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Algebra in particular, seems to have been brought about by the
following classes of eigenvalue methods : QR, bisection, divide-and-conquer, ..... of trees onto hypercubes for potential employment in adaptive numerical computations. .... made especially for the implementation of algorithms on systolic arrays ..... Implementations of Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods, Research.
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A Krylov multisplitting algorithm for solving linear systems of equations
The natural parallel implementation of a multisplitting preconditioner for a Krylov subspace .... The algorithm bears some relation to the s-step conjugate gradient method of ..... using, for example, a hypercube for the multisplitting and a systolic array (or ..... Implementation of an adaptive algorithm for Richardson's method.
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Krylov Subspace Methods on Supercomputers - CiteSeerX
Krylov subspace techniques, of which the Conjugate Gradient (CG) method is an ex- ... implementing Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient type met hods for solving linear systems. ..... propose a hardware solution based on systolic arrays. ..... squares polynomials since effective adaptive procedures exist to compute Amin, A,;.
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Symbiosis between linear algebra and optimization - UMD
methods. Nonlinear problems are brie y considered in Section 7. Section 8 ..... Preconditioning can be used to improve convergence of the iterative ... ear convergence rate that can be achieved under careful implementation of the Newton-like methods ... The conjugate gradient method [46] takes a sequence of A-conjugate ...
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Untitled - ICL - The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
package is the leading implementation of a dense linear algebra package for distributed .... metric of choice, HPCG implements the preconditioned conjugate gradient ... of the geometric multigrid method are present in the code as a way to .... The Parallel Ultra-Light Systolic Array Runtime (PULSAR), now in version 2.0, is a ...
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
Apr 16, 1990 ... preconditioning, the fast multipole algo- rithms, etc.) for solving ... systolic arrays. 5. .... preconditioned conjugate gradient methods) are faster but .... Adaptive Mesh Re nement Algo- ... by the e cient implementation of fast hi-.
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Numerical Computation on Massively - Research Library - Los
Oct 1, 1986 ... tions of SOR, multigrid and pre-conditioned conjugate gradient algo- ... discussion of the Connection Machine, and of the implementation of numerical algo- .... parallel conjugate gradient method we have developed on the CM, ..... A, Brandt, “Multi-level adaptive solutions to boundary-value problems,” Math.
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Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems : Back Matter - SIAM
[27] C. ASHCRAFT, A vector implementation of the multifrontal method for large sparse positive definite ... linear least squares problems on systolic arrays, SIAM J. Sci. Statist. .... preconditioner for the conjugate gradient method, SIAM J. Sci. ... Adaptive condition estimation for rank-one downdates of QR factorizations,. Tech.
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Resilience for Multigrid Software at the Extreme Scale
Jun 23, 2015 ... implement the resilience in the algorithm itself and thus guarantee reliable re- sults. Originally, ABFT was proposed by Huang and Abraham [35] for systolic .... smoothing steps and a preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) method as ...... adaptive scientific computing. part ii: Implementation and tests in ...
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Books of Tony F. Chan
R.H. Chan, T. F. Chan, G. Golub, Iterative Methods in Scientific Computing. ... Nonlinearly preconditioned Krylov subspace methods for discrete Newton algorithms. ..... T.F. Chan, P.C. Hansen, F. Lorenzelli, K. Yao, A systolic implementation of the ... R.E. Bank, T.F. Chan, A composite step bi-conjugate gradient algorithm for ...
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k-t BLAST reconstruction from non-Cartesian k-t space sampling
Dec 1, 2005 ... conjugate gradient (CG) method and gridding reconstruction principles, can ... aliasing, which is removed by adaptive temporal filtering .... The objective of a general implementation of the k-t ... well to a simple preconditioning with a diagonal matrix D: D(EH k,t .... of the systole remains more or less constant.
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A Novel Rule-Based Algorithm for Assigning Myocardial Fiber
In the first part of the methods, the implementation of the LDRB algorithm in a .... a matrix solver which employs the conjugate gradient method pre-conditioned with block ..... anisotropic cardiac tissue using an adaptive mesh refinement method. ... and three-dimensional systolic mechanics in canine ventricular myocardium.
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Non-Parametric High-Resolution SAR Imaging Glentis, George
Jan 1, 2013 ... adaptive approach (IAA) and the sparse learning via iterative minimization ... The Fourier methods exploit the relationship between the signal phase ... style and/or (possibly preconditioned) conjugate gradient (CG) solvers of the ..... allowing for an efficient array implementation via a systolic or a wavefront ...
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04429965 The 1 D Disc.. - VADA
The 1D Discrete Cosine Transform For Large Point Sizes Implemented On ... and those utilizing the Preconditioned Conjugate Gradi- ent (PCG) method such as phase-unwrapping. This paper presents an ... Gradient (PCG) technique in applications like adaptive fil- ... a variable radix, bit serial DCT using a systolic array but.
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Parallel Programming - Суперкомпьютерные дни в России
scalable parallel implementation of a difference method. The developed ... Accelerator numerical calculations based on modular-systolic microprocessor ..... Distributed adaptive VoIP load balancing in hybrid clouds ..... HPCG implements conjugate gradient method with preconditioner to solve a sparse linear system.
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Real-time control for Keck Observatory next-generation adaptive optics
The Keck next generation adaptive optics (NGAO) system requires real-time wavefront ... than single conjugate systems today and do it at over 1 KHz. .... It is implemented with GPUs, FPGAs arranged as a systolic array, and multi-core CPUs. ..... tomography, preconditioning data, selection of different centroid algorithms, ...
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download here - KIP
Sep 8, 2008 ... Systolic Trees Song Sun and Joseph Zambreno ... Co-Processors Implemented in Dual-Rail with ... T1C_2 Application-Adaptive Reconfiguration ... W2B_2 Fault Tolerant Methods for Reliability in FPGAs .... P3_11: AN ELEMENT-BY- ELEMENT PRECONDITIONED CONJUGATE GRADIENT SOLVER OF 3D ...
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Resilient Matrix Multiplication of Hierarchical Semi-Separable Matrices
A new class of structured sparse factorization methods employ- ing numerically .... The implementation we use is from [12], where an adaptive algorithm was developed when r is not known a priori. 20 ...... Trianglations on Systolic Arrays. Computers, IEEE ... Fault tolerant preconditioned conjugate gradient for sparse linear ...
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Solving parabolic and non-linear 1d problems with periodic
Recently, explicit approximate inverse preconditioning methods have been extensively used for ... of an approximate inverse matrix, based on adaptive approximate LU-type ... The ATLUFA algorithm can be implemented on multiprocessor systems by .... The Explicit Preconditioned Generalized Conjugate Gradient Square.
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[pdf] (1.6MB ) - Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
The most popular methods for numerically approximating the solution of linear or ..... For example, the iterative step of the conjugate gradient ..... have also implemented ConSet communication on the iWarp, which requires explicit routing but ..... Our most ambitious goal is adaptive time-dependent finite element methods.
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