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Synthesis of radioactive and photoactivable ganglioside derivatives
February 2003 , Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 11–23 ... first time the synthesis of photoactivable tritium labeled GM1 ganglioside was presented. We described previously the synthesis of photoactivable derivatives of GM3 and GM1 ... ganglioside-protein interactions and to identify proteins that specifically interact with gangliosides ...
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Ganglioside Synthesis during the Development of Neuronal Polarity
The major changes in 3H-labeled ganglioside synthesis occurred during the ... 1) . GM3 can be sialylated to GD3, the first ganglioside of the b-series, or mod- ified by addition of ... brain (13), but similar problems of characterization and glial contamination ...... is specifically localized to proximal dendrites and cell bodies. ( 37).
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A Novel Ganglioside, De-N-acetyl-GM3 - The Journal of Biological
13, Issue of May 5, pp. 62964301, ... (1). Ganglioside-dependent modulation of membrane receptor function ... GM3 with 1 N KOH in l-butanol (15) followed by selective N- acetylation .... Cells were washed and incubated with '251-labeled EGF. (specific ... Preparationof MonoclonalAntibody DH5, Which Specifically Reacts.
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Ganglioside GM3 is involved in neuronal cell death - The FASEB
Gangliosides have been specifically identified as ... 1. GM3 is up-regulated in glutamate-induced neuronal cell death. GM3 is the major ganglioside in the mouse ...
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Cholera Toxin and Cell Growth: Role of Membrane Gangliosides
Jul 10, 1974 ... strain, and the effects of the toxin on DNA synthesis and ... which contain large quantities of gangliosides Gm3, GM2, .... which interacts specifically with ganglioside GM1 (3-7, 19- ... blasts (14), and erythrocytes (13). .... 1251- LABELED CHOLERAGEN, ng/ml. FIG. 1. Binding of cholera toxin to transformed  ...
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Ganglioside GM2/GM3 complex affixed on silica nanospheres
Feb 12, 2008 ... Ganglioside GM2 complexed with tetraspanin CD82 in glycosyn- aptic microdomain .... not in YTS-1) interacts preferentially with the GM2-GM3 .... specifically with GM2/GM3 heterodimer but not with GM2 or .... condition 4, in which both GM2 and GM3 synthesis occurred, ... Fluor 488-labeled anti-mouse IgG.
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Regulation of Glycolipid Synthesis in HL-60 Cells by Antisense
ganglioside GM3 may play an important role in regulating ... 1). It has been demonstrated (13-15) that the develop- mental changes in brain ganglioside composition are corre-. The publication .... bands containing the 14C label were visualized by exposure to ... GM2- and GD3-synthases specifically and efficiently. Fig. 2.
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Incorporation of Ganglioside Analogues into Fibroblast Cell
of Germany (D.M.). Received April 13,1983. ... are quite similar, the uptake kinetics differed between the true ganglioside GM3 ... method requires the synthesis of appropriately spin-labeled ... azide (315 mg) was stirred in 20 mL of a mixture of 1,4-di- oxane/water ..... form and not specifically bound to individual proteins or.
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Evidence supporting a late Golgi location - Glycobiology
complex ganglioside synthesis were localized recently to the trans Golgi network ... earlier compartments; specifically, the percentage of GM3 converted to GM2 ...
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Variants of BALB/c 3T3 Cells Lacking Complex Gangliosides Retain
Whereas BALB/c. 3T3 cells contained gangliosides GM3, GM 1, and ... synthesis of gangliosides more complex than GM3 were isolated from $24 cells exposed to ... Sialoglycoconjugates were labeled using the IO4/B3H4 method (13), and surface proteins .... suggest that the variants are specifically defective in synthesis .
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Complex gangliosides are apically sorted in polarized MDCK cells
ferases. After synthesis, gangliosides leave the Golgi apparatus via the ... layer [ 13]. Polarized epithelial cell surface membranes are divided into apical and basolateral domains possess- ... ganglioside GM3, as shown in the pattern of radioactive .... GD3 and GM1-CTx are rapidly and specifically endocytosed in MDCK cells.
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Regulation of ganglioside biosynthesis in the nervous system
1). Further synthesis of the complex hex- osamine-containing gangliosides is unique in that ..... pothesis by incubating F-11 cells with pyrene-labeled GM3. (33 ).
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Gangliosides Have a Functional Role during Rotavirus Cell Entry
Jul 30, 2012 ... inhibited ganglioside synthesis, but the infectivity of all strains tested was inhibited by preincubation of gangliosides with virus ... NA-resistant human rotavirus strains (Wa and DS-1) and two ... cellular expression is tightly controlled (11–13). ... and MO (10), while GM3 (which contains a terminal SA residue).
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Imaging Mass Spectrometry Detection of Gangliosides Species in
to GM1, can occur in the absence of proper ganglioside synthesis. High levels of GM2 and GM3 have been implicated in lysosomal ... Figure 1. Imaging of gangliosides within a mouse brain using MALDI-TOF. ... previous studies [13,14]. .... the MCAO-induced infarcted hemisphere, specifically within the cerebral cortex,.
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Glycosphingolipid synthesis inhibition limits osteoclast activation
Sep 16, 2014 ... OCs in MM requires de novo GSL synthesis and is further enhanced by myeloma ... The ganglioside GM1, also known as a glycosphingo- .... GM3 cooperates with RANKL and IGF-1 to promote OC matu- ... and specifically contribute to OC activation in a paracrine fashion. ..... aration of labeled GSL-derived.
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Tunicamycin inhibits ganglioside biosynthesis in - Europe PMC
Dec 13, 1982 ... blocking the synthesis of N-linked oligosaccharide chains on gly- coproteins. Its effect ... ferentially, with the most striking inhibition apparent in GM3 bio- synthesis ... Tunicamycin, a streptomycete antibiotic (1), has been reported to specifically inhibit the glycosylation of proteins N-glycosyl- ...... 129, 1-13. 20.
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A Ceramide Analogue Inhibits T Cell Proliferative Response through
all GSLs, including GM3 and other gangliosides, were greatly reduced, whereas ... doses (1-5 pM) of DMS greatly inhibited IL2-dependent CTLL cell ... PDMP specifically inhibited UDP-G1c:Cer ... increased levels of labeled precursor ceramide in the same cells ... by Con A, PHA, and IL2, reduced synthesis and chemical.
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Tumor Gangliosides Inhibit the Tumor-Specific Immune Response
1. Robert McKallip, Ruixiang Li, and Stephan Ladisch2. Tumor gangliosides are highly immunosuppressive ... glioside synthesis, shedding, and immunosuppressive activity, in a ... Using this model, we have specifically and comprehensively .... FBL-3 tumor cells were metabolically labeled by culture for 48 h in RPMI.
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Sphingolipid metabolism in neural cells - ScienceDirect
1). A common morphological characteristic of all neuronal cells is a largely ... and (ii) for prion proteins [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19], [20] and [21]. ... that a mutation of GM3 synthase and thus a defective ganglioside synthesis causes .... labelling approach, we identified tubulin and vinculin to specifically bind ...
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Human dendritic cell activation induced by a - Beilstein-Institut
Jun 10, 2014 ... Here, we describe the convergent synthesis of the ... immune response [13,14]. ... Figure 1: Structure of GM3-ganglioside 1, GM3-lactone 2, GM3-lactone mimetic 3, and GM3-lactone .... the maturation/stimulation of DCs is specifically linked to the .... cells were labelled in PBS with 1% FCS for 15 min at room.
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