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The Adsorption Of Potassium On Pt111 And Its Effect On Oxygen Adsorption - [Full Version]
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The Adsorption Of Potassium On Pt111 And Its Effect On Oxygen Adsorption - Full Download
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The Adsorption Of Potassium On Pt111 And Its Effect On Oxygen Adsorption - [Complete Version]
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The adsorption of potassium on Pt(111) and its effect on oxygen
The adsorption of potassium on Pt(111) followed by O2 adsorption was studied by LEED, photoemission spectroscopy (UPS and XPS) and work function ...
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Adsorption of oxygen on potassium-covered Pt (111) and Fe (110)
Adsorption of oxygen on potassium-covered Pt(111) and Fe(110) ... terest due to its relevance in the areas of thermionic emission and heterogeneous catalysis.
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The interaction of potassium submonolayers adsorbed on Pt (111
No ethylene adsorption occurs on surfaces fully covered with oxygen atoms or oxides. ... Introduction Alkali metals or their salts are frequently used as promoters in ..... potassium-oxygen species, as in the case of K/Pt(lll) surfaces and the effect ...
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Potassium-Oxygen Interactions on a Ru(001) Surface - American
tassium, mainly because of its technological importance in industrial ... Potassium adsorbed on transition metal surfaces at monolayer .... and oxygen adsorption- desorption cycles. Potassium .... where.'4. The effects of coadsorbed oxygen on both potassium ...... dioxygen chemisorbed on Pt(111),48 where the resonances.
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Influence of potassium on the adsorption of hydrogen on platinum (III)
The influence of potassium adatoms on the adsorption and desorption kinetia of hydrogen on the Pt(ll1) .... our observations of the effect of K,,) on the H2(a) precursor are ... or oxygen was detectable by AES during K deposition. .... on different Pt(111) surface^.^' ...... than 5% of its value on clean Pt(ll1) when OK 1 0.043. In.
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pH and Alkali Cation Effects on the Pt Cyclic - ACS Publications
Dec 10, 2015 ... and potassium onto the low index facets of platinum, Pt(111),. Pt(100), and Pt( 110). ... oxidation and evolution,1−4 oxygen reduction and evolution,5−7. CO oxidation and ... adsorption on Pt(111) and Pt(100) electrode surfaces that ... giving this peak its experimentally measured pH dependence on an RHE ...
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Interaction of potassium with. pi.-electron orbital containing
The adsorption of PF3, C4H8, and CH3CN was blocked by potassium, and no additional or shifted peaks were ... The electronic and catalytic effects of alkali metal monolayers have ... creased the sticking coefficient of oxygen on the Pt(ll1) crystal face by promoting its diss~ciation.~ Carbon ..... The Pt( 111) surface appears ...
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The interaction of formic acid with Pt(111) and the effect of
pertaining to the adsorption and decomposition of formic acid on metal surfaces .... situated with its oxygen atoms located near the four-fold hollow sites; the .... both atomic oxygen and atomic potassium enhanced the initial dehydrogenation.
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4 Adsorption Energies of Molecules and Molecular Fragments on Pt
Since the heat of hydrogen adsorption is fairly well known on Pt(111) from TPD [ 27, 28], reactions (3-4) ... heats of adsorption of oxygen and water are already fairly well estimated from TPD data [29,. 30]. ... Its activation energy is about ... Campbell, C.T., et al., Probing Ensemble Effects in Surface Reactions: I. Site-Size .
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Alkali cation specific adsorption onto fcc(111) - RSC Publishing
Apr 3, 2014 ... adsorb onto Pt(111) and Pd(111) surfaces in the potential range of hydrogen oxidation and hydrogen evolution ... to approximate the effects of solvation on cation adsorption are examined ... near the electrode or adsorbed to its surface.1, 3,4,25 ... reduction.1 Alkali metal cations can affect the rate of oxygen.
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Oxygen-induced CO reorientation on Cr(110)
Nov 15, 1984 ... to their respective promoter or poison effects."2 In previous studies a variety of ... In studies of CO adsorbed on potassium promoted. Pt(111)4 and Ru(001)5 surfaces, using high resolution elec- tron energy loss spectroscopy ...
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The interaction among adsorbed atoms and molecules (adspecies) on metal ... intermediates, the promotion effect in heterogeneously catalyzed reactions, .... Recently, the simulation of STM images and its comparison with ..... oxygen adsorption on Pt(111) for the case of K chemisorption [69]. ... With potassium, for in-.
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Reactions of N and NO on Pt„335… - Tufts University
(435 K) comes from electron-dissociated step NO; its desorption temperature is ... well characterized Pt surface in vacuum: NO is adsorbed at ... yields of N2O were observed from NO on potassium- .... peak between a saturated layer of atomic oxygen and a satu- ... Electron-stimulated dissociation of NO on Pt(111) has been .
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CO adsorption on (111) and (100) surfaces of the Pt sub 3 Ti alloy
One or more of the Following Statements may affect this Document. This document has .... been demonstrated in our previous CO adsorption studies on Pt (111),8. 1 .... the blocking of the Ti sites by oxygen ions formed from its dis- ssociation ... surface is charged cathodically by coadsorbed potassium, the back donation to ...
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Surface chemistry of catalysis by gold - Springer
gold starts to catalyse these reactions when its dimensions .... Atomic oxygen has also been used to alter the (111) surface structure such that a (√3 ... The reconstruction affects not only interatomic ... similar way to the adsorption behavior of potassium on. Au(111) ...... they would normally experience on the Pt( 111) surface,.
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Chemical Processes on Solid Surfaces - Nobel Prize
Oct 10, 2007 ... The molecule may simply either bounce back or be adsorbed. ... Due to its major importance in chemistry the study of chemical ... monolayer of hydrogen atoms on a Pt(111) surface. .... potassium has to affect this step in order to enhance the rate . ... Now oxygen is also more chemisorbed on the reverted.
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Selective collision-induced desorption - The Astro Home Page
adsorbed at saturation coverage on Pt111 precovered with atomic oxygen represents a .... potassium8,10,20–22 and on Pt111 precovered with potassium and oxygen.23 All predeposited elements were in a submono- layer coverage and, presumably, their role was to perturb the ..... these energies do not effect di- - C2H4.
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Adsorption of potassium on Cr2O3„0001… at ionic and metallic
potassium adsorbed on Cr2O3(0001) exhibiting an interest- ing variety of ... teract with the surface before addressing the problem of their photochemistry.
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Structure and Reactivity of Iron Oxide Surfaces - MPG.PuRe
characterization of oxide surfaces with adsorption studies under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. ... adsorption of St leads to a site-blocking effect. .... A clean Pt(111) surface is prepared by numerous cycles of argon ion bombardment (1 keV) .... maximum for potassium, iron and oxygen at 1165 K, which indicates decomposition ...
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Adsorption of activated ketones on platinum and their reactivity to
The two adsorption modes η1 and η2 have been described, and their importance ... The effect of an ester group in α position and of α-fluorination of a ketone on its adsorption has been studied, and an ... ketones on a platinum surface, by modeling the Pt(111) sur- ..... inum only via the carbonyl oxygen and the methyl hydro-.
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