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Sp1 Binding Activity Increases In Activated Ito Cells - [Full Version]
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Sp1 Binding Activity Increases In Activated Ito Cells - Full Download
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Expression of intracellular adhesion molecule 1 by activated hepatic
Aug 20, 1996 ... Hepatic Stellate Cells. CLAUS HELLERBRAND ... The hepatic stellate cell (HSC) , following a fibrogenic ..... TNF-a Increases Lymphocyte Binding of Activated HSCs. ICAM-1 acts ..... Sp1 binding activity increases in activated ...
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Transcriptional regulation of hepatic stellate cell activation - Gut
The hepatic stellate cell (HSC) is now well established as ..... with SP1.16 Hence expression of α1(I) collagen in activated ..... Sp1 binding activity increases in.
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The Role of Smad3 in Mediating Mouse Hepatic Stellate Cell
ture-activated HSCs from Smad3 knockout mice, collagen ... Activated hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) have a central role as ...... Sp1 binding activity increases in.
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Antioxidant Signaling Involving the Microtubule Motor KIF12 Is - Cell
Oct 27, 2014 ... tional intake gradually increases beta cell dysfunction and finally ... modulated by several enhancer binding proteins, including Sp1, .... The results showed that Hsc70 promoter activity in ...... creases in activated Ito cells.
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Persistent activation of nuclear factor-[kgr]B in cultured rat hepatic
Hepatic Stellate Cells Involves the Induction of Potentially .... elevation of NF-κB ( p50:p65) DNA binding activity in activated rat HSCs ... cytokine-induced increases in the expression of intercellular ...... SP1 binding activity increases in activated ...
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Sp1 and Sp3 Transcription Factors Mediate - Endocrine Society
Oct 23, 2012 ... stellate cells (HSCs), we measured the effects of leptin on Col1a(I) gene ... cleus and regulates activity of target gene promoter (9). The specific transcriptional factors required for leptin-in- duced activation of the collagen promoter and the specific ..... Leptin increases the binding of Sp1 and Sp3 transcription.
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Role of the Ets-1 Transcription Factor during Activation of Rat
Activation of Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells in Culture. Thomas ... ished in HSCs 7 days after plating (activated cells). ... Ets-1 binding activity peaked in nuclear extracts pre- ...... Rippe RA, Almounajed G, Brenner DA: Sp1 binding activity increases.
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Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor -mediated
Feb 21, 2001 ... through binding and activating its specific tyrosine kinase cell ... For example, HGF mRNA increases in the liver as ... and AP2 suppress the activity of the HGF gene promoter .... and anti-PPAR, anti-PPAR, anti-Sp1, anti-RXR, anti-thyroid hor - ..... cially stellate cells, also known as the Ito cells or lipocytes.
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Anti-fibrotic Effects via Regulation of Transcription Factor Sp1 on
Nov 15, 2011 ... Factor Sp1 on Hepatic Stellate Cells ... binding activity is greatly increased in activated HSCs. ... transfection of hepatic stellate cells HSC-T6.
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Review - American Physiological Society
Hormone-like products of many different cell types that are usually active within a small radius of ...... Increased. Sp1 binding activity has been demonstrated in systemic sclerosis fibroblast ... Another study showed that activated hepatic stellate.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
activation process is accompanied by an increased activity of various transcription factors, including zinc finger protein 267 (ZNF267). Recently ... factor (KLF) 6 [13], KLF9 [14] and SP1 [12]. ... Abbreviations: HSCs, hepatic stellate cells; ZNF267, zinc finger protein ... box as transcription factor binding site of NF- Y is required.
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CD40 Activates NF- B and c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase and Enhances
Activated hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) are the main producers of ... CD40 activation increases the secretion of IL-8 and monocyte chemoattractant pro- ... inhibit IKK-mediated GST-I- B and GST-p65 phosphorylation, NF- B binding, and IL-8 ..... pletely abolished the induction of NF-B-binding activity by ..... Sp1 binding activity.
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Sp1 Mediates a Therapeutic Role of MiR-7a/b in Angiotensin - Plos
Apr 29, 2015 ... Sp1 binding activity by mithramycin prevented collagen I overproduction; however, ...... Sp1 binding activity increases in activated Ito cells.
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Nov 6, 2002 ... human type I collagen α2 chain gene expression in fibroblastic cells. We have ... c-Myb protein can activate or repress gene transcription by binding directly to the ...... In activated Ito cells derived from cirrhotic liver ..... Rippe, R.A., Almounajed, G ., Brenner, D.A. (1995) Sp1 binding activity increases in.
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Role of ethanol in the regulation of hepatic stellate cell function
Nov 21, 2006 ... ethanol consumption does not influence ADH activity, but has a profound stimulatory ... Key words: Ethanol; Acetaldehyde; Hepatic stellate cells; liver fibrosis; Type I ..... activated HSCs is associated with increased binding of. NF-I to a ..... E. Effect of acetaldehyde on Sp1 binding and activation of the mouse ...
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Transforming Growth Factor-β1 Represses E-Cadherin Production
induced EMT in lens epithelial cells and how TGFß might regulate the ... TGFß1 induced the expression of Slug through an Sp1 binding site. ..... played slightly increased promoter activity compared to FL. By ..... creases in activated Ito cells.
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Posttranscriptional Regulation of Collagen 1(I) - Molecular and
Hepatic Stellate Cells ... activity of the Sp1 transcription factor is about twofold higher in activated ... binding activity of this protein decreases upon treatment of.
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Fibronectin Increases Survival of Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells - Karger
Jun 22, 2009 ... Activated hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) have been shown ...... Almounajed G, Brenner DA: Sp1 binding activity increases in activated. Ito cells.
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Review The hepatic stellate cell in the post-genomic era
Feb 15, 2001 ... The interaction between Sp1 and Smad 3 plays the essential role for .... have been shown to bind to the activated PDGF. r e c e p t o r-ß and to be ... regulator in stellate cell and its activity is increased by. PDGF (Di Sario et al., ...
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Ceramide Reduction and Transcriptional Up - Cancer Research
Sep 1, 2004 ... DOX induced Sp1 activation in HL-60/ADR cells, as assessed by ... binding activity of Sp1 transcription factor was reported to increase in ...... Komori H, Ichikawa S, Hirabayashi Y, Ito M. Regulation of UDP-glucose:ceramide.
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