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The Ear Apparatus Of The Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys - Full Download
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MAMMALIAN SPECIES N0. 339, pp. 1-8, 4 figs. Dipodomys deserti.
Oct 26, 1989 ... length of ear, 15.9 and 15.5; basal length of cranium, 24.7 and. 24.0; greatest ... most sexually dimorphic species of kangaroo rats. Males are signif- ... The hyoid apparatus consists of only two parts, a basihyal and a reduced ...
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Why do kangaroo rats {Dipodomys spectabilis) footdrum at - cabnr
Banner-tailed kangaroo rats, Dipodomys spectabiUs, are sol- itary, desert rodents ... ceptors in their skin, muscle, and ears (Hardine, 1971; Proske,. 1969), and hearing .... anced order on the same night into an apparatus that gen- erated both ...
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Kangaroo rats : intraspecific variation in Dipodomys - Ideals
banner-tailed kangaroo rat Dipodomys spectabilis and the desert kan- garoo rat Dipodomys ..... Little use was made of ear measurement, as it was not available for .... The hyoid apparatus is composed of only two parts, basihyal and a reduced ...
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Hearing in Glires: Domestic Rabbit, Cotton Rat, Feral House Mouse
kangaroo rat, Dipodomys rnerrlarni). ... role in the adaptation and evolution of the ear and audi- ... apparatus was connected to alternate bars in the walls.
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Hearing in Large and Small Dogs: Absolute - The University Of
between their ears (i.e., functional interaural distance). .... Behavioral Apparatus ..... rabbit iOryctolagus cuniculus; H. Heffner & Masterton, 1980]; 16, kangaroo rat. [Dipodomys merriomi; H. Heffner & Masterton, 1980]; 17, cotton rat [Sigmodon ...
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hearing in mammals: the least weasel - The University Of Toledo
close-set ears) are better able to hear high-frequency sounds than are animals with large heads ... Behavioral apparatus. .... sensitive to low frequencies as gerbils and kangaroo rats, animals which are thought to be ..... The first mammals known to possess this capacity were the kangaroo rat, Dipodomys mem'arm', and the.
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Wood Rat (Neotoma floridana) and Grasshopper Mouse
well as other desert rodents such as kangaroo rats and gerbils demonstrates ... and wide-set ears) because the smaller an- .... Behavioral Apparatus ..... Masterton, 1980]; 19, kangaroo rat [Dipodomys merriami; H. Heffner & Masterton, 1980]; ...
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Chapter 55: Sensory Systems
boscis (the tubular feeding apparatus) extends to feed. Chapter 55 ..... ears. Kangaroo rats (Dipodomys) are unique in having an enlarged ... Experiments have shown that the kangaroo rat's ears are adapted to nocturnal life and allow them to ...
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Morphological structure and function in the desert heteromyid rodents
the structure and function of the feeding apparatus in desert heteromyids. The mechanics of highspeed seed pouch- ing behavior in Dipodomys deserti as well as the rates of digging activities of .... How the specialized ears of kangaroo rats.
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Middle~EarS tiffl1ess·of the Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops truncatus
The purpose of this study wasto measure the middle-ear stiffness for the bottlenose ..... Middle-ear measurement apparatus. The ear bones and .... DM: Dipodomys merriami, kangaroo rat; audiogram [34], stiffness [35]. MM: Mus musculus ...
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Middle Ear - Plos
Jan 14, 2013 ... Middle Ear Cavity Morphology Is Consistent with an. Aquatic Origin for ..... kangaroo rats underlies good hearing thresholds below 3 kHz, ..... kangaroo rat, Dipodomys. Physiol ... apparatus of the aquatic frog, Xenopus laevis.
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Snake Species Discrimination and the Role of Olfactory Cues in the
Apparatus .... mediating intraspecific aggression in the Norway rat. - J. Comp. .... A function of the enlarged middle ear cavities of the kangaroo rat, Dipodomys.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
as ear ossicles, tetrapods had an apparatus in place for ... cule of the ear to detect these vibrations. (Narins and ..... The banner-tailed kangaroo rat, Dipodomys.
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Life History of the Tick Dermacentor parumapertus in Utah - jstor
stages occur on 12 or more kinds of rodents, including kangaroo rats, Dipodomys . 'microps ... Kangaroo rats trapped in the field were kept in round glass specimen jars, 7 inches high and ... Apparatus to facilitate attachment of ticks to rats. ... engorged adult ticks frequently occur on the ears and face of the jack rabbit in such.
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Is Mutation a Factor in the Evolution of the Higher Vertebrates? - jstor
greater development of the external ear, or ... apparatus which seem to be a consequence .... afforded by the kangaroo rats (genus ... In Dipodomys specta-.
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For Peer Review Only - University of Cambridge
Middle ear, impedance matching, electrical analogue, compliance, ..... However, flexibility within the ossicular apparatus is probably universal ..... relative effects of tympanic-ossicular and cavity stiffnesses in the kangaroo rat Dipodomys, which.
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Seismic communication signals in the blind mole-rat (Spalax
blind mole-rats (Spalax ehrenbergi) use for intraspecific ... the middle ear in transferring airborne sounds to the ..... apparatus' enables transmission of the seismic signals to .... and copulation in the Great Basin kangaroo rat, Dipodomys.
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Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 73: 809-818. - Arizona State
Merriam's kangaroo rat, Dipodomys merriami, is widespread in ... Based on our ear- .... allowed the entire respiratory apparatus to equilibrate in 10–20.
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Adaptive Features of the Middle Ear of Mammals in Ontogeny
mals, the structure of the middle ear maintains a common basic structural ...... mastoid bullae in Dipodomys. – Anat ... The ear apparatus of the Kangaroo Rat, Di-.
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'M Q @A
This has been demonstrated for Dipodomys mer- riami by the ... and head-lung chamber used in the apparatus. MATERIALS .... the ears, if thermally labile as in the dog (Hem- ..... tabolism of kangaroo rats and an experimental veri-. fication.
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