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Studying The Mass Assembly And Luminosity Gap In Fossil Groups Of Galaxies - [Full Version]
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Studying The Mass Assembly And Luminosity Gap In Fossil Groups Of Galaxies - Full Download
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Studying The Mass Assembly And Luminosity Gap In Fossil Groups Of Galaxies - [Complete Version]
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Evolution of the galaxy luminosity function in progenitors of fossil
Sep 5, 2014 ... residing in progenitors of groups classified by the magnitude gap at redshift zero. We determine ... The bright end of the galaxy luminosity function of fossil groups shows .... (2011, hereafter G11), to study the composite LF of galaxies in fossil ... Section 3 reports the halo mass assembly history and evolution.
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Evolution of galaxy groups in the Illustris simulation
Apr 20, 2016 ... IGM in dynamically evolved groups is hotter for a given halo mass than that in evolving groups, again consistent with ... consistent with earlier study of Khosroshahi, Ponman & ... galaxy clusters are generally young assembly of galaxies ... the luminosity gap for fossil galaxy groups and the black dashed.
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The mass assembly of galaxy groups and the evolution of the
groups and clusters at redshift z = 1 with dark matter halo mass M(R200) ≥ 1013 h. −1. M⊙, ... fossil galaxy groups based on the magnitude gap m12 ≥ 2 (in the R-band, within 0.5 R200 ... known as fossils) to have a minimum X-ray luminosity of LX,bol ≥ ... The use of cosmological simulations in the study of the evolution.
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Fossil Systems; a Multi-wavelength Approach towards -
Mar 25, 2016 ... a large luminosity gap, 2 magnitude or more, between the first and second ... As a result fossil groups are ideal laboratories to study both galaxy and IGM .... mass and luminosity, in comparison to a general population of the groups (Figure 2). ..... and shape of brightest cluster galaxies with the assembly.
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The Mass Assembly of Fossil Groups of Galaxies in the Millennium
The evolution of present-day fossil galaxy groups is studied in the Millennium Simu- ... study is remarkably close to the observed estimates and various possibilities for the ..... as a function of halo mass, with the observed luminosity gaps in.
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Ultimate age-dating method for galaxy groups; clues from the
May 16, 2014 ... fossil groups, primarily based on a large luminosity gap, which is the magnitude gap ... We study galaxies drawn from the semi-analytic models of Guo et al. .... halo mass assembly, such that in galaxy groups with a large.
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A statistical study of the luminosity gap in galaxy groups
Dec 21, 2010 ... residing in galaxy groups with large luminosity gap, i.e. fossil groups, are on average brighter and live in lower mass halos with respect to their counter parts in non-fossil systems. ...... (2010) find that the mass assembly his-.
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Fresh Activity in Old Systems: Radio AGN in Fossil Groups of Galaxies
Jun 12, 2012 ... between AGN strength and the mass assembly history of the groups. ... the central elliptical galaxy and the X-ray luminosity of the halo with .... In this paper, we present the first systematic radio study of fossil group candidates taken ..... formed, the larger the magnitude gap (Figure 2 of D'Onghia et al. 2005).
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Properties of fossil groups in cosmological simulations and galaxy
Jun 16, 2011 ... groups, the halo mass dependence of the fossil groups seen in optical vanishes. ... gap. This magnitude gap has been studied in theoretical ... regions, we can study in detail how the large-scale environ- .... The galaxy luminosity functions of the GIMIC simulations (solid red line), GIMIC simulations without ...
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Fossil group origins V. The dependence of the luminosity function on
Jun 11, 2015 ... that the halo of a FG comprises half of its mass at z > 1. (D'Onghia & Lake ... very old systems that were able to assemble the majority of their mass at high z, ... this reason, we present a large study here of a sample of 110 sys- ... or group of galaxies is fossil if it has a gap in magnitude larger than 2 in the ...
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The Fossil Phase in the Life of a Galaxy Group
Oct 5, 2007 ... and study the physical mechanisms that lead to the formation of the large ... large magnitude-gap, which is terminated by renewed infall from ... to the Virgo cluster these systems show a galaxy luminosity ... fraction of fossil groups in a mass range of 1013 −1014h−1M⊙ ..... detailed mass assembly history.
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Fossil groups in the Millennium simulation Their environment and its
We study the groups of galaxies in both, numerical simulations and observations. Methods. ... luminosity function would remain intact, because of the longer timescale of .... were selected to have both similar virial mass and assembly time distri- butions. .... to normal groups with a magnitude gap ΔM12 smaller than 0.5 mag.
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A fossil galaxy cluster; an X-ray and optical study of RX J1416. 4+
Mar 22, 2006 ... mass of 3.1×1014M®, within the virial radius, this is better described as a fossil galaxy clus- ... tral galaxy with surface brightness and velocity dispersion profiles ... vations and a gap of at least 2 magnitude between the first and sec- ... ellipticals grown in fossil groups and their counterparts at the core.
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A 17-billion-solar-mass black hole in a group galaxy with -
Apr 6, 2016 ... core radius detected in a study of 219 early-type galaxies using HST ... the central region of NGC 1600 in comparison with lower-luminosity elliptical .... the large magnitude gap, fossil-group-like evolved dynamical state24, ... Boylan- Kolchin, M., Ma, C.-P. & Quataert, E. Red mergers and the assembly.
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Feb 1, 2016 ... We study the mass spectrum of destroyed dwarfs that contribute to the accreted stellar mass of Milky Way (MW) ... mass halos likely host disk galaxies (e.g., Weinmann et al. 2006 .... cent halos (i.e., fossil groups) from groups undergoing recent ... assembly history and the growth of stellar mass from accreted.
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arXiv:1210.4927v3 [astro-ph.CO] 22 Jul 2013
Jul 23, 2013 ... dim, and the group galaxy luminosity function systematically too bright, .... the assembly of galaxies into groups and test these predic- ... on a class of systems known as fossil groups, usually ... SHAM framework, we study Φ(m12), the abundance of ... gap contains information about group mass that is inde-.
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Tracing the Gas to the Virial Radius (R100) in a Fossil Group
We present a Chandra, Suzaku and Rosat study of the hot Intra Group Medium ( IGrM) of the ... of flat surface brightness profile, high luminosity and optimal distance, allowing the gas ... essential ingredients in the assembly of structure within ... Observations of galaxy clusters in fact reveal lower-mass ..... gaps were excluded.
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Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): testing galaxy formation
Mar 10, 2014 ... We have analysed the growth of Brightest Group Galaxies and Brightest Cluster Galaxies. (BGGs/BCGs) .... from our study, comparing them with model predictions. .... the luminosity gap between the BGG/BCG and the second brightest ..... gaps ( m1, 2 > 1), common in fossil groups, is perhaps indicative.
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intragroup and galaxy-linked diffuse x-ray emission in hickson
Jan 25, 2000 ... study of diffuse X-ray emission in a subset of nine Hickson compact .... The possible evolution of HCGs into fossil ... groups of galaxies as low-mass analogs of galaxy clusters. Early ... X-ray luminosity LX and gas temperature (LX–T ) as well as .... of the high-resolution mirror assembly, observations with the.
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The diverse X-ray properties of four truly isolated elliptical galaxies
the optical luminosity of early-type galaxies shows a large scat- ter (e.g. ... 2006). Moreover, in their study of a well selected sample of iso- ... for the monolithic assembly scenario and objects which bear clear signs of interaction (up to possible fossil groups). In the ..... and NGC 7785, we estimate a gas mass Mgas ∼2.2 ×10.
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