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The relationship between periodontal and pulpal disease
The relationship between periodontal and pulpal disease p. H. A. GULDENER, Hehetiastrasse 9, Berne, Switzerland. Summary. The relationship hetween ...
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Pulpal/Periodontal Relationships - American Association of
Pulpal/Periodontal Relationships Selected References. Classification/ ... Dummer PM, Hicks R, and Huws D. Clinical signs and symptoms in pulp disease.
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perio - endo relationship.pps.pdf
Pulpal disease :the major causes of pulpal inflammation are: 1- Instrumentation .... documented , a clear –cut relationship between periodontitis and pulpal ...
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Diagnosis and treatment planning for Endo-Perio Lesions. - medIND
believed that disease of periodontal structures have no ... Anatomic Relationship Between Pulp & ... the initial signs of pulp disease and results due to presence.
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Endo-periodontal Lesions
disease or, vice versa, a purely periodontal lesion perfectly is camouflaged as an endodontic pathology. ... tions concerning the connections not only between endodontics and .... (Fig 1). The pulp-periodontal interrelationship is one in which .
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May 19, 2008 ... relationship, pulp diseases may influence periodontal health and vice versa, ... rELatIONsHIP. bEtWEEN PULPaL aND PErIODONtaL DIsEasEs.
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Endo-Perio Lesions - International Journal of Scientific
relationships. In 1919 Turner and Drew1 first described the effect of periodontal disease on the pulp. The relationship between periodontal and pulpal disease ...
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Endodontic and Periodontal Interrelationship
Pulpitis/necrosis in sound tooth due to periodontal reason ... Communication between the dental pulp ... If the primary endodontic disease is not treated properly.
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Differential Diagnosis of Pulpal and Periapical Pain - The
ferentially diagnosing between pulpal and periapical conditions. ... Keywords: Acute apical abscess, acute apical periodontitis, den- tinal pain ... because no consistent relationship has been found between clinical symptoms and histopathologic ... nosis and treatment quality in pulpal and periapical diseases. The purpose of ...
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PDF(629K) - Wiley Online Library
classification for concurrent endodontic and periodontal diseases. This classification is a .... tion pathways between the dental pulp and the periodontal ligament. (a) Longitudinal .... relationships between endodontic and periodontal conditions ...
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The endo-perio lesion: a critical appraisal of the disease condition
al. (51) demonstrated the relationship between the presence of bacteria and the pulp and periapical diseases in a classic work. In this study, pulps of normal rats  ...
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Chronic Periodontal Disease May Influence the Pulp Sensitivity
Feb 7, 2012 ... diseases begin to influence the clinical response of the pulp is still unknown ... calculated to evaluate correlation between periodontal para-.
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of Dental Sciences - Indian Journal Of Dental Sciences (
Periodontium is anatomically interrelated with the dental pulp by virtue of apical foramina, and ... disease can complicate diagnosis and treatment planning and affect the sequence of care to be ... The relationship between periodontal and.
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Pulp Orperiodontium??-Diagnosis and Management of Endo - Perio
The intimate anatomic and vascular connection between the pulp and the periodontium is .... secondary periodontal disease may complicate the lesion[7].
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HOPELESS TO HOPEFUL: a clinical study on - PUCPR
of periodontal abscess with grade II furcation involvement – endodontic and ... relationship between periodontal and pulpal disease was first described by ...
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A case series associated with different kinds of endo-perio lesions
The relations- hip between periodontal and pulpal disease was first des- cribed by Simring and Goldberg in 1964 (3). Since then, the term “endo-perio lesion” ...
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Cardiovascular Implications of Endodontic Bone Disease
Apical Periodontitis: Inflammatory Process in Pulp Pathology. Apical Periodontitis : ... Conclusions on the Correlation Between Apical Periodontitis and CVD. 3.
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Oct 17, 2014 ... change in pulp vitality of teeth with periodontal disease us- ing electric pulp tester ... mesodermal source, relationship between pulpal and peri-.
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LESSON № 2 Caries and its complications/ pulpitis, periodontitis
Pulpitis is inflammation of the dental pulp resulting from untreated caries, .... the relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease doesn't end there.
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Diagnostic and Clinical Factors Associated with Pulpal - SciELO
were used to analyze association between pulpal and periapical pain and independent variables. The most ... Key Words: urgency, dental pain, pulpal pain, periapical pain, apical periodontitis. years or ... investigated the incidence of pain and its correlation with ... pulpal or periapical diseases that occurred before dental.
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International Journal of Diabetology & Vascular Disease Research
May 20, 2013 ... odontitis in rats, as well as the relationship of periodontal disease ... the relationship between pulpal and/or periodontal disease and serum ...
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Diabetes mellitus, periapical inflammation and endodontic - CVC
ding the relationship between DM and endodontics is reviewed. Upon review, we ... crevicular fluid of subjects with periodontal disease and in the periapical tissues of ... changes in pulpal and periapical tissues after pulpal ex- posure in ...
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(2015), Volume 3, Issue 9, 1345- 1350 - International Journal of
The aim of this paper is to discuss the communications between the pulp and ... The relationship between periodontal and pulpal disease was first described by ...
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