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Stability Of High Speed Two Layer Film Casting Of Newtonian Fluids - [Full Version]
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Stability Of High Speed Two Layer Film Casting Of Newtonian Fluids - Full Download
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Stability Of High Speed Two Layer Film Casting Of Newtonian Fluids - [Complete Version]
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Nonlinear dynamics and stability of film casting process - CiteSeerX
of both extension thickening and extension thinning fluids. The same ... through a slit die either in single or multiple layers to form films for ... film moves with a speed faster than that at the die exit, resulting ... sient dynamics of film casting along with a Phan-Thien-Tan- ... traying low-density and high-density polyethylenes fre-.
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download - The British Society of Rheology
film casting and film blowing where extensional deformation plays a ... There are two important facets in the study of instabilities in extensional .... isothermal spinning of Newtonian fluids, Denn and his coworkers [45-51] launched a ... spinline in high-speed spinning of polymer melts in 1980's [23] but not yet given a .
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The Role of Rheology in Polymer Extrusion - Polydynamics, Inc.
For flow through a round tube or between two flat plates, the shear stress varies ... Some die designers try to design dies for cast film or blown film operations not .... This relation, known as the Trouton ratio, is valid for all Newtonian fluids and has a ... bubbles exhibit more stability because of their high extensional viscosity.
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Stability of coextrusion through converging dies - University of
long, converging dies is performed by a rigorous two-dimensional analysis. (2-D), as ... coextrusion; converging dies; multi-layer flow; Oldroyd-B model; viscoelastic ... A wide range of desired properties can be achieved in plastic films by ... has not been addressed in the literature, even for Newtonian liquids. ..... speed [6,7].
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An Overview of Molten Polymer Drawing Instabilities - HAL MINES
Apr 1, 2014 ... Numerous polymer processes (fibre spinning, cast film or film blowing) involve a ... production, two kinds of defects may be observed at high draw ratios, ... encountered even for Newtonian fluids (glass fibre processing for example). ... At low Draw ratio, the stretching flow is stable which means that the.
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Linear and nonlinear stability analysis of isothermal fiber spinning. 2. ..... injection molding, extrusion film casting and film blowing, these so-called “elastic” ... high- speed fiber spinning complicate the predictions of the instabilities even more. .... ratio of the take-up velocity to extrusion velocity), which for Newtonian fluids is ...
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Dip Coating - University of New Mexico
thin layer of precursor solution is entrained, i.e. film deposition. Excess liquid ... Normally, monomeric aqueous ions are the only stable .... When the liquid viscosity η and withdrawal speed U0 are high enough to lower ... about 0.8 for newtonian liquids. .... 10.4 Thickness profiles two of dip coated films from different solutions.
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ANNIVERSARY ARTICLE Fifty Years of Non-Newtonian Fluid
earity causes non-Newtonian fluids to exhibit qualitatively different behavior from New- ... Keywords: Non-newtonian; fluid dynamics; viscoelastic; stability; secondary flow; non- linear ... lems, for example, was anticipated by Prandtl's boundary layer theory. ..... unsteady entry flow of two linear polymer melts using PIV.
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Practical mapping of the draw resonance instability in film casting of
Feb 23, 2015 ... By linear stability analysis of a Newtonian model including inertia and gravity effects, stability curves ... state, is extruded through a slit die and drawn at higher speed, such ... 1 Besides a numerical factor, two-dimensional film casting and fibre spinning are ... fibre spinning of Newtonian and power law fluids.
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The melt processing of polymer microcapillary film (MCF)
J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. ... suitable control of flow and downstream haul-off conditions, a stable regime was ... drawing length was greater than two-third the width of the die exit. ... Keywords: Microcapillary films; MCFs; Film casting; Melt drawing; Extrusion .... using incrementally higher haul-off speeds, before resetting.
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Hydromagnetic instability of a power-law liquid film flowing down a
The hydrodynamic stability of fluid films flowing down a vertical cylindrical surface ... of thin-film flow systems have focused almost exclusively on Newtonian fluids. ... Ng and Mei [13] investigated the problem of roll waves on a shallow layer of ... Stabilizing film flows by applying a magnetic field has two major advantages.
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Effect of Activation Energy and Crystallization Kinetics of
Keywords : activation energy, crystallization, film casting, stability. 1. Introduction ... Recently, 2-D film casting models for Newtonian fluids (Silagy et al. ... The Phan-Thien Tanner (PTT) fluids were employed ..... final film temperature of linear polymer is slightly high due ... low-speed fiber spinning process which can't reach its.
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The hydrodynamic stability of a film of viscoelastic fluid falling under its own weight down ... The equations governing the growth of small, two dimensional disturbances ... fluid layer that is introduced far upstream is allowed to fall under the influence ... ing air. For films of Newtonian fluids the only stabilizing force restraining.
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stability analysis on viscous magnetic fluid film flowing down along a
Keywords : Thin film, Hydromagnetic stability analysis, Long-wave perturbation. 1 . ... played the rupture times for the dilatant fluids are higher than that of Newtonian fluid. Wu and ... layer flowing down inside and outside of a rotating ver - ... "i «2 dz r. (1). (2) d2w*. 3 V. (3) where ρ is a constant density of the film flow, /* is the.
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The Bouncing Jet: A Newtonian Liquid Rebounding off a Free Surface
Jul 11, 2007 ... have been reported only for non-Newtonian fluids, while we ... A thin layer of air separates the bouncing ... are stable for a range of viscosity, jet flow rate and velocity, and bath velocity. ... either replenishing the air between the two liquid bod- .... rebounded with higher speed with increasing Vbath until.
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Physics of Spin Casting Dilute Solutions
Jan 13, 2014 ... them focus on the radial (in)stability of the film [2–. 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, ... polymer films) or other non-newtonian liquids [40, 44, 46,. 49, 51, 54, 78, ...
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wall effect in couette flow of non-newtonian - ACS Publications
NON-NEWTONIAN SUSPENSIONS ... liquid. a thin layer of which will form between the bulk of the suspension and surface ... Two types of liquids were used, aqueous glycerol and lubricating ... The separation at the high speed end was caused by the un- ..... data on slip velocity us. shear stress, assuming that the film has.
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Using ASME format - Rutgers University School of Engineering
growth for semiconductor fabrication, casting, thin film manufacture, and polymer pro- cessing. The review .... 2 Influence of fluid flow on the characteristics of the final prod- ..... high speeds. .... viscosity is independent of the shear rate for Newtonian fluids like .... liquid and a gas in many cases, and on the shape, stability and.
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Slot die coating of lithium-ion battery electrodes - KIT Scientific
Straße am Forum 2. D-76131 .... the slot die and the web to form a stable coating bead. Although ... High-speed intermittent coatings to enable for an efficient film ... The experimental results showed that highly viscous Newtonian coatings ... For casting a homogeneous film, this liquid pressure .... 3.1 Single layer coatings .
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two very recent books by C.D. Han on rheology and processing of polymers [3]. ... fiber spinning, film casting, film blowing, blow molding, thermoforming, ... ment of high-speed digital computers. .... Non-Newtonian fluids (polymer solutions and melts) are rheologically ...... (the presence of two stable recirculating regions).
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