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Functional Programming and Big Data - Glenn Engstrand
Data. Usually this translates to petabytes per day. Big data must be processed in a ... data is analyzed. ... is Scala. Spark has three main flavors; map reduce, streaming, and machine learning. What I am.
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Why Big Data Needs to Be Functional - Dean Wampler
Mar 9, 2012 ... It's a buzz word, but generally associated with the problem of data sets too big to manage ... FP code makes it easier to write smaller, focused services (on the ... Back to Scala, let's look at the mess that Java has introduced into ...
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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Scala for Big Data - Dean Wampler
Sep 30, 2008 ... Blocks are managed on each slave by Data Node services. ...... at the right time, that the real winner in the Big Data world is FP, because it's.
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How Apache Spark fits into the Big Data landscape - GitHub Pages
“Organizations that are looking at big data challenges – including ... ease of development – native APIs in Java, Scala,. Python (+ .... leveraging FP/closures. 2.
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Scala – The Real Spark of Data Science - Typesafe
Scala – The Real Spark of. Data Science. Scala Days 2015 ... How do you learn FP? .... Dean Wampler – The Unreasonable. Effec;veness of Scala for Big Data ...
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Martin Odersky: The Scala Experience
Why unify FP and OOP? .... be big or small: ... Can a language be both big ..... Traits/Mixins – for persistence, data binding, query building using POJO's (or.
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Big Data Analytics with Spark - Springer
□Chapter 1: Big Data Technology Landscape .......................................................... 1. □Chapter 2: Programming in Scala . ..... Functional Programming (FP) .
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slides - David M. Andrzejewski
Big Data Scala by the Bay – August 18, 2015 ... @davidandrzej. Data Sciences Engineering, Sumo Logic ... Functional programming (FP). • Big idea: pure ...
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Handbook of BigDataBench (Version 3.1)—A Big Data Benchmark
BigDataBench is an open-source big data benchmark suite, publicly available ... real-world data sets, BigDataBench also provides several parallel big data gen-.
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Cuneiform: a Functional Language for Large Scale Scientific Data
Mar 27, 2015 ... on the exploitation of data parallelism, scientific workflow languages focus on .... Abstractions In the Functional Programming (FP) paradigm the .... portant in Scala. Thus, Spark ..... Management of Big Data, 2012. [20] H. Hiden ...
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Scala on Android YOW Connected 2014
Enterprise Java, HPC, “big data” background. • Founder of ... Take advantage of Scala language & library support ..... 3 kinds of Scala; Java, “idiomatic”, FP ...
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A Crash Course in Scala - SICS
Apr 15, 2014 ... Scala is much more like a bazaar than a cathedral! Amir H. ... Functional Programming (FP). ▷ In a ... FP Languages (1/2) .... Scala Data Types.
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Map(), flatMap() and reduce() are your new best friends:
... Rx Observables. Tackling big data problems with functional programming ... But today FP is mainstream .... package net.chrisrichardson.fp.scala.squareroot.
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A Type-Based Foundation for Closures in the Age of - Infoscience
Abstract. Functional programming (FP) is regularly touted as the way forward ... of systems for big data processing and interactive analytics, evidence this trend. ... For example, consider the following use of a distributed collection in Scala with.
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Introduction to Cloudera Director - VDay
... the past 12 years. Scala and FP enthusiastic ... store, process, analyze and visualize Big. Data. Scale from a few gigabytes to ... Big data transforming business.
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A View on Fuzzy Systems for Big Data: Progress and Opportunities
Keywords: Big Data, Fuzzy Rule Based Classification Systems, Clustering, MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark,. Flink. International .... tional programming language Scala and has fur- .... a parallel version of the well-known FP-Growth al - gorithm ...
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Scala: the New Web Architecture - Manning | Free Content Center
The new way to make web applications is here—where data is big, not just its size ... PAUL is a Scalaz contributor, blogs and speaks regularly on Scala and FP .
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BigData Stream Mining - ECML PKDD 2015 ...... Based on FP-Growth (depth-first search over itemset lattice) ..... Designed in Scala.
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Analysis of Real Time Stream Processing Systems Considering
benchmarking, big data, comparison, database, database management .... operations of Spark “mimic” Scala's operations over lists, maps, etc. ... SPEC CPU FP.
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A Case Study of Hadoop in Healthcare - Big Data Everywhere
•Now Lead engineer in the Big Data Analytics Space - Hadoop. In my spare time. • Love to ... Realtime Feed. Flume. Teradata. Hive/Impala. (SQL). Cascading. ( Java). Scalding. (Scala). Python. 1. 5. 3 ... Data Driven Solutions + FP. “ Functional ...
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The Scala Programming Language
The Scala. Programming Language. Mooly Sagiv. Slides taken from. Martin Odersky (EPFL) ... Then Why aren't FP adapted? • Education .... Can a language be both big and small? ... Basic data structures in Scala are immutable. • Operations ...
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Get PDF (5549K) - Wiley Online Library
Jason Bell has been working with point-of-sale and customer-loyalty data since. 2002, and he has ... sense; and Mitchell Wyle for reviewing the technical side of things. Also big thanks to the Wiley ... 9. Languages for Machine Learning. 10. Python. 10. R. 10. Matlab. 10. Scala. 10. Clojure. 11 .... FP-Growth. 124. Mining the ...
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Big Data Analysis using Distributed Actors Framework - IEEE High
composing and executing big data analytics in batch, streaming, or interactive workflows .... parallelism in Erlang and Scala, and there has been a renewed .... [ 8] Hunt, P. and Konar, M. and Junqueira, F.P. and Reed, B., ZooKeeper: Wait-free  ...
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Go Meta! A Case for Generative Programming and DSLs - DROPS
“big data” workloads and cloud computing, a single hand-optimized C codebase no longer provides the best, or .... The presentation in this paper uses Scala and LMS (Lightweight Modular Staging) [95], a staging ...... In Michael F. P. O'Boyle.
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Download slides
FP = Separation of State and. Behavior. Account ... Publishes events needed by big data/predictive analytics etc. ... Scala Future => Spring MVC DeferredResult ...
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Carroll Slides - MapReduce
Outline. ▫ Big Data. ▫ Analytics. ▫ Map Reduce Programming Model. ▫ Hadoop Ecosystem. ▫ HDFS, Pig, Hive, Oosize, Sqoop, HBase, Yarn. ▫ Spark. Page 3. Big Data. ▫ Volume – Too big for typical database software tools to capture, store, .... Libraries available for Python, R, Scala, Java ... Frequent pattern mining (FP- growth).
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Gobblin: Unifying Data Ingestion for Hadoop - VLDB Endowment
Aug 31, 2015 ... With first hand experience on big data ingestion and inte- gration pain points, we ..... ment (hexagons) on different platforms for different scala- bility and ..... In SoCC, 2012. [21] P. Hunt, M. Konar, F. P. Junqueira, and B. Reed.
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