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Stabilizability of closed orbits -
The main contribution of this paper is a version of the Jurdjevic-Quinn method for feedback stabilization of closed orbits of autonomous affine control systems.
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Detectability, Observability, and Asymptotic Reconstructability of
Hautus-test is used, which is weaker than stabilizability of the dual system. (e.g. [ 13]). In [8] a ... space, ordered by a closed, solid, pointed convex cone H+. On H we consider a scalar product .... closed convex hull of the positive orbit of X(t, X0).
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necessarily have k(x) = O(x) so that the closed-loop system ... For operator- theoretic stabilizability, one has necessary bounded-input ..... FIGURE 7: Orbits of g.
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First steps in stable Hamiltonian topology
Dec 20, 2010 ... A Hamiltonian structure ω is called stabilizable if it admits a stabilizing 1-form .... consider SHS that are Morse (i.e. all closed Reeb orbits are ...
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Lecture 5
Closed-form solution only possible for low-order systems and simple input .... An ( unstable) system is said to be potentially stabilizable if those ... orbit radius.
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Bengt Lennartson - The University of Texas at Dallas
Stability of a closed orbit .... K.A., Hamed N. Sadati, W.A. Gruver, Stabilization of Periodic Orbits for Planar Walking With .... the stability and stabilizability of hybrid.
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Robust Distributed Linear Programming
that the system is stabilizable in mean square sense if and only if the algebraic ... Model Reduction Near Periodic Orbits of Hybrid Dynami- cal Systems.
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Transverse Dynamics and Regions of Stability for -
Oct 11, 2010 ... is to construct the transverse dynamics in regions of the orbit, ... Suppose the system has a non-trivial T-periodic orbit, i.e. ...... stabilizable.
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Control theory for linear systems - Applied Mathematics
May 15, 2002 ... achieving an internally stable closed system, make the influence of certain exogenous ... stabilizability, and the associated output stabilizable subspace of the .... 1.4 Example: linearization around the geostationary orbit .
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stabilization of unstable periodic orbits using Pyragas type time-delayed ... From a theoretical point of view the stabilizability study of the system (1.1) with.
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Download Chapter (434 KB) - Springer
an equivalence to periodic control systems to obtain an event-driven switching ... results for checking the local stabilizability of a DCCS along a closed orbit are.
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Toward a nonequilibrium theory for nonlinear control - Springer
sense, in fact does imply asymptotic stabilizability of an equilibrium, provided ... integrator would be stabilizable about a periodic orbit or some other compact.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
demonstrate controllability and stabilizability of a single-input juggling system. ... system to a desired closed orbit from any state in . Manuscript received ...
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Exponentially Stabilizing Continuous-Time Controllers for Periodic
stabilize periodic orbits of hybrid dynamical systems arising from bipedal walking. ..... 4) assumes controllability (or at least stabilizability) of the pair. (∂P. ∂x (x ...
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contraction semigroups, stabilization - American Mathematical Society
a Hubert space Y to X), is stabilizable if for some bounded operator K from. X to Y the system x ... the semigroup generated by A* — BB* was strongly almost periodic he showed that .... Also, O(x) will refer to the orbit, [T(t)x: t > 0). Definition 3.
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rendering x0 ∈ Rn a locally asymptotically stable equilibrium for the closed-loop .... Brockett's necessary condition to the problem of practical stabilizability ( ..... elementary examples show that A will in general contain Lagrange stable orbits,.
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Exercises and Solutions FRTN05 (pdf)
Dec 15, 2014 ... ˙e = −Cz is a state equation for the closed-loop system. (b) Find all ..... and show that the system is stabilizable if there is positive definite function V, such that ..... ( a) Show that the unit circle is a periodic orbit. (b) Use a Poincaré.
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Controllability of linear differential-algebraic systems - TU Ilmenau
Apr 3, 2012 ... the class of regular DAE systems is not closed under the action of a feedback ... controllability and stabilizability) the appearing subsystems have. ...... Therefore, the set S is divided into disjoint orbits (i.e., equivalence classes) ...
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Introduction to Dynamic Systems - Hamilton Institute
Jul 14, 2011 ... ... state feedback. 303. 15.1 Stabilizability and state feedback . ..... Control based on feedback is called closed loop control. The term open loop ...
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Zero Dynamics of Planar Biped Walkers with One Degree of Under
Jul 26, 2002 ... Asymptotically stable solutions of the zero dynamics correspond to asymptotically stabilizable orbits of the full hybrid model of the walker.
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