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Stereopsis, stereotests, and their relation to vision screening and
Sep 10, 1997 ... Tests of stereopsis have many uses in ophthalmic practice, especially in the ... dependent on the perceptual age of the patient and the type of ...
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Stereopsis With TNO And Titmus Tests In Symptomatic And
cover test and stereopsis with the TNO and Titmus tests. ... arc sec) threshold with random-dot stereopsis than the 45 arc sec symptom threshold with Titmus-type.
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Chapter 15: Examination of the Patient - V
Stereopsis is an epiphenomenon of normal bin- ... using different paradigms such as line stereograms ... Equipment for testing stereopsis ranges from sim-.
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Stereoscopic visual acuity was tested and recorded in all of our amblyopic patients examined ... The threshold levels of stereopsis determined in strabismic,.
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The Analysis of Stereopsis - University of Maryland Institute for
Stereopsis is the process responsible for this reconstruction of the depth dimension .... 1976). An algorithm of this type for solving the correspondence problem has been recently developed and tested with encouraging results (Kass 1983). It is.
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Change of Stereoacuity with Aging in Normal Eyes
evaluated with the TNO, Titmus, and Randot tests; distance stereopsis with the Mentor B-VAT II ... Mean stereoacuity according to different age group by the.
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Stereopsis Results at 4.5 Years of Age in the Infant Aphakia
Jan 2, 2015 ... CONCLUSION: The type of optical correction did not influence stereopsis ... reported, but treatment regimens and stereopsis testing were not ...
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The Functional Significance of Stereopsis | IOVS | ARVO Journals
Stereoacuity was measured using three different tests: Randot Preschool Stereotest (Stereo Optical Co, Inc., Chicago, IL), the Frisby Stereotest (Frisby Stereotest ...
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Stereoacuity with Frisby and Revised FD2 Stereo Tests - Plos
Dec 12, 2013 ... In the whole population, the median stereoacuity on the Frisby test was 25, ..... The two tests probe different aspects of stereopsis; they do not.
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Effects of aniseikonia, anisometropia, accommodation, retinal
Their effect on stereoacuity was measured in both contour (Titmus test) and random dot (Randot test) stereograms. Stereoacuity measured by both types of ...
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Spatial characteristics of static and dynamic stereoacuity in strabismus.
Two new types of spatial crowding effects upon stereopsis were observed. The first type ... Clinical tests of stereoacuity that crowd stimuli closer than 0.25 degree  ...
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Comparison of the measures of stereopsis using 4 different methods
Studying the relation between clinical tests of stereopsis is a complex task because (1) few tests allow the assessment of stereoacuity threshold due to the.
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Evaluation of stereo tests for screening of amblyopia
Stereopsis is an important indicator of the state of binocularity. .... Table 1: Stereo acuity (seconds of arc) with different tests in 1000 children of 6-12 years old.
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A mobile application for the stereoacuity test⋆
Cardboard. Stereoacuity test is based on binocular vision that is the ... Having two eyes, as human beings and most animals, located at different lateral positions ...
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ventional Titmus fly test, while the SCS did not show any difference when compared ... The DRDS may examine a different aspect of stereopsis from the static.
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PDF (96.03 KB) - KoreaMed Synapse
preschool stereoacuity, Titmus-fly and Lang tests were 89.3%, 74.2% and 86.1% ... respectively, which were not that different from those of the Randot preschool.
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Download Full Text in PDF - BEPLS
Interpupillary distance (IPD) is the only component of stereopsis which can be ... there was a significant difference between stereoacuity of different Interpupilary ... These tests such as Titmus fly test, Randot stereo vision test, Frisby near stereo.
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impact of refractive errors on stereopsis in - innovative Publication
with and without amblyopia and/or strabismus on stereopsis in school going children of rural Haryana. .... by the Titmus test in different groups and subgroups.
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Vkion Rec. Vol.34,No. 4, pp.199-8%1 - Eye, Brain, and Vision
Feb 4, 1993 ... normal acuity and normal stereopsis, Tests were con- ... We tested our stereopsis at two ... types of acuity that under photopic conditions fall.
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Associated Phoria in Relation to Stereopsis with Random - CiteSeerX
ABSTRACT: In the present work, we use random-dot stereograms to test a possible ... different studies9 –11 have examined questions related to stereopsis:.
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New Stereoacuity Test Using a 3-Dimensional Display System - Plos
Feb 18, 2015 ... We developed a new stereoacuity test using a 3D display that works both at ... by- side randot images of 4 different simple objects (star, circle, ...
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Optom Vis Sci - Perelman School of Medicine at the University of
amblyopia, or significant refractive error.1–10 Stereopsis testing is, therefore, often used .... Stereoacuity was poorer in children with each type of vision disorder.
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Download PDF - MedCrave
Dec 4, 2014 ... average stereoacuity was 400 arc seconds, but in a Titmus test. (animals)-it ... pupillary distance is different from 64 mm, there is stereoacuity.
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Some research papers - Frisby Stereotest
Jan 18, 2014 ... Stereoacuity with Frisby and Revised FD2 Stereo Tests .... There appear to be different mechanisms for decreased stereoacuity in intermittent ...
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The effects of hyperopic and astigmatic ametropia on stereoacuity by
and anisometropia on stereoacuity revealed by the Titmus stereo test were analyzed. Results: ... Two types of stereopsis tests can be applied in analysis: contour.
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