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Technical aspects of segmental pancreatic grafting in rats
Jan 15, 2004 ... segmental pancreas transplantation in rats, while Lee et al.' and Orloff et ... information on the technical aspects of the problems en- countered ...
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subcutaneous pancreas transplantation - RePub - Erasmus
Subcutaneous pancreas transplantation I An experimental study in rats and dogs I. Ernst Johan ... Chapter 4: Technical details of subcutaneous pancreas transplantation in rats and dogs ..... Whether a segmental or whole pancreas graft is transpla11ted is determined by the harvesting .... practical aspects. 1.3.5. Graft  ...
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The postoperative course and quantitative aspects of rat islet and
Rats were serially killed to measure insulin in the segmental pancreas grafts and ... PDJ Fund, and the Harriet Walter- engraft, and thus fail for technical reasons, ...
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segmental liver transplantation from - NCBI
May 16, 1989 ... This study demonstrates the technical feasibility of living hepatic allograft donation. It shows that it is possible, in the dog, to safely harvest non ischemic segmental grafts with adequate .... A small opening was left on the anterior aspect of the ..... related kidney and pancreas transplantation and should not be ...
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Surgical history - Belsurg
only segmental pancreatic grafts were used in the recipient. Numerous techniques for diverting .... and investigational work on the technical aspects of pancreas ...
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Transplantation of insulin-secreting - Gut
Jun 21, 1977 ... the problems of tissue rejection with the technical challenges of the surgical procedure. A study ... rat pancreas recipients survived and were normoglycaemic. ... steroids in the pancreatic graft recipient tends to obscure the relationship ..... Clinical segmental pancreatic transplantation with ureter-pancreatic.
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Page 1 0041-1337/83/3501-0007502.00/0 TransPLANTATION
for this organ is necessary in order to clarify this aspect of clinical pancreas ... transplanted rat pancreas using a vascularized segmental iso- graft model. 'This work was .... transplant period for the recipients of pancreas grafts subjected to 120 min of warm .... Acknowledgment. We wish to acknowledge the expert technical.

Experience with 13 segmental pancreas transplants in cyclosporine
Combined Kidney and Pancreas Grafting—Is it Really Safe and Does it ... Technical Aspects ... Diabetic Patients Using Ethibloc for Duct Obliteration ( Surgical Aspects) ... Histology of Rejection in Rat Pancreas Allografts With Suppressed or ...
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Pancreas transplantation in the mouse - Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int
Jun 15, 2010 ... include post-transplant pancreatitis of the graft, ischemia- ... more challenging on a technical and organ-specific level. Thus ... Segmental pancreas transplantation in mice. Pancreas ... transplantation in the rat. .... aspects. ZSS is the guarantor. Competing interest: No benefits in any form have been received.
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Author's PDF -
The onset of diabetes in "BB" rats usually occurs abruptly when they are ..... Therefore, we examined several aspects of .... one human segmental pancreas graft that was transplanted ... Excellent technical assistance was provided by George.
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Pathology of the pancreas after intraductal neoprene injection in
Apr 29, 1983 ... In four cases, there were early technical failures, but four pancreatic ... suppuration destroyed one of the grafts and the three other patients died.
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Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation - Society Of Interventional
May 5, 2012 ... transplantation of insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells; recipients have .... whole pancreas and segmental duodenal harvest from a cadaveric ... may serve as a marker for graft rejection. Although 1- ... were focused on isolating and transplanting islets in rats .... Technical aspects of islet cell infu- sion vary ...
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Download (1456Kb) - [email protected] - University of Pittsburgh
had been discontinued in favour of the inferior option of segmental pancreas ... special technical problems (Land and Landgraf, 1983; Sutherland et at., 1984; .... computerized axial tomography, the luminal aspect of the graft jejunum was ... graft vs host reactions can be prevented in rodents (Shulak and Sharp, 1986).
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Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation: The History of - ORBi
Injection of a synthetic polymer into the duct of a segmental pancreas graft following .... unless for salvage of a technical situation (e.g., duct injection might be used to ..... logic comparison of segmental pancreas and islet transplants in rats.
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Techniques of intestinal transplantation in rat - RIHUC
Two surgical models of intestinal transplantation in the rat are described. One is ... born grafts were implanted as an avascular segment into the omentum of adult .... considered technical failures. ... ropsy, macroscopic aspect of the graft was registered and ... Mortality was due to graft necrosis (83%) and pancreatitis. (17% ).
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subtotal pancreatectomy for cancer: closure ofthe pancreatic
Aug 25, 1988 ... Following resection of the short segment of the affected jejunum, the patient .... pancreas grafts:Clinical and experimental observations on technical aspects. Transpl. Proc. 12:26-31, ... Bonner-Weir, S., Trent, D.F., Weir, G.C. Partial pancreatectomy in the rat and subsequent defect in glucose-induced insulin ...
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Oral, Poster Presentions - Karger
In segmental pancreatic transplantation, management of pancreatic exocrine ... on the technical aspect of the segmental autograft model, it may be concluded that: ... Xenogeneic islet grafts were isolated from DA-rats, syngeneic grafts from ...
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An Evidence-Based Analysis of Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney and
immunosuppressive aspects of pancreas transplanta- tion. ... with a 93% 1-year graft and patient survival rates reported in 2002, by the ...... Technical failure rates decreased from 30% to near .... segmental pancreatic allografts. .... inbred rats.
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Study of morbidity in orthotopic small intestine transplantation with
morbidity and mortality were studied in Wistar rats submitted to orthotopic intestinal ..... (one animal), and obstruction due to volvulus and segmental necrosis .... poor graft quality caused by technical faults during its removal from .... Technical aspects of intestinal transplantation. ... pancreas, duodenum and spleen in the rat.
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Technique, Complications, and Therapeutic Efficacy - Radiology
patic transplantation of human pancreatic islet cells with combined US and fluoro - ... Surgical transplantation of both kidney and pancreas represents the ..... One case of segmental right portal vein .... increased with technical improvements .... of the graft (17), thus increasing the per- .... transplantation in diabetic rats (40,41) .
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