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Runoff Dependent Erosivity And Slope Length Factors Suitable For Modelling - [Full Version]
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Runoff Dependent Erosivity And Slope Length Factors Suitable For Modelling - Full Download
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Runoff Dependent Erosivity And Slope Length Factors Suitable For Modelling - [Complete Version]
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Runoff dependent erosivity and slope length factors suitable for
Feb 20, 2007 ... Runoff dependent erosivity and slope length factors suitable for modelling annual erosion using the Universal Soil Loss. Equation.
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Soil Erosion Modeling Using GIS and RUSLE - ResearchGate
rainfall–runoff erosivity (R) was derived from monthly rainfall data and Fournier index. ... values of slope length and mean LS factor is 1.34. It is also ... is therefore recommended that further study be undertaken to establish the suitable ...... For example, soil losses from plots on irregular slopes may be dependent on the.
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Modelling erosion, sediment transport and sediment -
Erosion and sediment yield modelling in the former USSR .... untestable, and while the accurate simulation of measured runoff and/or sediment yield ... are well ordered, drainage density and hillslope length and gradient are mutually adjusted, .... By combining rainfall erosivity (the R factor of the USLE, taken from Rosewell,.
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Hydrology and Soil Erosion Models for Catchment
modelling of the time- and space-dependent hydrological processes at a watershed ... or three hydrology and soil erosion models suitable for the MSEC research framework. ... that influence soil erosion and runoff occurring in a catchment. ... rainfall erosivity factor soil erodilaility factor. = slope length and steepness factor.
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Application of GIS for Modeling Soil loss rate in Awash River Basin
Soil erosion is one of the major factors affecting sustainability of agricultural production. ... dependent on intrinsic land proprieties and unable to improve soil fertility through ... the slope length and slope gradient of the study area. ... The most suitable expression of the erosivity of rainfall is an index based on kinetic energy of.
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PDF Full-text - MDPI
Jul 24, 2015 ... equation as a soil loss sub-model in the Vea-LUDAS model (a MAS model). ... land use/cover change, especially when livelihood is primarily dependent on land. ... The average annual rainfall is about 1044 mm and this is suitable for a single wet .... The erosivity (R), erodibility (K), slope factor (LS), and.
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Predicting Changes of Rainfall Erosivity and Hillslope Erosion Risk
rainfall erosivity, hillslope erosion, risk mitigation, modelling, climate change, ... particles) is dependent solely on climatic parameters and can therefore be used in ... relating to slope and slope-length (LS-factor), soil erodibility (K-factor), ..... This study has demonstrated a suitable approach for calculating monthly and annual.
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runoff, sediment concentration and predicting erosion on hillslopes
Thus one approach to modelling erosion involves considering ... as a factor in accounting for event erosivity. This is also important to the modelling of .... where k is an empirical coefficient that is dependent in part on the soil, and Qe is event runoff. ... area (m2) upslope of the cell, D is cell size (m), m is the USLE slope length.
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Scaling effect for estimating soil loss in the RUSLE model - hessd
Feb 16, 2006 ... the suitable scale for estimating soil loss using the remotely sensed geospatial data ... which has an effect on runoff, erosion, soil moisture distribution, .... where, Lij is the equivalent slope length factor for the cell, Aij−in is the contributing ... The erosivity factors in RUSLE was facilitated with a 2-D rainfall map ...
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view full paper - International Journal of Scientific and Research
topographic factor was developed from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM); the K .... and runoff, the rate of soil erosion from an area is also strongly dependent on ... factors in raster data format: rainfall erosivity; soil erodability; slope length ... interpolation methods have been developed in GIS that are suitable to model rainfall.
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Upland erosion -
the relationships between them; and finally the modelling of the .... 1 Basic factors affecting sediment loss on a slope due to water erosion. ... particularly slope angle and downslope length. .... and runoff erosivity and between inter-rill erosion and rainfall .... The direct measurement of changes in soil level is most suitable.
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Investigating rainfall erosivity indices in arid and semiarid climates of
research was to investigate different rainfall erosivity factors and determine the most appropriate ones for use in the central .... erosivity factors (R) in the USLE model, making its calculation costly and ...... Kinnell PIA (2007) Runoff dependent erosivity and slope length factors suitable for modeling annual erosion using the.
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Slope shape effect on runoff and soil erosion under natural rainfall
Dec 18, 2013 ... slope length was observed as slope length in- creased ... Runoff and soil loss were greater in uniform plots than in concave and convex plots. ..... Runoff dependent erosivity and slope length factors suitable for modeling.
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Use of satellite and modeled soil moisture data for predicting event
Sep 11, 2015 ... centration for individual rainfall event is dependent on the event rainfall erosivity index ... the rainfall–runoff erosivity factor in the USLE-MM model. These preliminary .... tors depending on the slope length and gradient, C is the ...... length fac- tors suitable for modeling annual erosion using the Universal Soil.
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Modelling soil erosion at European scale: towards - NHESS
Feb 4, 2015 ... ferent empirical rainfall-erosivity equations within a climatic ensemble ... Soil erosion by rainfall and runoff is one of the main soil threats in ... tral patterns are extremely time-dependant) constitute a limit .... placed the LS (slope length) factor with a new index consid- ..... it suitable for soil erosion modelling.
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Improving the global applicability of the RUSLE model – adjustment
Sep 15, 2015 ... ... of the RUSLE model – adjustment of the topographical and rainfall erosivity factors ... extent of soil erosion by surface runoff on a global scale. This limits our .... a potentially suitable tool on a regional to global scale. The. RUSLE .... in which θ is the slope and l is the slope length in metres. As seen in Eqs.
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Mapping soil erosion risk in - Indiana University Bloomington
Equation (RUSLE) has been the most widely used model in predicting soil erosion loss. ... soil loss in tons per acre; R is the rainfall-runoff erosivity factor; K is the soil erodibility factor; L is the slope length factor; S is the slope steepness factor; .... is the angle of slope in degrees; and n is a constant dependent on the value.
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Effects of Geographic Information Quality on Soil - ETH Zürich
2.2.1 Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) model . ... 3.1.5 Slope Length factor calculation with VBA . ... Chapter 4 GIS Application for Soil Erosion Model . ...... The examine for optimal data will assist choosing the most suitable of GIS data for soil erosion ..... fall and runoff erosivity factor (R factor) interpolations, are given.
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Modeling of Soil Erosion and Its Implication to Forest - InTech
rainfall erosivity factor, calculated by the summation of the erosion index EI30 over the ... The slope length factor L, accounts for increases in runoff volume as .... dependent and independent variables. ... ed using a suitable soil loss equation.
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Chapter 6: A critique of the results - Feweb - Vrije Universiteit
Jan 23, 2004 ... A critique of soil erosion modelling at a catchment scale using. GIS by. Gregory Dennis .... 5.3.2 Creating a Slope-Length Factor (X) grid. 73 .... Rainfall and Runoff Erosivity Index (MJ/ha/mm/yr) (of USLE). RUSLE .... households in South Africa are directly dependent on agriculture, an activity that utilises.
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