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Thermal Laser Probe Angioplasty Influence Of Constant Tip Temperature Plaque - [Full Version]
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Thermal Laser Probe Angioplasty Influence Of Constant Tip Temperature Plaque - Full Download
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Temperature monitoring during peripheral thermo‐optical laser
achieve laser thermal recanalization of human peripheral arteries, temperature was monitored at the probe tip us- ing a K-type .... within the obstruction, the power was held constant throughout the .... ing of the plaque at temperatures lower than those need- ed for ahlation as .... probe angioplasty: Influence of culution 78 ...
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Thermal effects of laser and electrical discharge on cardiovascular
thermal characteristics of arterial and ventricular tissue dur- ... strument Co., YSI Series 500; time constant = 0.2 seconds) ... mm from the laser fiber tip and temperatures were measured ... thermistor probe. ..... affect the temperature response of endocardium to electrical .... angioplasty: experience with 9 cadaver hearts.
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Thermal compression and molding of atherosclerotic vascular tissue
Apr 5, 1989 ... In preliminary studies, laser-thermal angioplasty has been shown to be ... pressure could effectively remodel atherosclerotic plaque, fuse intimal tears ... radiofrequency energy was delivered from the tip of the electrode ... gauge temperature probe (Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., YSI ... constant rate. The cup ...
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Optothermal mathematical model and experimental studies for laser
Jun 15, 1989 ... The mathematical model consists of a laser diffusing tip ... occlusion to determine the influence of blood flow on heat transport. ... damage during laser angioplasty treatment of atherosclerosis. 1. ... lating plaque with minimal normal tissue damage. ..... of the temperature probe is approximately ±0.25 mm,.
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Pulsed Ultraviolet Laser Irradiation Produces - Circulation
tissue-temperature profiles disclosed that during pulsed laser irradiation, tissue temperature rise .... mediated irradiation upon the probe tip. Thus, to.
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American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Tenth Annual
imaging (MRI), laser fiberoptics and MRI compatible probes m a y allow treatment ... detect and control the dosage of thermal laser energy delivered to tissues. .... placing the samples in a constant temperature saline bath for a fixed period of time. ... performed to determine the influence of these changes on tissue response.
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Laser-Induced Fluorescence for Medical Diagnostics Stefan
Laser-induced fluorescence as a tool for tissue diagnostics is dis- cussed. ... resolved fluorescence for diagnosis of atherosclerotic plaque and malignant ...
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Laser thrombolysis : basic ablation studies - OHSU Digital Commons
The dissertation "Laser thrombolysis: basic ablation studies" by Ujwal S. Sathyam has been .... 3.3.5 Surface temperature signals below and above threshold. 53 ..... absorption of the pulse energy by the blood around the fiber tip. ..... Laser angioplasty targets the plaque that is usually present along with clot in diseased.
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Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging: A New - TU Delft Repositories
Abstract—The vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque is believed to be at the root of ... and significantly affect long-term treatment outcome .... Absorption of laser light transfers the optical ... velocity c0, and the specific heat at constant pressure .... Thermal IVPA imaging of atherosclerotic lipids ..... Implications for laser angioplasty.
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Download Full Text (Final Version , 4mb) - RePub - Erasmus
Vaporization of atherosclerotic plaques by spark erosion ... which a so called angioplasty (PTCA) is per- .... tissue is by thermal conduction from the heated ... thcm to high temperature and the tissue becomes .... being the metal laser probe and the Nd-YAG la- ..... potential influence on the heart's electrical activity can be.
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Download Book (PDF, 39004 KB) - Springer
This book is dedicated to the wonderful laser lights of my life – my children. – Allyne, Guy ... One ever-present constant during my early mentorship by On was that he led by example. He was always .... Balloon Angioplasty for Treatment of In -Stent Restenosis ...... the physician to feel the catheter tip as it contacts the plaque.
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Surgical Cutting and Ablation by Energy Based - [email protected]
Jun 16, 2011 ... KEYWORDS: Surgical devices; thermal tissue alteration; mechanical disruption. ... to tissues, plaques or tumours with a high degree of precision and control. ... vibrating distal tip of the ultrasound waveguide (e.g. wire or probe) is ... The principle operating parameters that affect cutting or ablation are the ...
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Laser method and apparatus for the recanalization of vessels and
Jun 3, 1987 ... directly into the plaque which is in contact with the tip ... nal angioplasty and thrombolysis of clot. .... thermal energy to afford a melting affect on the plaque, .... a laser catheter probe in accordance with the invention;. FIG. .... power is held constant. .... embedded in the end cap to permit the temperature of.
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Detection of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque - DiVA
termine temperature increases in plaques due to higher metabolism. ... Mathe- matical analysis of thermal distributions in plaque. • The effect ... with an optical fiber probe and an integrating sphere. ... in a microscope coupled to a Ti: Sapphire laser to excite second har- ...... angioplasty, stenting and coronary bypass surgery.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
Nitinol alloys can exhibit superelasticity at temperatures slightly above the ... Balloon angioplasty is a technique often used in place of by-pass ... laser machining. ... which at a crack tip reduces the local stress intensity, shielding the tip from the ..... R.C. Garvie and R.H. Hannink, "Influence of the thermal decomposition on.
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Fatigue-crack propagation in Nitinol, a shape-memory
superelastic at human body temperature; this was con- firmed with .... Balloon angioplasty is a technique often used in place of ... In order to compress the plaque and open the constric- .... stents, which often are fabricated by laser machining. ... particles, which at a crack tip reduces the local stress ..... Influence of the thermal.
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Contemporary Evaluation and Management of the Diabetic Foot
Sep 30, 2012 ... heel ulcer can develop from constant pressure applied while the heel is in a .... detect painful stimuli, noxious stimuli, and temperature.
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Full Review PDF Document - Connect
Apr 3, 2016 ... stimuli such light, temperature and magnetic fields. ... vivo monitoring of physiological parameters, using a variety of probes and sensors, .... known to strongly influence the mediating biolayer that is formed at the .... Most materials have a positive thermal expansion coefficient with the .... The tip of the bag is.
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A recoil resilient lumen support, design, fabrication and mechanical
Apr 22, 2013 ... the fabrication method including but not limited to laser machining ... angioplasty balloon at its highest pressure and after deflation ... influenced by the stent design itself [20]. ... outward force against the vessel walls as the body temperature ... μEDM is a thermal process that can be used to cut electrically.
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Chapter 2 - NEWBOOKS Solutions
trical, chemical, photochemical, laser-light), insertion of foreign ... strict because platelets and the coagulation system influence each other. .... Rose Bengal, ferrous chloride), thermal injury, or electrolytic ..... inserting a micro tip catheter via the carotid artery retro- ... probe and kept constant by placing the animals on a heated.
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