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Robustness Of Well Designed Retrieval Performance Measures Under Optimal User - [Full Version]
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Robustness Of Well Designed Retrieval Performance Measures Under Optimal User - Full Download
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When Information Retrieval Measures Agree about the Relative
Jan 8, 2002 ... termine the percent of time or conditions under which two different perfor- ... ments ordered by one retrieval performance measure are often not ... sentation of documents or media fragments in a particular order to the user. The ... and optimal- ..... Robustness of well-designed retrieval performance measures.
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Optimally Robust Private Information Retrieval - Cryptology ePrint
Private information retrieval (PIR) is a way for a client ... this simple type of query does not appear to be very use- ... ticularly the computational performance, into account. In ... These PIR protocols are well .... Rudra [21] designed codes that could be efficiently list .... timing measurements to fall back to an optimal sequence.
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Ranking Function Discovery by Genetic Programming for Robust
Ranking Function Discovery by Genetic Programming for Robust Retrieval ... However nearly all existing ranking functions are manually designed based on ... an ordered document list according to a user's information need (expressed as ... a static ranking function can not guarantee good performance under all situations .
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Measuring Ranked List Robustness for Query Performance Prediction
Ranking robustness, query performance prediction, query classification ... user can quickly form a good query to acquire satisfying results ... For example, the clarity score [4] measures ... Although the robustness score is initially designed for estimating .... well-performing queries tend to agree on most of the retrieved.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
and Blind Feedback for Robust Retrieval. Weiguo ... looked at how to improve ad- hoc retrieval performance for existing ... expand user queries using a fixed ranking scheme using blind ... retrieval (IR) systems or search engines are designed to address .... measure how well an individual, which represents a solution, can.
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Robust Ranking Models via Risk-Sensitive Optimization - Microsoft
This paper introduces learning robust ranking models for ... well relative to a particular baseline – for example a person- ... to rank models in terms of achieving an optimal balance ... ric; the performance of the primary measure is maintained ... Thus we design a new risk-sensitive algorithm ..... The new gradient under the.
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Computing Information Retrieval Performance Measures Efficiently
distance between the computed ranking and the “optimal” ordering determined by the judge is ... and assess its performance under various IR metrics. Despite the fact ... expected search length as a performance measure robust to ties. Raghavan ... bitrarily pick one of the valid (that is, well-sorted) orderings of a result vector.
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Robust optimisation of structures - Evaluation and - DiVA
Aug 24, 2011 ... which can be subsequently used for robust design optimisation. ... No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or be .... dispersion insensitivity and deterministic optimal performance. ..... able robustness measure, as well as ideas on how the evaluated robustness may be.
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Learning Socially Optimal Information Systems from Egoistic Users
Furthermore, we empirically demonstrate the efficacy and robustness of ... versified Retrieval ... thermore, we empirically show that the algorithms perform well for both single .... object yt under context xt for a user with personal utility function Ui, if ¯ξt ∈ ... performance measures to be modeled, including many common IR ...
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Statistical evaluations, taking performance measures such as reliability and robustness .... All these three compounds were retrieved from the same source as the rest of the ... The D-Optimal design works well for linear models, but reveals a bias ... The adaptive experimental design approaches we use in this study, work in a ...
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Low-Cost and Robust Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems
by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under contact ... evaluating the ranking performance of a retrieval engine gets harder: evaluation ... judgments as well as the cost of drawing incorrect conclusions about differences ...... The optimal experimental design for information retrieval consists of several.
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A New Approach for Robust Design of Mechanical Systems
It can help the designer to seek an ideal design or a robust design in respect ... are also acceptable be- cause they may verify independence under specific conditions. ... often used to measure a certain kind of de- pendence between the variables. ... Dp (design parameters: physical parameters), as well as their performance ...
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Improving the Robustness of Private Information Retrieval
Improving the Robustness of Private Information Retrieval. Ian Goldberg ... cols, and measure their performance in order to determine ... the servers use only polynomial-time computations in order .... that the above technique works in some non-fields as well. ..... decoding algorithm; that is, under some circumstances, it.
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Fast Compressive Phase Retrieval - IIS Windows Server - Michigan
... design both the recovery algorithm AM : Rm → Cn, as well as the measurement ... retrieval methods which use a near-optimal number of phaseless ... Problem formulations designed specifically ... RETRIEVAL. We summarize below a recently introduced fast (es- ..... performance through use of more robust phase retrieval.
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A new framework for optimal classifier design
Sep 12, 2013 ... The use of alternative measures to evaluate classifier performance is ... several databases, showing the optimality and robustness of the ... For example in information retrieval [Manning et al. .... Let us also recall some related well know definitions: ..... The standard deviations were under 1% in all cases.
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Optimal Information Storage:Nonsequential Sources and - MIT
properties of optimal information storage systems and the robustness of optimal sys- .... Information storage and retrieval systems must meet certain performance objec- .... use the factorization interpretation and the measure matching interpretation of op- .... Storage in Noisy Synapses under Resource Constraints.” Some of ...
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Robust Collaborative Recommendation - DePaul University
ticular product or item look like a good recommendation for a particular user (or ... to create a large number of psuedonomous profiles designed to bias the system's ..... 3 Note that an optimal push attack strategy is also presented in [9]. ..... retrieval. In this context, they measure the classifier's performance in identifying at - ...
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A High Performance and Scalable Information Retrieval Platform
Algorithms, Design, Experimentation, Performance, Theory. Keywords. Terrier ... large-scale Information Retrieval applications, as well as a state-of-the-art ...
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Modeling and Simulating a VVT System for Robust Design - Synopsys
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in ... For example, how well ... making these performance measurements more immune ... shaft to the optimal value. ... been to use robust design methodologies throughout the ... correctly under nominal conditions and that all required.
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Robust texture features for still-image retrieval - CiteSeerX
features for optimum retrieval performance in this context. The majority ... measure performance [2–5]. ... use of grey level co-occurrence matrices (GLCM) to extract .... design strategy that ensures that the half-peak magnitude ... used a value of k ¼ 40, which was found to give good ... implications of the evaluation are below:.
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