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the advantages of, and constraints forcing, mate fidelity in pinyon jays
found two cases of mate desertion; all other bonds were broken by deaths of ..... TABLE 2. Correlations between pair-bond duration and characteristics of mated ...
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The Mating Advantage of Rare Males in Drosophila
edly within the period of observation, while the females mate only once; if the number ... 80 pr 9 9 + 80 pr ci c" + 20 or 99 + 20 or cle (bottom of Table 2). To form ...
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Advantages of Longhand Note Taking - University of Nevada, Las
Experimental tests of immediate retention of class mate- ..... 2 = .04. Longhand- study participants (z-score. Table 1. Examples of Each Question Type Used in ...
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Fitness Benefits of Mate Choice for Compatibility in a Socially
Sep 14, 2015 ... Schematic overview of four types of potential fitness benefits of mate choice. .... trends against the expectation, Table 2: T2-1 and T2-2) and was ...
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Human mate poaching: Tactics and temptations - Bradley University
the first column of Table 2, we found no significant relationships between the personal .... Study 2: The Psychological Costs and Benefits of Mate. Poaching ...
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Choosing a Small Form Factor Connector Advantages of the LC 2 ... In addition to the advantages offered by the SFF specification, the SFP .... With individually spring-loaded ferrules for each fiber, LC connectors mate more ... Table 1 illustrates some of the key transceiver MSAs, .
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Why Does Size Matter? A Test of the Benefits of Female Mate
Sep 21, 2009 ... lects a mate based on perceived benefits to the female, is a key process within ..... Table 2: Physiological measurements (mean. SD) measured ...
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Does the contraceptive pill alter mate choice in - The Stranger
Oct 7, 2009 ... one at the fertile cycle phase to obtain genetic benefits for offspring ... changes ( Box 2), which can interact with mate choice. ..... Table 1. Effects of oral contraceptive pill use for women's mate preferences and attractivenessa.
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Evolution of Human Mate Choice - University of Missouri
work for appreciating the advantages of this approach for .... Table 2. Predicted Levels and Parameters of Mate. Choosiness in Sexual Relationships. Short-term.
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results suggest that the evolutionary advantage of mate selection becomes evident only when .... selection criteria (MSC) gene, as indicated in Table 2. Females ...
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Plug-In Connectors for Household Appliances - DSM
advantages but also enabling a highly .... manpower and less complexity in mate- .... Table 2. Advantages and disadvantages of Surface Mount Technology ...
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HeartMate® II LVAS: Patient Management Guidelines - FDA
The major advantage of the HeartMate II LVAS is its axial flow design, which significantly reduces its ... to the indications for placement of any LVAD (Table 1).
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Genetic compatibility, mate choice and patterns of - Tom Tregenza
from other forms of choice for genetic benefits (such as 'good genes') ..... Box II. MHC and mate choice. The vertebrate major histocompatibility ..... Table 1 Summary of potential sources of genetic compatibility differences between mates.
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Precopulatory choice for cues of material benefits in tree crickets
The relative importance of direct and indirect benefits models of mate choice is a central question in ..... each of the individual measures of body size (Table 2).
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Mate-guarding courtship behaviour - College of Natural Resources
guarding depend largely on (1) sperm use patterns, (2) whether females .... benefits of mate guarding in this species, and in general. ..... contingency table.
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Symmetry, male dominance and female mate preferences in - Home
cause the only benefit of mate choice to female lizards may be genetic ..... Table 2 Models obtained by means of stepwise multiple regres- sion analysis on ...
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Female Choice or Male Sex Drive? The Advantages of Male - Plos
Dec 11, 2015 ... are ready to mate, and larger males appear to be able to manipulate this ... for sexual selection–male-male competition and female mate choice. [1,2]. ..... Table 1. Copulation interruption assays to test for female choice. First.
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The Oral Diabetes Drugs Treating Type 2 Diabetes - Consumer
2 • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs • The Oral Diabetes Drugs: Treating Type 2 Diabetes ..... mate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 35 percent ..... Table 4 presents a run-down of the pros and cons of each ...
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The Incidence of Mandated Maternity Benefits - MIT Economics
TABLE 1 -THE COST OF ADDING MATERNITY BENEFITS. TO A HEALTH INSURANCE ... services and physician services, where the weights are 2 and 4, respectively. Costs are ..... mate in Table 3 can be reduced by moving to a regression ...
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Adaptiveness of a Rare Male Mating Advantage Under -
advantages accruing to females that mate with rare phenotypes have thus far received little attention ... =1— s1(l — q)2 — s2q2. The mean fitness of ... Table I lists these general conclusions and the predicted mate selections for some sample ...
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Male field crickets that provide reproductive benefits to females incur
sive for males to produce and (2) that males providing greater direct benefits to females incur ... male's territory quality before allowing the male to mate. (Howard , 1978 ..... val (Table 1); males that produced lower chirp rates were ready to ...
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Paternity of offspring in multiply-mated female crickets - School of
This advantage probably arose, in part, because the sperm of ¢rst males would have had exclusive ..... mass of the food gift of the last male to mate (table 2).
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Publications_files/49. Duryea_etal_2013.pdf - Dartmouth College
Aug 21, 2013 ... tion and (2) proportional paternities are never normally dis- tributed. ... biases. The proportional paternity of the second male to mate ... for detecting male reproductive advantages due to mating order ..... tests (Table 1).
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revealed comparative advantage: an analysis for india and - ICRIER
Table 7.4 : India's comparative advantage in terms of factor intensity based on ... Figure 2: China: Top sectors according to RCAI and RCA(>1)f: 2003. ..... tea, mate and spices, works of art, collectors pieces and antiques, ores, slag and ash,.
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For Love or Money? The Influence of Personal Resources and
Environmental Resource Pressures on Human Mate Preferences. Rindy C. .... ronmental variation can affect the costs and benefits associated with these ..... Table 2: Influence of cost of living and income on resource seeking scale. Resource ...
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Females benefit from multiple mating but not multiple mates in the
mate with two or more males (polyandrous mating) ... provides fitness benefits by examing the effects of number of mates (1, 2 or 3), .... dity and fertility (Table 1).
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Cost/Benefit Analysis of Converting a Lane for Bus Rapid Transit
cost/benefit analysis for a hypothetical lane con- ..... Table 2 Categories of costs and benefits considered. .... mate of the average before-tax rate of return to pri-.
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A Critique of Exchange Theory in Mate Selection1 - Stanford University
2 Status-caste exchange theory has an influential if implicit place in U.S. culture. The first and most ... the fundamental finding of the mate selection research, which is that people find ... the advantage of transparency. Some argue that the ...... which I present in table 2 for the census years in which they are available. Table 2 ...
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