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CoRoT pictures transiting exoplanets
Oct 7, 2015 ... ground-based telescopes of small size (typically less than 1m). ... An archive of the CoRoT data is now fully public and can be accessed at ... Complementary observations of CoRoT candidates include time-critical ground-. 4 ...
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Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission *-1mm
Jul 28, 2009 ... CoRoT-7b: the first super-Earth with measured radius. ⋆. A. Léger1, D. ... We describe the 3-colour CoRoT data and complementary ground-based observations that ... data are avail- able to the public from the CoRoT archive:.
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CP039-2013 - La mission CoRot_va.pdf - CNRS
Jun 24, 2013 ... After a mission that lasted twice as long as planned, CNES's CoRoT ... Supported by a vast network of complementary observing telescopes on the ground, scientists ... and evolution of planetary systems, based until the 1990s only on ... majority of downloads from the CoRoT data archive were requested ...
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Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission VIII. CoRoT-7b
Aug 5, 2009 ... CoRoT-7b: the first Super-Earth with measured radius. A. Léger1, D. Rouan2 ... We describe the 3-colour CoRoT data and complementary ground-based ... First. CoRoT data are available to the public from the CoRoT archive:.
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Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission - Laboratoire d
ground-based observations: high-precision radial-velocity measurements, on-off ... CoRoT-Exo-3b has a radius of 1.01 ± 0.07 RJup and transits around its F3-type primary every 4.26 days in a synchronous orbit. ... archive: http://idoc-corot.ias.u- .... Such complementary observations are mandatory to identify the.
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CoRoT: Harvest of the exoplanet program - Laboratoire d
Juan Cabrera f, Szilбrd Csizmadia f, Hans J. Deeg g,h, the CoRoT Exoplanet Science Team a Aix Marseille .... An intensive effort of complementary ground- based observa- ...... The content of the CoRoT light curve archive will remain a long-.
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Ground-based search for the brightest transiting planets with the
V=4-8 magnitude range - currently not probed by space- or ground-based surveys. ... first transiting rocky planets (CoRoT-7b3 and Kepler-10b4), and are extending ..... data of all monitored stars (~100,000) and transient events to a central archive. ... highly complementary to MASCARA, since its probes a very different (and ...
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arXiv:0907.2237v1 [astro-ph.EP] 13 Jul 2009
have a transit depth of 1–2%, easily detectable by ground-based photometry. Only at the first ... one year after re- lease to the Co-Is of the mission from the CoRoT archive: .... data, as a complementary process of the regular N2 CoRoT pipeline.
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Characterization of CoRoT Target Fields with the Berlin Exoplanet
Oct 5, 2009 ... Subject headings: observational techniques: ground based support for CoRoT – ... used as a complimentary information to the incoming CoRoT data. ... scientific community via the BEST archive linked to CoRoT's EXO- ... An additional correction of photometry based on the algorithm by Tamuz (Tamuz et al.
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Exoplanets - An ESO/OPTICON/IAU summer school on modern
hands-on experience on data reduction (archive data). The work ... CoRoT-1b ( Snellen et al. 2010) ..... 3. complementary ground based follow-up (spectroscopy) .
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Report of the Astrophysics Archives Program - NASA Science
Jul 8, 2015 ... The Astrophysics Archives Programmatic Review (AAPR) replaces the Astrophysics ..... main non-NASA datasets are ground and balloon-based CMB ..... products from the Kepler mission, data from the CNES CoRoT mission and ... missions, along with complementary ground data, into a single archive.
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Earth-Like Exoplanets: The Science of NASA's Navigator Program
The Navigator Program includes the ground-based Keck Interferometer and ... goals of these missions are complementary: SIM will determine the orbits ...... The Kepler (NASA), COROT (European Space Agency [ESA]), and SIM-PlanetQuest ( NASA) ... To build community infrastructure, including data archives, fellowship ...
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pdf, 305kB - ESO
They are also archived in the ESO Science Archive Facility. ..... HARPS will play an important role in this field, also in the frame of the COROT space mission. Complementary ground-based spectroscopic measurements with HARPS will ...
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CSI 2264: Simultaneous optical and infrared light curves of young
Based on data from the Spitzer and CoRoT missions. The. CoRoT .... limited time and wavelength coverage of ground-based data. ... Complementary modeling efforts such as those by ..... N2 reduced data from the CoRoT archive, which con-.
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abstracts book - IA
Jul 5, 2016 ... missions and ground facilities are being built in order to collect more and better ..... OC Seismic diagnosis based on gravity modes strongly affected by .... parameters: application to all stars observed by CoRoT and Kepler. 51 ..... tions from complementary methods, including spectroscopy and interferometry,.
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Gap interpolation by inpainting methods: Application to ground and
Mar 17, 2016 ... archive for the deposit and dissemination of sci- entific research ... Until recently, ground-based observations have been the pri- mary source of our ... can still be used in a complementary way to observe stars that are much brighter ... rious peaks in the power spectrum, as is the case for the CoRoT satellite.
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BRITE-Constellation: nanosatellites for precision photometry of
Jun 14, 2014 ... other space photometry missions MOST (Matthews 2003), CoRoT (Baglin et al. .... Complementary ground based, in particular spectroscopic ..... The BRITE- Constellation Data Archive is located at the Copernicus Astronomical.
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Link to Publication - ESA Science & Technology
Dec 5, 2013 ... ground-based radial velocity follow-up, 3) determination of accurate stellar masses, radii, and ages ..... Science Goals III: Complementary and Legacy Science . ..... Science operations and data handling/archiving (SOC) .
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High-Accuracy Measurements of Variations in Transit Timing: A New
Beyond the existing ground-based transit surveys, the ESA's CoRoT satellite ( Baglin et .... provide a complimentary data set that could significantly reduce the number ... be the funding that is necessary for the collection and archiving data, and ...
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On the potential of extrasolar planet transit surveys
Sep 8, 2005 ... We show that ground–based wide field surveys may discover more giant planets than space missions. ... are the COROT (Rouanetal.,2000) and KEPLER. (Koch et al. ... mission, or whether both approaches are complementary. On the basis .... archived HST images used as reference maps to carry out the ...
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