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Resource Discovery in Distributed Networks
n) rounds, where n is the number of machines in the network. ... We are interested in distributed resource discovery algorithms, where there is no central control ...
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Resource Discovery in Distributed Networks
within O(log2 n) rounds, where n is the number of machines in the network. ... We are interested in distributed resource discovery algorithms, where there is no ...
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Using Mobile Agents for Network Resource Discovery in Peer-to
dynamic network resource discovery. Keywords: Mobile Agents, Resource Discovery, Peer-to-Peer. 1. Introduction: Peer-to-Peer, commonly known as P2P,  ...
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A Small World Overlay Network for Resource Discovery - Springer
Interest is rising in genuinely distributed ('peer-to-peer') resource discovery systems, which all provide mechanisms for self-organization of their resource ...
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Topology and Network Resources Discovery Protocol for -
Topology and Network Resources. Discovery Protocol for Content-Aware. Networks. INNOV 2013, 17- 21 Nov, Lisbon. Vlad Poenaru, Eugen Borcoci, Marius ...
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New resource discovery mechanisms - UKSG
browsing, see the section 'New paradigms for resource discovery' in this chapter. ... subject gateways as provided by the Resource Discovery Network (RDN)15.
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Access-Controlled Resource Discovery for Pervasive Networks
ing. Resource discovery is vital to enabling operation in pervasive networks as the network state is unpre- dictable. The dynamism of pervasive networks also.
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A Survey on Resource Discovery Mechanisms, Peer-to-Peer and
resource discovery for a wide variety of network types. We cover techniques ... but is limited to IP-based resource discovery mechanisms, and focuses mostly on  ...
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Using Gossip for Dynamic Resource Discovery - Computer Science
computers raise the issue of dynamic resource discovery, the process of locating ... network traffic it is imperative that an efficient resource discovery algorithm be ...
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Resource Discovery Using Spatio-temporal Information in Mobile Ad
A few recent papers augment routing protocols of mobile ad-hoc networks ... nated via a MANET the resource discovery time can be cut by as much as 70%.
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Internet Resource Discovery at the University of Colorado - CiteSeerX
Resource Discovery Project at the University of Colorado. CR Categories and Subject Descriptors: C.2.4 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Distributed Sys- .
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resource discovery in ad hoc networks - Stanford University
resources are available in the network and how they discover how to use the resources. ... Key Words and Phrases: Resource Discovery, Ad hoc networks ...
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Dynamic Resource Discovery for Sensor Networks - San Diego
A critical com- ponent in realizing such a vision is dynamic resource discovery. In this paper, we develop a resource discovery protocol for sensor networks, out-.
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Efficient Resource Discovery in Wireless AdHoc Networks: Contacts
Resource discovery in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks is a challenging problem mainly due to the following reasons. First, the lack of infrastructure,.
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Adaptive Resource Discovery for Ubiquitous Computing
Resource discovery, ubiquitous computing, mobile ad hoc networks, autonomous .... date resource information over a range of network topologies, despite the ...
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Issues of Implementing Random Walk and Gossip Based Resource
networks has its own limitations in terms of resource discovery with unstable topology ... discovery algorithms under mobile peer-to-peer (MP2P) networks and  ...
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An Efficient Fault Tolerant Approach to Resource Discovery in P2P
Current research into resource discovery in peer-to- peer networks is largely focussed on the use of. Distributed Hash Tables and multi-layered topologies. In.
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Efficient Resource Discovery in Self-organized Unstructured Peer-to
autonomous peers on unstructured P2P networks. In this paper, we present an. Efficient Social-Like Peer-to-peer (ESLP) method for resource discovery by.
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A Novel P2P Based Grid Resource Discovery Model
frequently joining and leaving a P2P network and shows a high degree of ... discusses the resource discovery in current grid systems, describing different ...
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Semantic Overlay Network for Grid Resource Discovery - NDSU
placement and network topology. In this paper, we propose a semantics-based P2P model for grid resource discovery. It uses RDF [2, 5] to represent both ...
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Improving Resource Discovery in the Arigatoni Overlay Network*
Arigatoni is a structured multi-layer overlay network provid- ing various services ... A new version of the resource discovery protocol, called RDP V2, that allows.
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A Comparison of Internet Resource Discovery Approaches - ISI
Using this taxonomy, we compare a number of resource discovery .... tremendous burden on network resources if the information being sought resides on many ...
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An overlay network for resource discovery in Grids - P-Grid
work) for the discovery of Grid resources. Each node in the. Grid becomes a peer in the overlay network, which provides a distributed directory service that ...
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Design and Implementation Tradeoffs for Wide-Area Resource
SWORD, a scalable resource discovery service for wide- area distributed systems. In contrast to previous sys- tems, SWORD allows users to describe desired resources ... node and network characteristics, and allows the system to.
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A Distributed Approach for Structured Resource Discovery - AI-Lab
connected in a higher level network using P2P mechanisms, seem to represent a feasible solution to support effective distributed resources discovery services ...
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