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Evidence for competition at sea between Norton Sound chum
pathway to their natal river (Rogers and Ruggerone ... 2009). Abundance of some AYK stocks, such as. Norton Sound chum salmon in northwestern Alaska,.
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Common Merganser Species Knowledge Summary and Information
regime shifts on sea duck population counts. ... 6.6% for wintering birds in Puget Sound, Washington between 1978-1980 and 2003-2005 ... Island appear to come from multiple natal and breeding areas (Pearce et al. 2009b). Population.
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Species Knowledge Summary and Information Needs (PDF)
wintering sites (e.g., Baynes Sound and Stanley Park in British Columbia, .... for Barrow's Goldeneye than other sea duck species in same study and the male age ratio ..... 2009. Apparent survival, natal philopatry, and recruitment of Barrow's ...
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Alaska Marine Mammal Stock Assessments, 2009 - NOAA Fisheries
Feb 3, 2010 ... Cover photo: An adult bearded seal on pack ice in Kotzebue Sound, Alaska. ... assessments for the 2009 document: Steller sea lion (western and eastern U.S. stocks), northern fur .... continuous, yet a high degree of natal site.
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STELLER SEA LION (Eumetopias jubatus - NOAA Fisheries
Jun 10, 2013 ... continuous, yet a high degree of natal site ... 2009). Recent work by Phillips et al. (2011) addressed the effect of ... of Alaska (western stock; Prince William Sound and northern Kodiak area) to breed on rookeries in northern.
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Puget Sound Steelhead Foundations - Washington Department of
Purpose of the Puget Sound Steelhead Foundations Project . ...... Common name : steelhead, coastal rainbow trout, redband trout, rainbows, sea run trout, ocean trout ... 2009). Individual fish that entirely reside in freshwater systems are called ... enter non-natal streams for maturation and spawning (Pautzke and Meigs 1940, ...
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Genetic diversity of ringed seals sampled at breeding sites
May 12, 2008 ... 2009. Genetic diversity of ringed seals sampled at breeding sites; .... Sound ( Chukchi Sea), Point Barrow, Oliktok Point, and Kaktovik (Beaufort Sea). .... ringed seals may be philopatric, returning to their natal sites to breed.
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Ocean acidification impairs olfactory discrimination and homing
Feb 10, 2009 ... evidence for reef fishes suggests that both reef sounds (10) and olfactory cues ... where many larvae recruit to natal reefs (19), it would also be advantageous ... 2009 by The National Academy of Sciences of the USA. 1848 – ...
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Yellow-billed Loon - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
throughout its range in March 2009. It remained a ... surrounding Kotzebue Sound in western. Alaska ... Sea of Okhotsk south to the Yellow Sea; the Barents Sea ...
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ICES Journal of Marine Science
mackerel Scomber scombrus in the northern–central Adriatic Sea by integrating multiple approaches (analysis of ... related to the natal origin of fish; Green et al., 2009), chemical ...... population: whence and whither the Smith Sound cod?
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Download - NRDC
Feb 12, 2014 ... 2009). Tufted puffins form long-term pair bonds, and they share in the care of their young. When not ... tufted puffins spend their juvenile period entirely at sea and may not return to coastal breeding .... went on to recruit to their natal colony ( Morrison et al. 2009: ..... Puget Sound (Aquarone and Adams 2008).
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Read the full study - Institute for Ocean Conservation Science
Long-term natal site-fidelity by immature lemon sharks. (Negaprion ... Received 20 January 2009; revision received 28 May 2009; accepted 2 June 2009. Introduction .... inhabit two parts of the lagoon-North Sound (NS) and. Sharkland ( SL) ...
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Sea Search Operations - BEA
Jun 1, 2009 ... Sea Search Operations - 1st June 2009. 2 .... From 1st June 2009, the Natal MRCC (Brazil) was in charge of coordinating the searches ..... direct noise pollution on reception of the 12 kHz signal from the EA600 On board.
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Download PDF - Northern Research Station
at HVRI in Steller sea lions to be 24 times that of cytochrome b with an absolute rate ... Received 17 February 2009; revision received 20 May 2009; accepted 29 May 2009 .... over 7000 tissue samples taken from pups at their natal .... Gulf of Alaska; BER, Bering Sea; CGA, Central Gulf of Alaska; PWS, Prince William Sound;.
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Standard PDF - Wiley Online Library
Oct 21, 2011 ... ... start and provide a mechanism for spatial structure for sea lion populations. .... Sound; NMFS) and eastern (southeastern Alaska;. ADFG) populations to ... Steller sea lions were branded from 2001 to 2005 and resighted from 2002 to 2009. ... model effects of age, sex and natal rookery. (group covariates) ...
