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Stability Theorem for Delay Differential Equations with Impulses
In this paper we obtain sufficient conditions for the stability of the zero solution of the delay differential equation with impulses[formula] ...
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Oscillation and Stability of Linear Impulsive Delay Differential
Exponential stability of linear delay impulsive differential equations. J. Math. Anal. ... Stability theorem for delay differential equations with impulses. J. Math. Anal ...
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Uniform stability theorems for delay differential equations with
Uniform stability theorems for delay differential equations with impulses ... the uniform stability of the zero solution of the delay differential equation with impulses.
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On delay differential equations with impulses -
INTRODUCTION There exists a well-developed stability theory of delay- differential and more general functional differential equations (Bellman and Cooke [2], ...
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Oscillation and stability of first-order delay differential equations with
Keywords: Oscillation, stability, delay differential equations, impulse effects ... The theory of impulsive differential equations is an important area of scientific ...
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Existence and impulsive stability for second order - ICMC - USP
Key Words: Delay differential equations; Lyapunov functionals; impulses. 1. ... In Section 3, we apply Schaefer Fixed Point Theorem to prove the existence of a ...
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Razumikhin-Type Stability Criteria for Differential Equations with
stability criteria are obtained for differential equations with delayed impulses. Our ... During the last decades, the stability theory of impulsive delay differential ...
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Existence and exponential stability of periodic solution for impulsive
tence, uniqueness and global exponential stability of a periodic solution for nonlinear ... Impulsive delay differential equations (IDDEs) are effective mathematical mod- ... odic solutions of dynamical systems with both delay and impulses due to the ... and Banach fixed point theorem, we study the existence, uniqueness and ...
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Stability and Boundedness of Impulsive Systems with Time Delay
to investigate the stability problems of systems with fixed impulses. ... developed for impulsive delay differential equations by both the single and ..... stability theory, introducing the concept of stability in terms of two measures has been proven.
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Stability of impulsive delay differential equations with impulses at
by jumps; the theory of impulsive delay differential equations is developing ... and uniform asymptotic stability for the delay differential equation with impulses at.
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Explicit Conditions of Exponential Stability for a Linear Impulsive
Stability of impulsive delay differential equations is a new research area w x. w x and there are ... theorem for equations without impulses. The results are based ...
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Stability Analysis of Impulsive Stochastic Functional Differential
Dec 10, 2013 ... Differential Equations with Delayed Impulses via Comparison ... The problem of stability for nonlinear impulsive stochastic functional differential equations with ...... verify that all conditions of Theorem 5 are satisfied and so the.
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even though for functional differential equations without impulses,stability results ... the stability theory of functional differential equations with infinite delays has.
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Perron's theorem for linear impulsive differential equations with
Keywords: Perron condition; Stability; Adjoint; Impulse; Distributed delay ... For the theory of delay or impulsive differential equations, see the monographs [8–10  ...
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Exponential stability for impulsive delay differential equations by
Mar 17, 2005 ... analysis of various delay differential equations, and they have also ... delay systems without impulses by using the method of inequalities. ...... type stability theorems for impulsive functional differential equations, Nonlinear.
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Stability Caused by Impulses for Delay Differential Equations
solution of a nonlinear delay differential equation caused by impulses. .... be stable. Theorem 2.1 Assume that (2.1) and (2.2) hold and that tk+1 − tk ≤ τ, k ∈ N.
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Oscillation and stability of nonlinear neutral impulsive delay
that oscillation and stability of nonlinear impulsive neutral delay differential equations ... equations with impulses with the well known results of neutral delay differential equations ..... Suppose y(t) is a solution of (3), by Theorem 1, x(t) = ∏ tk <t.
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Stability of Impulsive Differential Equation with any Time Delay
Mar 3, 2013 ... form of impulses. ... uniform stability of such impulsive differential equations have been ... recently on stability analysis of delay differential equations [4], [8]. The ... Theorem 1: Assume that there exist a function V ∈ and some ...
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Existence and uniqueness of solutions of general impulse extension
Keywords. Impulsive differential equation, impulse extension, predictable set, matrix ... linear stability results and theorems on existence of periodic solutions are provided. .... (2) can be suitably interpreted as a delay differential equation.
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Existence Results for Fractional Neutral Functional Differential
Jan 21, 2015 ... Keywords: fractional neutral differential equations; random impulses; ... proved the existence and stability results of random impulsive semilinear differential systems. ... this interest is that delay differential equations play an important role in ... Krasnoselskii's fixed point theorem and in the final section, ...
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