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Thermodynamic solution model for trona brines - Wiley Online Library
A thermodynamics solution model has been de®eloped for concentrated trona brines o®er temperatures ranging from about 0 C to 200 C. The model was ...
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Thermodynamic Data for Geochemical Modeling of Carbonate
review was completed of thermodynamic data for CO2 gas and carbonate aqueous species and minerals present in published ... accuracy to modeling relatively dilute solutions with ionic strengths less than that of seawater. The ... strengths such as brines and highly saline groundwaters. ...... trona ( Na3HCO3CO3·2H2O).
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A computer program incorporating Pitzer's equations for calculation
geochemical calculations in brines and other electrolyte solutions to high con- ... As with PHREEQE, the aqueous model and thermodynamic data of ..... Trona . 900. -7.448. -11.384. 3.984. -919.55. [1]. References to values of log. Kj: 1.
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Thesis - DiVA
composed of halite mixed with other salts such as hanksite, burkeite, trona etc, ... thermodynamic modeling in PHREEQC accurately predicted the solubility ... Keywords: Lake Katwe; salt extraction; brine; evaporites; characterization; .... (c) Solution mining: Evaporated or refined salt is produced through solution mining of.
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Phase developments during natural evaporation simulation of Lake
carbonate type with its brines representing an important source of mineral salts of high economic value. In the ... temperature, and solution composition are required ... (Harvie et al., 1984), deposition of trona on Lake. Magadi ... mineral salts that form upon evaporation of the lake brines. 2.0 THERMODYNAMIC MODELING.
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Thesis - DiVA
Composition of the brines during the isothermal evaporation experiment. .... are composed of halite mixed with other salts such as hanksite, burkeite, trona etc, but with a .... VII: “Determination and thermodynamic modeling of mineral solubilities in .... (c) Solution mining: Evaporated or refined salt is produced through solution ...
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Potential Martian Evaporites and their Spectral - WesScholar
Varekamp for assistance with modeling and mineralogy, providing insight into ... Solutions were chosen from previously proposed, theoretical Martian brines to .... deposits and current thermodynamic conditions confirm that if Mars had, ..... lakes rich in Na carbonate have been found in equilibrium with trona (Jones et al.,.
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Geochemical simulation of the formation of brine and salt minerals
Pitzer model Caka Salt Lake geochemical simulation salt-karst water ... minerals and aqueous solutions, I. Thermodynamic relations, Geochimica et ... solubility products of sodium carbonate minerals and application to trona deposition in Lake ...
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Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass: A Literature and - MDPI
Jan 27, 2015 ... of some salt solutions. ... As a lignin model component, guaiacol conversion in supercritical water has .... and CaO (4.5%) by wt%) and trona (NaHCO3∙Na2CO3∙ 2H2O). ..... thermodynamic model for the prediction of equilibrium state ..... reactor has a cooler [160] that enables the brines and solids leaving the ...
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the role of carbonates in the evolution of early - Yale University
examine, with an aqueous-phase chemical thermodynamic model, the ... as drying mechanisms for martian brines, be they oceans or soil solutions. ...... nesquehonite, natron, or trona (table 1), probably reflects precipitation at low PCO2 and.
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A natron source at Pikrolimni Lake in Greece? Geochemical evidence
Aug 21, 2009 ... Brine. Alkaline water. Lake Pikrolimni. The geochemical conditions that are responsible for the .... minerals begin to precipitate out of the solution. ...... thermodynamic model showed that salts of trona, burkeite and halite,.
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Occurrence of trona in alkaline soils of the Indo - Episodes
carbonate minerals trona (Na2CO3 ○ NaHCO3 ○ 2H2O) with minor thermonatrite ... The equilibrium. pH of soil solutions measured in 0.01 M CaCl2 solution is 10.2–10.5. .... The following scenario explains the thermodynamic stability of ... This is only possible if the surface brine has degassed its CO2 to the atmosphere ...
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Reliable Mine Water Technology - IMWA - International Mine Water
Mineral recovery from Lake Katwe brines using isothermal evaporation. Hillary Kasedde¹,² ... mirabilite, burkeite, hanksite, anhydrite, trona, halite, nahcolite, thermonatrite, and soda ash precipitate from the ... peared, they were separated from the solution by filtration. .... in studying its thermodynamics and the re- lated phase ...
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Dessicant Materials Screening for Backfill in a Salt Repository
Both MgO and CaO react in an alkaline chloride brine forming oxychloride compounds with .... therefore, the microscopic inclusions in the salt will migrate by solution .... on the thermodynamic data for the well or poorly crystallized phases. Under a .... and anions on its surface, and it has served as a model for the adsorption ...
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PDF (1191K) - Annual Reviews
of chemical experiments to the solution of a geological problem and thus ... development of new thermodynamic models for concentrated brines that .... trona. NaHCO,' Na2CO,.2H2O. Table 2 Saline minerals characteristic of evaporites ...
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Hans P. Eugster - National Academy of Sciences
equally proficient in thermodynamic theory, laboratory .... Geological Survey, on the geochemistry of supercritical saline solutions—providing a .... Silica in alkaline brines. ... With W. H. Bradley, Geochemistry and paleolimnology of the trona deposits and asso ... A model for the deposition of Cornwall-type magnetite deposits.
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Comparison of immiscibly displaced soil solutions and saturated
Jan 14, 1994 ... Soit solutions from fbur silt-affected soils in Alberta were extracted by immiscible displacement from ...... interactions in concentrated brines. This would lead us to ..... Trona. Na2Mg(SOa)2.4H2O. Na6C03(SOa)2. MgSOo.TH2O ... taken from the thermodynamic database in the geochemical model. PHRQPITZ ...
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Geochemistry of clay dunes and associated pan in the - IRD
Jul 27, 1998 ... models are usually used to calculate the activity of ions in a solution. 1. ... applied successfully to brines in southern Tunisia and Algeria (Valles et al., 1997). ..... could not be related to structural effects of the alkaline facies (trona pan) but to .... I. Development of the thermodynamic model, "gypsol" simulating.
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review of co2 capture technologies and some improvement
an effective and economical solution for separating COz from flue gas. .... industrial application in Trona, California. ..... experimental investigation of thermodynamic data for HSC+ such as heats of ... The instrument (CSC, model 4400) is ..... reaction was performed by first saturating brine with ammonia, and then with carbon.
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Download the Scanned PDF - Mineralogical Society of America
This was modynamic theory and fundamental solution chemistry. 11oit ob,rious in the .... with the brine-CO, experimental apparatus we set up, after ruptured tubes and ... (and W. H. Bradley) Geochemistry and paleolimnology of the trona de- posits and .... melamorphic fluids In Thermodynamic modeling of geological mate -.
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