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The Amino And Carboxyl Terminal Sequence Of Bovine Rhodopsin - Full Download
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The amino- and carboxyl-terminal sequence of bovine rhodopsin
The amino terminus of bovine rhodopsin is blocked and has the sequence .... The carboxyl-terminal tryptic peptide of rhodopsin was prepared by a method de-.
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Localization of Binding Sites for Carboxyl Terminal Specific Anti
May 4, 1984 ... within the C-terminal region of bovine rhodopsin: Aspls'- ... of the disk membrane and the amino-terminal segment con- taining two carbohydrate ... of various peptides from the sequence of the carboxyl terminus of bovine ...
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Structure of the Third Cytoplasmic Loop of Bovine Rhodopsin?
Nov 1, 1995 ... FIGURE 1: Representation of the primary sequence of bovine rhodopsin ... transmembrane helix and the carboxyl-terminal of rho111 must connect to the ... amino acid residues of the third cytoplasmic loop of bovine rhodopsin ...
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G Affinity for Bovine Rhodopsin Is Determined by the Carboxyl
Jul 27, 2001 ... Carboxyl-terminal Sequences of the Subunit*. Received for .... affinity for bovine rhodopsin (20, 30), but no apparent differ- ence in interaction with ... differ in both primary amino acid sequence and isoprenoid modification, we ...
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Alligator Rhodopsin: Sequence and Biochemical Properties
Differences in the amino-terminal region, compared to that of bovine ... Differences in the carboxyl-terminal region give rise to limited antibody cross- reactivity ... analysis of 1 7 rhodopsin sequences indicates that the alligator is more closely ...
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Role of the Carboxyl-terminal Region of Arrestin in Binding to
Apr 5, 1991 ... of arrestin truncated at their carboxyl terminus main- tained their functional ... cited rhodopsin is more tight than the binding of native arrestin as ... sequence of P-arrestin from bovine brain has been determined. (Lohse et al., 1990) .... 20-21 kDa) all showed the same amino-terminal sequence starting with ...
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Rhodopsin Structure, Function, and Topography The Friedenwald
The carboxyl-terminal amino acid of rhodopsin was found to be alanine.9 From tryptic .... Completion of the amino acid sequence of bovine rhodop- sin,22,23 in ...
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How receptors talk to trimeric G proteins Henry R Bourne - FirstSearch
plus the carboxyl terminus, are exposed to the cytoplasm. [7,8]. ... receptors vary considerably in amino acid sequence. These ... cow rhodopsin [9,10•]. Individual  ...
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The Receptor Kinase Family: Primary Structure of Rhodopsin - JStor
highly specific protein kinases rhodopsin kinase (RK) and .... primed bovine cDNA library in AZAPII (Stratagene) with a 520-bp. Pst I fragment derived from the 5' region of clone N-9. Clones including the amino-terminal sequence of RK were obtained by the .... degree of homology was lower when the amino and carboxyl.
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Substrate Recognition Determinants for Rhodopsin Kinase: Studies
boxyl-terminal sequence (Hargrave et al., 1980; Thompson. & Findlay, 1984). ... from bovine rhodopsin, although the Km's for 12—22 amino acid long peptides .... rhodopsin kinase as is the native carboxyl-terminal peptide of rhodopsin itself ...
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Rhodopsin and phototransduction: a model system for #{149}G
A single bovine retina may contain as much as 800 .... Rhodopsin's carboxyl terminus is located on the cytoplasmic surface of intact disk membranes ... specific to rhodopsin's amino-terminal sequence bind to the outside surface of the plasma.
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G-protein coupled receptor structure -
The available X-ray crystallographic analyses on bovine rhodopsin are reviewed ... Combining this with a knowledge that the amino terminal and the carboxyl .... A peptide containing the amino acid sequence of the first extracellular loop was ...
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v10a86-liu pgmkr - Molecular Vision
Direct binding of visual arrestin to a rhodopsin carboxyl terminal synthetic .... Sequence ... WT, amino acid residues 323-348 of wild-type, bovine rhodopsin;.
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human rhodopsin
(amino acid sequence/membrane protein stiructure/vision/evolutionary conservation). JEREMY .... mologous to the coding sequences of the bovine rhodopsin gene are confined to ..... to the carboxyl terminus that are subject to light-dependent.
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An Outer Segment Localization Signal at the C Terminus of the
C-terminal sequence that targets opsin/rhodopsin to the OS. ..... amino acids from bovine prRDH onto GFP leads to efficient ROS localization (Fig. 2B). ... amine treatment, as judged by Coomassie blue staining (data not shown). Molecular ...
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In Vitro Biosynthesis, Core Glycosylation, and Membrane Integration
A membrane-integrated, core-glycosylated form of bovine opsin was synthesized in vitro when bovine ...... The amino- and carboxyl-terminal sequence of bovine ...
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Structural Prediction of Membrane-Bound Proteins - Biosyn
of the carboxyl terminal one-third of bovine rhodopsin predicted a membrane- buried helical ... regions within the amino acid sequence of the other proteins.
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kidney cells
Expression of a synthetic bovine rhodopsin gene in monkey kidney cells ... cells and is oriented with the amino terminus on the extracel- lular side of the membrane. ... GTP-binding protein, transducin, andthus initiate a sequence ofevents that results ... body, rho 1D4, specific for the carboxyl terminus of rhodop - sin, has also ...
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A Dileucine Sequence and an Upstream Glutamate Residue in the
in the Intracellular Carboxyl Terminus of the Vasopressin V2. Receptor Are Essential for ... bovine rhodopsin fragments containing one to five amino- terminal ...
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Rhodopsin - a G-protein binding receptor in the retina of the eye
Rhodopsins have amino acid sequence and functional homology with other G- protein ... the amino-terminal region, one or two palmitate-linked cysteines close to the carboxy-terminal region, a disulfide bridge linking two ... The Three- dimensional Structure of Bovine Rhodopsin Determined by Electron Cryomicroscopy.
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