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Temperature-dependence of rapid axonal transport in sympathetic
... of Rapid Axonal. Transport in Sympathetic Nerves of the Rabbit ... The dependence of rapid axonal transport on temperature has been studied a few times ...
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On the kinetics and maximal capacity of the system for rapid axonal
To explore the capacity of the rapid axonal transport system and to examine the concentration dependence of velocity, one must be able to control the flux of trans- ported material ... gradients of temperature, with the distal part of each nerve being kept slightly cooler than the ..... transport in sympathetic nerves of the rabbit.
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A Model for Fast Axonal Transport - Department of Mathematics
on fast axonal transport can be simulated by the model, indicating that the ...... observed in cold block experiments in sympathetic axons of bullfrog sciatic nerve ..... and Brimijoin, S. (1976): Temperature—dependence of rapid axonal transport .
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Brain Research, 221 (1981) 289-298 289 - University of Michigan
mechanisms depend upon axonal transport in the IXth nerve, we injected 40 nl of ..... S., Olsen, J. and Rosenson, R., Comparison of temperature-dependence of rapid axonal ... sympathetic nerves of the rabbit, J. Neurobiol., 7 (1976) 339-354.
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Retrograde Transport and Steady-State Distribution of 125I-Nerve
125I-Nerve Growth Factor in Rat Sympathetic Neurons in .... The following ingredients were mixed at room temperature ... ment 10.4% of the axonal 125I- NGF was transported per hour (transport .... dependent on 125I-NGF concentration, although the concentra- ..... A second aspect is the rapid transport velocity for NGF of.
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Transport of Axonal Enzymes in Surviving Segments of Frog - NCBI
Rapid longitudinal movement of axoplasmic constituents continues in nerve segments ... PARTLOW, ROSS, MOTWANI, AND MCDoUGAL Transport of Axonal Enzymes ... medium for I hr at 00-40 C. Then the temperature was raised to 22'C and .... Since there is evidence (Pick, 1957) suggesting the presence of sympathetic.
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Spatial Organization of Axonal Microtubules - The Journal of Cell
microtubules was observed in isolated, postganglionic sympathetic nerve fibers of the cat ..... bation at 37°C. Temperature measurements of the incubation ..... dependence of rapid axonal transport and microtubules in nerves of the rabbit and.
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Axonal Transport - Annual Reviews
Axonal transport occurs in two directions, from the cell body to terminals. ( anterograde) and ... Dependent upon the cell body, slow transport does not occur .... to study the rapid transport of neurotransmitters and related enzymes. Perhaps .... must be noted that, at least in the cat sciatic nerve, the low temperatures at which ...
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Calcium waves - M Terasaki home page
Jan 11, 2008 ... fertilization waves when corrected for temperature. ..... segmental nerves in the leech. ... dependence of rapid axonal transport in sympathetic.
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tau confers drug stability but not cold stability to microtubules in
Microtubules (MTs) in the axons of nerve cells have unusual stability ... cultured rat sympathetic neurons (Baas and Black, 1990; Baas et al., 1991a ...... temperature-dependence of rapid axonal transport and microtubules in nerves of the rabbit ...
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Nerve Growth Factor in the Nucleus: Interaction with - JStor
into neonatal mice results in the rapid degeneration of the sympathetic neurons of ... grade axonal transport into the cell body of the sympathetic neuron (4) prompts the .... Temperature dependence of the translocation of NGF to the nucleus.
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Blockage of axonal transport induced by acute, graded compression
Mar 20, 1980 ... SUMMARY Rapid axonal transport inrabbit vagus nerve was studied during .... The effect of compression for two hours at ... temperature constant, the animals were placed ..... bodies and terminals of sympathetic adrenergic.
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Mechanisms of acute axonal degeneration in the optic nerve in vivo
Mar 30, 2010 ... projection tracts or cardiac sympathetic nerves in Parkinson's disease (3) ... rapid -onset, time-dependent disruption of axonal integrity: the formation ..... transport disturbances are likely to be preceded by a lesion-induced signal .... temperature ): cy2-conjugated donkey anti-mouse IgG 1:500, cy3-conjugated.
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One at a time, live tracking of NGF axonal transport using quantum
Aug 21, 2007 ... Retrograde axonal transport of nerve growth factor (NGF) signals is critical for ... peripheral sympathetic and sensory neurons and basal forebrain ... of NGF within the axons was characterized by rapid, unidirectional .... Similar to the effect ... with a temperature-controlled stage constructed to hold the com-.
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Comparison between the Time Course of Changes in Nerve Growth
grade axonal transport by 6-hydroxydopamine (selective de- struction of sympathetic nerve ... in sympathetic ganglia (t, 4-5 h) and a rapid concurrent NGF increase in the .... optimal hybridization temperatures were mainly determined by the differences in the .... Effect of Monensin and Actinomycin D on mRNANGF-. Previous ...
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Recovery of Axonal Transport after Partial Optic Nerve Damage Is
axon transport suggests the existence of a late retrograde cell death signal. ( Invest ... labeling approach in the adult optic nerve crush model to address the ...
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Sympathetic Stimulation After - Circulation Research
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is stored with norepinephrine in sympathetic nerves throughout ... axonal transport, it might be expected that repeated stimulation of cardiac ... whereas the classical transmitter causes rapid and ... ishment of released peptide is dependent on synthe- ... Body temperature was maintained at 38+±0.5° C.
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The effects of chronic stimulation on the morphology of the frog
The synaptic vesicle concentration in the nerve endings of frog sartorius muscles ... vitro control muscles had little effect on the morphology of the nerve endings. ... chronic stimulation at 2 Hz, rapid stimulation at 30 Hz, reduced nerve length, ... M. (1973) Temperature effects on fast axoplasmic transport of proteinsin vitro in ...
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Biochemistry of Catecholamines - the Houpt Lab
sympathetic nerve stimulation and those of exogenously applied adrenaline led many workers ...... The rapid inactivation of catecholamines is due to uptake into the presynap tic nerve .... by isolated chromaffin granules via a temperature- dependent mechanism. Annu. Rev. ..... sympathetic transmitter than is axonal transport.
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Axon Viability and Mitochondrial Function are Dependent on Local
Jul 6, 2007 ... Dependent on Local Protein Synthesis in Sympathetic ... blockade of local protein transport into the mitochondria by ... transported to the distal axon and nerve terminal from the neuronal cell .... Triton-X100 for 10 min at room temperature. ..... Chemotropic responses of retinal growth cones mediated by rapid ...
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