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Summer Foraging Behaviour of Female Sea Otters - Aquatic Mammals
Aquatic Mammals 2009, 35(4), 481-489, DOI 10.1578/AM.35.4.2009.481. Summer Foraging ... in the marine environment by a dense, natal fur. (lanugo) that is ...
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persistent organic pollutants in chinook salmon - The SeaDoc Society
Mar 14, 2008 ... returning to freshwater natal streams for spawning [3]. ... cially in the relatively PCB-contaminated Puget Sound [6,7]. However, it is apparent that global sources acquired by sal- monids during their time in the North Pacific Ocean also con- ... POPs in Pacific chinook salmon. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 28, 2009.
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Salmon in the Arctic and How They Avoid Lethal Low - arlis
both pink and chum salmon appear to be natal to Alaska's North Slope rivers. It is not ... North Pacific for most of their marine life, rather than in the Beaufort Sea region. Because of ... 2009. Salmon in the Arctic and how they avoid lethal low temperatures. N. Pac. .... salmon in Hotham Inlet (Kotzebue Sound), and pink salmon.
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Effects of local and global change on an inland sea: the Strait of
pH of the upper ocean will decrease (Doney et al. 2009). Humans also affect ecosystems directly through fish- ing (Myers ..... fjords (Saanich Inlet, Howe Sound) have exhibited sea- ..... metres from small natal streams to the open Pacific. 12.
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Global research priorities for sea turtles - Inter Research
standing of the level of plasticity in natal homing (see ... sea turtles (Hamann et al. 2007a, Hawkes et al. 2009). For nest site selection, past studies have indicated that species tend to ..... models are based on sound science, there is a funda-.
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The impact of artificial lights and anthropogenic noise on the
... elektronisch publiziert. Erscheinungsjahr 2009. 2 ..... 5 Xcacel, Mexico: Testing artificial lights and sounds on sea turtle hatchlings .................... 125.
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Accepted Article - University of Puget Sound
Sep 24, 2014 ... public concern over ocean health (Crain et al., 2009). .... the area year-round and that dispersal from natal to breeding sites is local (Pearse ...
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Site fidelity, homing and spawning migrations of flounder Platichthys
May 26, 2011 ... The flounder Platichthys flesus (L.) is a sea-spawning flatfish that is ... Maitland & Herdson 2009). It penetrates ... estuary and 2 stations in Plymouth Sound. A further 1667 ...... to their natal estuary, as shown for the weakfish.
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Multi-population analysis of Puget Sound steelhead survival and
Oct 14, 2015 ... period (2006−2009) for a comprehensive analysis of steelhead early marine survival. We used ... tions from Puget Sound and the greater Salish Sea re- gion ( the ...... mouths of their natal rivers survived to reach the Pa-.
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Inter-Population Movements of Steller Sea Lions in Alaska - Plos
Aug 5, 2013 ... Prince William Sound-born females had high probabilities of being in the East ..... Number of Steller sea lions branded as pups at their natal rookery in the ... 2009. 2010. East. Forrester Is. (F)a. 286. 141. 291. 277. 995. East.
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Stripers - New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
July/August 2009 • Wildlife Journal. As the sun dips below the ... I kill the engine, and the sounds of rushing water and gulls fill my ears. The drift begins and the ... saltwater ocean, and then return to their natal stream. (where they were born) to ...
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Growth and migration patterns of Northern Pike (Esox lucius
fidelity to natal streams, carbon stable isotope ratios of adults pike showed a ... thereby facilitating future adult homing to restored areas (Gorsky et al. 2009). ... fidelity while sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus, Bergstedt 1995) do not. ...... reflect analytical noise or more likely variation among sub-basins at scales finer than our.
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Krueger and Zimmerman 2009 Intro to SSI AYK Symp Text.pdf
ham), plus the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean marine ecosystems (see frontispiece map). ... ton Sound region (Menard et al. 2009, this volume). What was the cause for these wild fluc- .... mechanisms, such as natal homing and the.
[ Krueger and Zimmerman 2009 Intro to SSI AYK Symp Text.pdf - Read/Download File

Migratory behaviour and otolith chemistry suggest fine-scale sub
Received: 30 September 2009 /Accepted: 25 May 2010. © Springer ... natal dependence on the choice of spawning site was ..... Number of tagged fish Number of recaptured fish Return rate (%) Mean days at sea Maximum days at sea. Sound.
[ 1310053_svedang-et-al-2010.pdf - Read/Download File

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