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8 Event existentials in Tagalog: A Role and Reference Grammar
Jul 7, 2014 ... 8 Event existentials in Tagalog: A Role and Reference Grammar account. ANJA LATROUITE AND ROBERT D. VAN VALIN, JR. 1 Introduction1.
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Long-Distance Dependencies in Tagalog: The Case for Raising
movement in Universal Grammar, the consequences that one can draw from the ... Hence Tagalog is a wh-in-situ language, and thus more similar to ..... voice, and so any reference to the Accessibility Hierarchy is unnecessary, and misleading.
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Word Order and the Syntax of ang in Tagalog - University of
Tagalog grammar to me and helped me with judgements on Tagalog data: Ma. .... (2002); Rackowski & Richards (to appear) and references therein for the.
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Essential Tagalog Grammar - Learning Tagalog
Essential Tagalog. Grammar. Second Edition. A Reference for Learners of Tagalog. Fiona De Vos ... ISBN 978-90-815135-8-6 (grammar + 3 course books).
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Morphological Sketch of Tagalog by Mackenzie Salt
Tagalog is left-headed as suffixation is the minority of the morphological processes found in Tagalog. The ... In Schachter's grammar of Tagalog, he identifies seventeen types of noun derivation that he identifies ..... Tagalog reference grammar.
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Information Structure and Constituent Order in Tagalog
different focus structures are expressed by different constructions in Tagalog. ... The theory of clause structure in Role and Reference Grammar is called the.
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I show that Tagalog clauses may lack overt aspect morphology, in which case stative predicates receive ...... Tagalog reference grammar. University of California,.
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General Information About the CSET: Filipino
Tagalog Reference Grammar. Berkeley, CA: University of. California Press. This thorough comprehensive Filipino grammar has well organized chapters, helpful ...
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Absolutive Case in Tagalog
Jul 30, 2006 ... Under an ergative approach to Tagalog syntax, this phenomenon comes as no surprise. – ...... Tagalog Reference Grammar. Berkeley, CA:.
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Phonological factors in Tagalog adjective-noun word order variation*
Jan 5, 2014 ... 2010; and references therein). ❖ What factors (if any) condition Tagalog adjective /noun word order variation? ..... Tagalog Reference Grammar.
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Direct and Indirect Speech in Tagalog
Jun 8, 2005 ... Tagalog is an Austronesian language of the Philippines. It is the basis for one of the ...... Tagalog reference grammar. Berkeley & LA: University ...
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A71. 2008. Tagalog chapter 49 - University of Hawaii
Apr 4, 2010 ... Contemporary Tagalog has the five vowel phonemes shown in Table 49.1. .... including Relational Grammar, Role and Reference Grammar,.
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On the Development of Comitative Verbs in Philippine Languages
Oct 25, 2009 ... Tagalog Uminom=sila ng alak; nakiinom=ako sa kanila. ... Tagalog reference grammar. ... sociative, and comitative constructions in Tagalog.
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Role and Reference Grammar.
Lakhota, Tagalog, and Dyirbal, rather than on the analysis of. English?; and (2) how ... Role and Reference Grammar [RRG1 (Van Valin I993a) may be termed a.
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The role of Tagalog verbal agreement in processing WH
Here we ask how speakers of Tagalog, another verb-initial Austronesian language, process A-bar dependencies. .... Tagalog reference grammar. Berkeley, CA: ...
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Word Order Choices, Information Structure and Common Ground in
Word Order Choices, Information Structure and Common Ground in Tagalog. Anja Latrouite ... Tagalog reference grammar. Berkeley: University of. California ...
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Interference of Second Language in the Acquisition of Tagalog Word
with the full acquisition of word order and case marking in Tagalog first language (L1). Tagalog ... Tagalog Reference Grammar. Segalowitz, N. S. and R. G. ...
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1958-59 Instructor (phonetics and grammar), Summer Institute of Linguistics, Melbourne, ..... “Tagalog reference grammar,” Paul Schachter and Fe Otanes.
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On statives and potentives in western Austronesian (mostly Tagalog)
the grammar of many western Austronesian languages, where for all event expressions ...... Schachter, Paul & Otanes, Fay, 1972, Tagalog Reference Grammar,.
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The students will learn more about the grammar of the Tagalog language and ... Schachter, Paul & Fe T. Otanes (1972) Tagalog reference grammar. Berkeley: ...
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Imperfectivity as a unifying feature of reduplication in Tagalog and
doubling of the point of reference, easily explains the most common ... languages , reduplication is part of the "core grammar" of ..... Tagalog reference grammar.
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The Malayo-Polynesian Origins of Malagasy
and Tagalog spoken in the Philippines. A few years earlier, ..... from Paul Schachter and Fe F. Otanes Tagalog Reference Grammar. With an actor focus type of ...
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Right Node Raising and Extraction in Tagalog
strong argument for the extraction analysis of RNR in Tagalog. 1. The Subject Restriction. Like many ..... Tagalog Reference Grammar. Berkeley:University of ...
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McKaughan's analysis of Philippine voice - SIL International
topic for the noun phrase (NP) marked by so in Maranao (or ang in Tagalog). Both his ... grammar with the traditional meaning of terms in current use, or at least so I thought.” ... He also notes McKaughan's (1970) reference to Dean ( 1958) in.
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Another look at subjecthood in Tagalog - GIAL
At the very least, I hope to establish that Tagalog grammar is compatible ... topicality in terms of predictability, recurrence, and continuity of reference. They use ...
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Dependency-based Analysis for Tagalog Sentences ⋆
For Tagalog sentences, dependency-based syntactic parsing is preferred over phrase-structure based analysis ..... Tagalog Reference Grammar. University of ...
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Another Look at Tagalog Subjects Norvin Richards MIT 1
1993), propose a way of looking at Tagalog topicalization which has been fairly influential ..... A Tagalog reference grammar. Berkeley and Los Angeles: ...
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