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Solid State Supramolecular Chemistry Of Porphyrins Hydrogen Bonded Networks - [Full Version]
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Solid State Supramolecular Chemistry Of Porphyrins Hydrogen Bonded Networks - Full Download
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Solid State Supramolecular Chemistry Of Porphyrins Hydrogen Bonded Networks - [Complete Version]
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Hydrogen-Bonded Porphyrinic Solids: Supramolecular Networks of
been developed as building blocks for supramolecular hydrogen-bonded networks. The crystal ... host/guest solid state structures of H2TPP and its metal derivatives. .... Figure 1. Chemical structures of octahydroxy porphyrins, H2T(3′, 5′-.
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The materials chemistry of porphyrins and metalloporphyrins Overview
have applications in passive solid state sensors and in human eye protection .... Supramolecular networks based on hydrogen bonding between symmetrically ... on van der Waals, hydrogen bond or π–π interactions. The most interesting of ...
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Paper Supramolecular porphyrin-based materials. Assembly modes
Targeted synthesis of stable network materials, by design, presents an exciting challenge ... stimulated extensive interest in the supramolecular chemistry of these systems. .... hydrogen-bonded porphyrin chains related by the screw axis symmetry. ..... perspective for the design of new solid state receptors, hetero- geneous ...
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Crystal engineering of porphyrin framework solids
International Symposia Series on Supramolecular Chemistry. FEATURE ARTICLE ... those materials as solid-state receptors or in molecular sieving applications. ... 3.1 Networks sustained by inter-porphyrin hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen-bonding ... hydrogen-bonded layers commonly stack in the crystal in a partly offset ...
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Supramolecular Networks of Octahydroxy Porphyrins
Jan 15, 1997 ... developed as solid state building blocks for the self- assembly of hydrogen bonded supramolecular net- works ... nation and catalytic chemistry.
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design of porphyrin solids - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1.5.1 Hydrogen Bond Networks in Porphyrin Solids. 7 .... solid state in order to develop porous catalysts and better electronic materials has made organic solids  ...
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Thymine functionalised porphyrins, synthesis and - RSC Publishing
Dec 11, 2014 ... heteromolecular tetra-TP/9-propyladenine hydrogen bonded array including both Watson–Crick ... well-established concepts within supramolecular chemistry of ... as well as a variety of conditions, ultra-high vacuum and solid– .... in the solid state. .... (b) Molecular model of the tetra-T-porphyrin network.
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SCIENCE CHINA Host-guest supramolecular chemistry at solid
Sep 16, 2013 ... self-assembly, STM, hydrogen bond, host-guest chemistry, ... because the two- dimensional (2D) structures at solid/liquid interface ... the TMA assembly, the honeycomb network will be re- .... carboxyl groups of sym-TTT remain in a free state, other .... functional porphyrin and phthalocyanine nano-arrays. In.
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Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Photophysical Dynamics of Stacked
the Glu COOH state, yet the pK, values differ remarkably. .... 0 1992 American Chemical Society ... 13 ns, while the lifetime of solid 1 is 4 ns. ... the porphyrin layers by codeposition with DDPA (deposition .... supramolecular chemistry that is of great current interest. ... sional hydrogen-bonded diamondoid open networks .
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A dozen years of N-confusion: From synthesis to supramolecular
self-assembled one-dimensional (1D) hydrogen-bonding networks, whose orientations differ ... Keywords: porphyrins; supramolecular chemistry; anion binding; metal .... In the solid state, a DMF molecule was hydrogen-bonded with outer NH ...
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Tectonique Moléculaire à base de Porphyrines Fluorées - Tel
(especially before presentations) and the expertise in porphyrin chemistry. An individual ..... 84. IV. 1. Halogen bonded networks involving pyridine derivatives . ..... and rely on the ability of hydrogen atoms to align in an external magnetic field. Though it ..... supramolecular chemistry and the solid state chemistry. The term ...
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Supramolecular polymers with tunable topologies via hierarchical
Sep 24, 2013 ... readily adapted to a 2D cross-linked hexagonal network by simply ... in chemistry, yet when combined as components of hierarchical ... hydrogen bond and provide favorable electrostatic interactions. (4). ..... Solid-state analyses of supramolecular pol- .... and porphyrin dimer-faced, self-assembled prisms.
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Article - Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung
Apr 17, 2008 ... from supramolecular chemistry to the fabrication of low- dimensional molecular ... physical investigations and solid-state applications [7, 8]. On.
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Molecular Assemblies of Porphyrins and Macrocyclic Receptors
Oct 9, 2012 ... fields of molecular encapsulation/recognition, and chemical catalysis. ... both in solution as well as in the solid state since dissolution of the host ... which include porphyrins covalently bonded to the cavitants, .... combination of CD and ionic porphyrin in a supramolecular network may bring a breakthrough in.
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Expression levels influence ribosomal frameshifting at the - Utah
structural and supramolecular chemistry and include crystal engineering .... of the major issues of modern crystal engineering and solid state chemistry.13 Even .... vious studies of supramolccular porphyrin-based materials by investigating the ... The rather elaborate hydrogen bond network in the original. 4-tritylbenzoic acid ...
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Supramolecular coordination chemistry - University of Glasgow
1:1 macrocyclic complexes [Ag2{L2-A}2][X]2 in the solid state, which have the cis ... ligand bond formation stands out, as well as the high selectivity for the .... networks. However, the choice of anion was found to have a pronounced effect on the MOF .... assembly is stabilized by metal-ion coordination and hydrogen bonding ...
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Designing Advanced Materials As Simple As Assembling Lego
binatorial chemistry automates the synthesis and screening ... controlling the arrangement of molecules in the solid state. So now .... phenyl)porphyrin with its fourfold molecular symmetry self- ... a square-network through hydrogen-bonded carboxylic acid dimers. ..... Robson, R. In Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry;.
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Hydrogen‐Bonded Macrocyclic Supramolecular Systems
Oct 22, 2015 ... lay between chemistry, with the fundamental study of molecu- lar recognition ... on the noncovalent synthesis of monocyclic hydrogen-bonded systems that are ..... bond network (133) is accompanied by p-stacking with a second ... pact assembly is stable in the solid state as well as in solution. In water, the ...
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
the function of porphyrins, phthalocyanines, and fullerenes, non-covalently ... supramolecular nanoarchitectures, supramolecular traps of C60 on hydrogen bond networks, a unique ... for supramolecular chemistry [26-28], self-assembly .... The state of O2 trapped .... solid interface (mainly on HOPG in 1- phenyloctance).
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Apr 15, 2015 ... Keywords: metalloporphyrin; Solid Coordination Frameworks .... porphyrins molecules maintains the stability of the supramolecular layers. .... [001] direction, reinforcing the robustness of the hydrogen bond ..... Kumar, R.K.; Diskin-Posner, Y.; Goldberg, I. Solid-state supramolecular chemistry of porphyrins.
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