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Strongly Non Linear Waves In Lakes Generation Transformation And Meromixis - [Full Version]
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Strongly Non Linear Waves In Lakes Generation Transformation And Meromixis - Full Download
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Strongly Non Linear Waves In Lakes Generation Transformation And Meromixis - [Complete Version]
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Field Studies of Non-Linear Internal Waves in Lakes on the Globe
tion, i.e., generation and dissipation of nonlinear internal waves in lakes of different size and ..... sufficiently large to cause the internal wave to interact strongly with the bottom topography. ..... lakes: generation, transformation and meromixis”.
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This article was published in an Elsevier journal. The attached copy
The attached copy is furnished to the author for non-commercial research and .... in a quiet, sub-wave base environment (Bull, 1998; Jackson et al., 2000; Shen ...
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Internal solitary wave transformation over the bottom step: loss of
an interfacial solitary wave with a bottom step, considering (i) the energy loss of a ... literature on the transformation of nonlinear internal waves such as internal ... Important strongly nonlinear processes in ISW shoaling have been revealed ...... of basin-scale internal gravity waves and wave-enhanced meromixis in lakes”. (in .
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Oct 17, 2013 ... Department of Nonlinear Geophysical Processes, Institute of Applied Physics, 46 Uljanov Street, 603950,. GSP-120 ..... Shavratsky S.Kh. Transformation and Breaking of Steady - State Waves in Nonlinear Dispersive .... Strongly nonlinear internal waves in lakes: generation, transformation and meromixis.
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The effects of thin layers on the vertical distribution of the rotifer
terms of vertical distribution, yet this response did not .... was mounted on a motorized linear bearing/rail ... the arcsine square root transformation, because the .... Results from the two-way ANOVAs were gen- .... was strongly affected by the vertical distributions of ..... concentrations in the chemocline of meromictic lakes.
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Methanotrophy within the water column of a large meromictic
Apr 7, 2015 ... methanotrophs in CH4 oxidation in Lake Kivu, based on fatty ... consortium is slow, with generation times of months to years ... Aerobic methanotrophic organisms not only use CH4 as electron ... wave radiation between rainy ( October–May) and dry (June– ...... carbon fluxes and transformations, 240002).
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2 - [email protected]
May 26, 1995 ... The rate constants for in situ arsenic redox transformations in the ... species concentrations in the epilimnion of the Upper Mystic Lake. ... Particulate arsenic and particulate iron were very strongly correlated in samples ... None of this research would have been possible were it not for the .... Note the linear.
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Organic carbon burial efficiency in lake sediments controlled by
burial efficiency was strongly negatively related to the oxygen exposure time, again ... On the other hand, OC burial efficiency was not related to the mineral surface ... that the fate of OC in lake sediments (burial vs. mineralization to carbon dioxide and methane) .... Lugano has been meromictic during the past 40 yr, implying.
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Modeling lakes and reservoirs - Association for the Sciences of
Modeling lakes and reservoirs in the climate system .... subgridscale in current- generation climate models. When .... organic carbon to the lake and its transformation to ... between the food web and the environment are nonlinear, ... meromictic (Matzinger et al. ..... strongly related to trophic state: shallow oligotrophic lakes.
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Lake-type controls on petroleum source rock potential in nonmarine
saline lakes and may include evaporite and eolianite deposits. Sub- ... This uncertainty stems not from ... oil vs. gas potential, and generation timing based on .... too lacks any strongly expressed depositional cyclicity, .... water depths below storm wave base, and anoxic con- ...... Based on Rock-Eval transformation ra-.
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Different methanotrophic potentials in stratified polar fjord - ePIC
Apr 8, 2013 ... maximum uptake rate, of the present MOx community are not well constrained. .... CH4 rich waters of the fjord, our results showed a linear tracer ..... to increase strongly during summer (to ∼50 nM), potentially as a result ... were previously found in Antarctic marine-salinity, meromictic lakes (Bowman et al.,.
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May 29, 2015 ... residing in the sediments of drinking water reservoirs are not ... investigate the highly active SRB residing in Solar Lake, Egypt. ..... gen Company, Beijing China) according to manufacturer instructions (Liu et al., ... axes were constrained to linear combinations of physicochemical properties of sediments.
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Appendix 8.2: Seabed Survey Report - South Stream Transport BV
Jun 13, 2014 ... Geohazard analysis was not part of this report. ... part of the abyssal plain has a large area of sand waves built by turbidity ... These appear to post-date both the linear features and the major ..... from the Black Sea lake at the end of the last ice age to its present ..... The gullies have a strongly dendritic pattern.
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hyperspectral remote sensing - Defence Research Reports
weakly constrained linear spectral unmixing technique PROBE-1 data can ... not been improved Several years after successful revegetation ... is not associated with the process of acid generation. ..... PROBE-1 water spectrum from a noncontaminated lake in ..... (Montero et al., 2005), is strongly defined in areas P and Q, the.
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Optical characterization of black water blooms in eutrophic waters
In the summer of 2007, blooms of “black” water in Lake Taihu entered into the potable .... the CDOM spectra was calculated by a nonlinear fitting of absorption ... transformed into RGB primaries using a matrix transform based on the ... SPM was strongly correlated with SPIM (r = 0.85, p b 0.01), ..... Although black is gen-.
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PDF (618 KB) - Annual Reviews
Jun 10, 2009 ... (1), not a single member has been characterized on a functional level. ... catalyze well-known key transformations of the global element cycles.
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The impact of natural water column mixing on iodine and nutrient
iodine speciation;; nutrients;; anchialine environments;; meromictic lakes; .... which is subsequently reduced with ascorbic acid to form a strongly coloured blue ... total RSS and non-volatile RSS) were analysed by linear sweep voltammetry (LSV) ... 1974) and cathodic stripping square wave voltammetry ( Luther et al., 1988), ...
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Okenane, a biomarker for purple sulfur bacteria (Chromatiaceae
Mar 1, 2008 ... 2), the aromatics in the BCF are strongly dominated by a (UCM) (Fig. ..... However , the selective generation of the 2,3,4-trimethyl alkylation pattern in ... enzymatic activity and would not occur as an abiological transformation. ..... Moreover there is evidence from Lake Cadagno, a meromictic lake that hosts ...
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Abstract Volume 7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting
Nov 21, 2009 ... is not only on the surface of the land but also within aquifers at depth. .... 1.39 Tonolla M.: Microbial communities in the steep gradients of the meromictic lake Cadagno ... Dual-porosity and Kinematic Wave Approaches to assess the ..... seems to correlate strongly with weather conditions and catchment ...
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