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Similarity Measure Based On Partial Information Of Time Series Advisor - Full Download
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Time Series Matching: a Multi-filter Approach - NYU Computer Science
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for ... time series. Existing time series similarity measures, such as DTW (Dynamic Time ... similarity search based on the application's requirements. Basically we .... information retrieval; second, we present our algorithm architecture and com- pare the results  ...
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[PDF] from - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
On-line live stream matching phase: streaming time-series (or the live ... Firstly, it is not possible to give enough thanks to my thesis advisor, Professor .... Based on the notion of n-Grams used for textual information retrieval [Coh97] we .... from dimensionality curse since the similarity measure computation requires each.
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Probabilistic Process Monitoring in Process-Aware Information
Jun 9, 2014 ... School of Information Sciences in partial fulfillment ... Dissertation Advisor: Vladimir ... In particular, I present a novel process monitoring approach based .... 3.2.1 Sequence Similarity/Distance Measures and the Comparative Evaluation . ...... information systems are often numeric time-series, many existing ...
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Classification and Alignment of Gene-Expression Time-Series Data
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of ... The final step is to score the alignments found, based on the similarity of the two series. This ... Thanks first go to my advisor, Mark Craven. ... 1.3 Special Considerations for Gene-Expression Time Series . ...... Most genes contain the information to create a polypeptide,.
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Efficient Algorithms for Similarity and Skyline Summary on
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment ... Jignesh is an outstanding advisor and an outstanding person. I have learned a great deal ... I have learned a great deal, some useful information and some useless, from my peers in ...... This thesis begins by studying similarity measures for time-series datasets and efficient.
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Time Series Similarity Search in Distributed Key-Value Data Stores
R-trees,” submitted by Aleksey Charapko in partial fulfillment of the ... degree of Master of Science in Computing and Information Sciences has been ... Thesis Advisor and Committee Chairperson ... 2.3 Exact Time Series Similarity Search and Retrieval . ..... reconstruct the time series based on these events [Perng00].
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Efficient Time Series Matching by Wavelets - CiteSeerX
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master ... They are (not in order) Kam-Wing Chu (advisor and database tutor) ... similarity model is suggested to accommodate vertical shifts of time series, (4) iii ... 4.1 Similarity Search based on K-L Transform . .... a similarity measurement during the matching process.
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Anomaly Detection of Time Series
First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Prof.Vipin Kumar .... to significant and actionable information in a wide variety of application domains (1) . For example ... univariate time series which uses subspace based analysis. .... Best similarity/distance measures which can be used for different types of time series is ...
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Integrating time series mining and fractals to discover - Alice
May 27, 2006 ... Advisor: Profa. .... Moreover, we also proposed two methods of similarity measure to ..... B Fractal-based analysis of multiple time series .... The letters A and B are the class information provided. ..... Partial Intrinsic Dimension.
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Predictive Pattern Discovery in Dynamic Data Systems
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of ... This dissertation presents novel methods for analyzing nonlinear time series in .... 3.4 Probability Density Estimation Based on GMM. ... 4.3 Similarity Measure of Temporal Patterns . ..... Figure 3.5: Mutual information of the Henon map with different time delays t .
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Time Series Knowledge Mining -!
Feb 17, 2006 ... We define the Time Series Knowledge Representation (TSKR) as ... Several such blocks of intervals are connected with a partial order ... Many thanks go to my advisor Alfred Ultsch. He ..... Data mining The process of finding hidden information or structure in a data ... For many similarity measures, e.g., the.
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landslide information service based on composition of physical and
In Partial Fulfillment ... who was a patient teacher and understanding advisor. I want to thank .... III CLASSIFICATION APPROACH BASED ON SIMILARITY OF.
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Learning States for Detecting Anomalies in Time Series - Center for
Florida Institute of Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements ... Thesis Advisor ... merging several time series into a single representative time series using dynamic time warping. .... 2.1.3 Density-based Clustering Algorithms . ...... The similarity or distance measure between points or clusters is extremely flexible ...
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Download PDF - Microsoft
Another challenge in multidimensional indexing is handling time-series data which constitutes a major portion of all financial, medical and scientific information. We develop a new ... We develop a wavelet-based approximate query answering tool for .... 5.3.3 Lower Bounding Distance measure for the APCA representation .
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Behavior Modeling from Heterogeneous Sensor Time-Series
May 2, 2014 ... ADVISOR, MAJOR PROFESSOR ... behaviors based on those data to enable context-aware computing and ... algorithms and models to measure and quantify unique human ... similarity between human behavior and natural language, we apply .... 4.3.1 Activity Classification via Time-Series Analysis .
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Generalized Conditional Matching Algorithm for Ordered and
Jan 1, 2014 ... 6.4 Bayesian Information Criterion: Speech Segmentation. 75 .... Designing generalized data-driven distance measures for both ordered and ... We define time-series data to be an “ordered set”, if the time linearity .... Self-similarity based approaches for gesture recognition [17] have been a part of vision.
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Probabilistic Model-based Clustering Of Complex Data
I thank my advisor Dr. Joydeep Ghosh for his encouragement, advice, and support ... information-theoretic analysis of model-based partitional clustering from a deter- ... to high dimensional documents, EEG time series, and gene expression time se ..... length sequences), defining a good similarity measure is very much data ...
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c⃝ 2012 by Yizhou Sun. All rights reserved. - Ideals
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements ... semi-structured heterogeneous information networks. ... series of new principles and powerful methodologies for mining ... ranking-based clustering, (2) meta-path-based similarity search and mining, ... Han as my advisor, .... 4.2.3 PathSim: A Novel Similarity Measure .
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superior to naive time-series forecasts (for a literature review, see (iivoly and ... short earns average annual returns ranging between 5 and 8%.2 Based on long historical series of ... I986) and measurement problems (see, e.g., Roll I978 and Lehman and ..... knowledge and information gap between clients and advisers. ' I .
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Information Retrieval for Multivariate Research Data - tuprints
Dec 2, 2013 ... my time as a researcher and PhD student at the Interactive-Graphics System ... A final advisor-related thank-you goes out to Dr. Arjan Kuijper. ... exploration, well beyond meta-data based query methods. ... based on the pattern description of each multivariate data document, I introduce a similarity measure.
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