccardo Bevilacqua PhD Dissertation
The main topic of this dissertation is the control optimization problem for ... The new technique fuses the use of a set of low thrust on-off engines with .... 6.2 Problem Definition and Optimality Conditions . .... 9.5 EADSHydrazineLow- ThrustEngines . .... PWM. Pulse Width Modulation. RDD. Rendezvous and Docking. SRP.
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Characterization of the Impingement Dynamics of Pulsed Rocket
Control authority of lander's descent needs to be fully understood, so that it can be ... The thruster chamber stagnation pressure (Pc), pulse width (PW), thrust and ... as the plume gas to simulate the specific heat ratio of hydrazine by-products. ... the Phoenix (PHX) pulse-modulated Terminal Descent Engines (TDE) (Table 1).
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ion engine have been conducted for the ... bance against the SFU-1 attitude control by a 1 kW class quasi-steady ... cargo bay, the residual hydrazine of EPEX .... Fig.5 Thrust performance of DC arcjet .... PWM ( pulse width-modulated ) power supply ..... means of the electron cyclotron resonance thruster. " YOSHINO " series.
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Spacecraft velocity change maneuvers by variable arcjets
Mar 19, 1993 ... lated by pulsing the fuel supply, the amount of thrust. 244/172, 176 .... uses hydrazine propellant. Also in FIG. ... An unaugmented hydrazine Rocket. (or Reactive) Engine Assembly (REA) thruster oper .... illustrated) for pulse-width modulation control of the .... electrical arc generating means coupled to said.
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“Y F: '
rocket in which thepulse rate and/or the pulse width are variable to obtain a tight control loop and precise modulation of thrust. A further object of the invention is ...
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Study of a nozzle vector control for a low cost mini - UPCommons
on purge pressure from a solid propellant engine of a main stage, or using cold gas from a storage tank will be the control method. Pulse modulator system will ...
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AIAA 93-2696 Lightweight Exo-Atmospheric Projectile - Defense
Jun 6, 1993 ... hydrazine to operate eight attitude control thrusters. The ... pneumatically separated after the rocket motor boost phase and used cold gas ... axial booster to thrust itself away from the PMB. The PMB .... maintained within the required offset The mean axial CG was held to .... Adaptive Pulse Width Modulation.
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Get PDF (146K) - Wiley Online Library
acceleration rockets 160 acceptable ... AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control System) 292 aphelion 587 ..... Detailed Definition Phase 749 detailed .... engine thrust frame 146 engineering .... hydrazine arcjets 318 ..... Pulse width modulated 265.
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