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Temporal Regulation Of Cell Development The Heterochronic Gene Pathway In - [Full Version]
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Temporal Regulation Of Cell Development The Heterochronic Gene Pathway In - Full Download
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Temporal Regulation Of Cell Development The Heterochronic Gene Pathway In - [Complete Version]
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Posttranscriptional regulation of the heterochronic gene lin-14 - Cell
poral identities of cells during development (Ambros, 1989). Like the Drosophila ... The heterochronic gene pathway generates a temporal gradient of Lin-14.
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Heterochronic Genes in Development and Evolution
tion to identify genes that regulate the timing of develop- mental events (1, 2). ... thought of as the temporal analogs of the homeotic genes, ... that specifies stage- specific cell lineages during develop- ment of C. ... in the heterochronic pathway.
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Heterochronic Genes Control Cell Cycle Progress and
Mar 8, 1996 ... regulation during development can be studied at the ... A genetic pathway that includes lin-4, lin-14, and ... Multicellular development requires the temporal coordi- .... heterochronic genes on the timing of VPC cell cycle.
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Oct 25, 1997 ... temporal regulation of lin-14 and lin-28 gene activities is posttranscriptional and mediated by .... or later stages of development in the same cell lineage. ..... Heterochronic gene pathway for specification of temporal fates. Adult.
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Posttranscriptional Regulation of the Heterochronic Gene lin-14 by
poral identities of cells during development (Ambros, 1989). with negative ... gene pathway generates a temporal gradient of Lin-14 temporal regulation of ...
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Temporal regulation of h'n-14 by the antagonistic action of two other
Heterochronic genes form a regulatory pathway that controls the temporal sequence of the ... pattern of cell division and differentiation (Horvitz 1988;.
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A matter of timing: microRNA-controlled temporal identities in worms
identity genes (heterochronic genes) have long been dis- covered .... rally regulated seam cell development is daf-12, which encodes ... differentiation pathway.
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Coordinate regulation of small temporal RNAs at the onset of
Mutations in heterochronic genes cause temporal transfor- mations ... specifying adult cell fates. let-7 exerts its regulatory func- tions by ... expression correlates with the onset of adult differentiation .... of the ecdysone–EcR signaling pathway.
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Temporal regulation of microRNA expression in Drosophila
In S2 cells, Ecd and the juvenile hormone analog methoprene exert opposite effects on the expression of these four ... trolling the temporal regulation of postembryonic develop- ... nents of the heterochronic gene pathway (Ambros, 2000).
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Control of developmental timing in Caenorhabditis elegans Victor
... pathway cause altered temporal patterns of larval development, in which cells at ... Caenorhabditis elegans heterochronic gene pathway, which controls the schedule of ... nate the regulatory mechanisms at work in controlling developmental ...
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Heterochronic Genes - Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive
regulatory principles underlying an organized developmental schedule. Because ... genes of the pathway, and the effects of lin-14 on the expression of cell ... Mutations in the heterochronic genes cause temporal transformations in cell fates so ...
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C. elegans microRNAs - WormBook
Sep 21, 2005 ... diverse events as development, metabolism, cell fate and cell death. They have also ... miRNAs are temporally regulated during development, while others are spatially expressed. Many are ... themselves important heterochronic genes. .... The pathway involves control of left/right asymmetric fates of two.
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The C. elegans Heterochronic Gene lin-4 Encodes Small RNAs with
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology ... A genetic pathway of heterochronic genes in Caenorhab- ... temporal regulation of the products of the heterochronic genes. /in-4 acts early in C. elegans larval development to affect.
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Control of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation by the
Jan 5, 2015 ... Temporal control of seam cell lineage development relies on a cascade of ... How the heterochronic gene pathway regulates the timing of.
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The temporal control of cell cycle and cell fate in - CiteSeerX
May 22, 2007 ... Heterochronic genes also control the timing of numerous other ... the cell cycle interacts with developmental regulatory pathways in C. elegans ...
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The Caenorhabditis elegans heterochronic gene lin14 coordinates
Jan 19, 2009 ... Additionally, uterine uv1 cell differentiation is retarded in ... the temporal progression of development, which is separable from its role in ... Key words: heterochronic genes; developmental timing; vulval development ... ied example of modular regulation is the C. elegans heterochronic gene pathway.
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Developmental Timing: let-7 Function Conserved through Evolution
onset of adult development in many animals, suggesting that it functions as an evolutionarily ... heterochronic pathway, lin-4 and let-7 act in genetic .... downregulation of Ab protein, the levels of Ab ... temporal identity to specific cells within the ...
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Nature Medicine Essay - The Lasker Foundation
a reproducible enough pattern of development ... heterochronic genes, mutations in which cause cell lineage changes that define a pathway for patterning the cell lineage in the temporal ... already placed lin-14 into a regulatory pathway.
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Non-coding RNAs: Lightning strikes twice
Address: Cell and Developmental Biology, Fox Chase Cancer Center,. Philadelphia ... explicitly regulate the temporal component of cell fates, just as other kinds of ... The heterochronic gene pathway contains at least 12 known genes.
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Get PDF (882K) - Wiley Online Library
Oct 24, 2005 ... In C. elegans, heterochronic genes control the timing of cell fate determination during development. Two ... Mouse lin-41 (Mlin-41) is temporally expressed in developing mouse embryos, most ... Our results suggest that mammalian lin-41 is temporally regulated by ... chronic pathway that includes tran-.
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