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The Role Of Working Memory Capacity On The Effects Of Positivenegative Feedback - [Full Version]
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The Role Of Working Memory Capacity On The Effects Of Positivenegative Feedback - Full Download
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The Role Of Working Memory Capacity On The Effects Of Positivenegative Feedback - [Complete Version]
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Effect of Negative Emotional Content on Working Memory and Long
pants to perform working memory tasks with negative and neutral stimuli. ... emotional memory enhancement effect has been dem- ... Working memory is a limited capacity system re- ..... errors with emotion (positive, negative, neutral) and .... Word Span Scores as a Function of the Emotion Type of the Words Included in the ...
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Updating Positive and Negative Stimuli in Working Memory in
Jun 4, 2009 ... Difficulties in the ability to update stimuli in working memory (WM) may underlie the problems ... WM, a limited-capacity sys- ... mation as a function of new input may be particularly salient when ... valence and updating processes that have downstream effects on ...... Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 6,.
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The Effects of Mindfulness Training and Cognitive - CSU, Chico
training and cognition training strategies, investigates the impact of these techniques on mindfulness, working memory capacity, and affect in middle school students. .... In a recent literature review on mindfulness, Holzel et al. .... and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) and Positive and Negative Affect Scale for.
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Download the Article - Journal of Educational Technology & Society
The Effects of Positive and Negative Mood on Cognition and Motivation in Multimedia .... The following sections provide theoretical reviews related to mood, working ... causing reduction in working memory capacity (Seibert & Ellis, 1991). .... Secondly, the role of negative mood in multimedia learning environments is still ...
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Working memory, fluid intelligence, and science learning - Stanford
A review of the history of working memory (WM) studies finds that the concept of WM evolved from short-term memory ... experimental studies on the impact of WM training on science achievement. .... has a storage function and use working memory capacity (WMC) to ..... positive and negative influences on the study of WM.
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Mood Induction in Children: Effect of the Affective Valence of a Text
the influence of mood on working memory capacity has been investigated in ... amined the effect of a mood induction procedure on phonological working memory capac- ... Thus, despite their adaptive role, emotions may .... Mood (e.g., positive, negative, or neutral) was induced by read- ..... Review of General Psychology,.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
mediators of the effects of positive and negative mood on executive ... Abstract. In this review we evaluate the cognitive and neural effects of positive and negative mood on executive function. ... We conclude that there is a disparity between the importance of this topic ..... mood on working memory capacity, Spies et al.
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Updating the emotional content of working memory in social anxiety
Mar 7, 2015 ... important role in the etiology and maintenance of social anxiety (SA). ... individuals process emotional content in working memory (WM). ... a maladaptive cognitive bias that may prevent positive feedback from entering the cognitive system. .... regarding the effect of neutral stimuli on WM capacity in SA, and.
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Worry in imagery and verbal form: Effect on residual working
Worry-prone individuals have less residual working memory capacity during worry compared ... 2006) proposed that verbal worry serves a cognitive avoidance function in .... Participants had a 15-s practice trial and were given feedback on their ... Participants rated the percentage of thoughts that were positive, negative and ...
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(in press). The relationship between attention and working memory
Indeed, while neither attention nor working memory represent a uniform set of processes, ... literature examines the role of perceptual and central attention in the encoding, ... capacity for WM predict performance on attention tasks? ... thorough review of the relationship amongst distinct processing stages in WM and distinct.
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capacity is limited (Baddeley, 2007; Baddeley, 2012). ... Keywords: working memory, emotion, n-back, limited resources theory, .... the effects of both positive and negative emotional information and human ..... I investigated the role of participant mood, stimulus content, and emotional .... Review of Psychology, 63, 1 – 29.
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Effects of emotionally valenced working memory taxation on - iPage
ondary task that taxes working memory while they recall a negative emotional memory often reduces its ... involving photographs of positive, negative, or neutral emotional valence. ... visual images (For a review, see van den Hout & Engelhard, 2012). ..... confirmed this hypothesis, t(57) ¼ 2.17, p ¼ .02, effect size r ¼ .28.
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Working memory capacity and spontaneous emotion -
High capacity predicts self-enhancement in response to negative feedback ... Although previous evidence suggests that working memory capacity (WMC) is ... insight into the consequences of individual differences in WMC and ..... evidence that WMC plays a key role in relatively naturalistic forms of emotion regulation. The.
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Stress, Cognition, and Human Performance: A Literature Review
Aug 1, 2004 ... Literature Review and Conceptual Framework ... Program Office plays a key part in helping NASA maintain this important role. ... collection of aeronautical and space science STI ... quick release reports, working papers, and ..... Memory, Stress Effects, and Anxiety. ..... Positive, Negative, and Null Curvilinear ...
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Examining the Protective Effects of Mindfulness Training on Working
Keywords: working memory capacity, emotion regulation, mindfulness, prevention, military deployment. Mindfulness is a ... invaluable role in allowing this project to take place. ... physical harm (for review, see Stanley, Getsinger, Spitaletta, &. Jha, in .... performed the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule ( PANAS;. Watson ...
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Revisiting the restorative effects of positive mood: An expectancy
Dec 6, 2014 ... ing work on the importance of perceptual processes in the modulation of self- control performance, .... (2010) found that task feedback following self-control ex- ... mental depletion and decreased working memory capacity (Studies .... expectancies towards positive and negative mood, the effects of exper-.
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Aging and motivated cognition: the positivity effect in attention and
attention and memory might play a role in this variation with age. Older adults ... This positivity effect in older adults' memories seems to be due to their greater ...
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Exploring the Effect of Verbal Emotional Words Through - InTech
working memory (WM), which is a theoretical construct used to refer to the ... Enough empirical evidence supports that WM plays an important role ... 15 for a review]. ... tion processing [16,17] which implies that affective stimuli have the capacity to .... write words freely with three different emotional contents: positive, negative ...
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Cannabinoid-Mediated Disinhibition and Working Memory
However, other positive and negative feedback mechanisms ... slow DSI effect gives rise to trial-to-trial correlations of memory- ... role in working memory, as demonstrated by electrophysiolog- .... in inhibitory event size (or frequency). Thus , the ...
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Illusory correlations revisited: The role of pseudocontingencies and
Jan 7, 2011 ... ... The role of pseudocontingencies and working-memory capacity ... Three experiments investigate illusory correlations in a feedback learning paradigm. ... illusory-correlation effect was evident in memory-based measures at the end of the stimulus series ... estimates of positive and negative behaviours.
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