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Quantum fluctuations in anisotropic triangular lattices with ferro-and
Apr 17, 2014 ... The 2D isotropic triangular Heisenberg antiferromagnet. (HAF) is the most simple ... a quantum spin S=1/2 the interplay of quantum fluctuations and frustration leads to ... ble even in the quantum case, albeit with strongly reduced or- ... tigate magnetization and field dependence of ordered moment in the full ...
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Pressure and magnetic field effects on a quasi-2D spin-1/2
Feb 26, 2016 ... spintronics,3 where the use of antiferromagnets (AFMs) ... the competition between order and quantum fluctuations, normally ... a transition from a 2D quasi- Heisenberg AFM to a 3D or- .... in-plane exchange anisotropy ∆X Y of Cu(pz)2( ClO4)2 (see ... the second a field-induced reduction of quantum fluctua-.
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Ordering due to disorder in a triangular Heisenberg antiferromagnet
urations are subject to the selection of quantum fluctuations. Thirdly ... In this paper, we study the anisotropic Heisenberg model of m (antiferromagnets.
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Classical and quantum anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets
Jun 30, 2009 ... We study classical and quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets with exchange ... Uniaxially anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets in a magnetic field along the .... In general, quantum fluctuations may substantially reduce.
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Magnetic properties of spin-one ferromagnets with an arbitrary
The magnetic properties of spin-one Heisenberg ferromagnets with general crystal ... Crystal-field anisotropy plays a major role in determining the critical behavior of ... quantum Heisenberg model with an arbitrary orthorhombic crystal- field .... Apparently the quantum and thermal fluctuations have substantially reduced the ...
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Quantum fluctuations in antiferromagnetic spin configurations
at B/K ≈ −14, where B is the external field and K the anisotropy constant. ... In this thesis we discuss the effect of quantum fluctuations in antiferro- magnetic ...
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Quantum theory of an antiferromagnet on a triangular lattice in a
The reorientation process in a magnetic field in two-dimensional isotropic and XY quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets is shown to occur through the ... lished: it is of the 'umbrella' type and the order parameter space is reduced from SO(3) .... the ground state would be destroyed by quantum fluctuations due to the ...
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Geometric frustration: the case of triangular antiferromagnets
Nov 19, 2010 ... 0 < d ⩽ 1.5 possesses Z6⊗S1 symmetry at zero-field which induces triple ...... Quantum fluctuations are another way to reduce degeneracy .... As easy-plane anisotropic Heisenberg triangular antiferromagnet is presented.
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Classical and quantum anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets
Heisenberg antiferromagnets. W. Selke1, G. ... S=1 anisotropic Heisenberg spin chain at T=0. Conclusions ... Mean–field theory, renormalization group, Monte Carlo simulations, .... (ii) the relevance of interrelated biconical fluctuations arising from the ..... Supersolid (SS) phase appreciably reduced compared to BC phase;.
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1 One-Dimensional Magnetism - Institute for Theoretical Physics
the field of one-dimensional magnetism and of their relevance to experiments and ... mechanical 1D Heisenberg model and (some of) its anisotropic generalizati- ons. ... new phases of matter and the interplay of quantum fluctuations and thermal .... is enlarged to the full rotational symmetry of the isotropic ferromagnet.
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Influence of Ising-anisotropy on the zero-temperature phase
Abstract. We use a variational mean-field like approach, the coupled cluster method ... Néel order in Heisenberg antiferromagnets, namely the competition of non-equivalent ... the frustrating J2 bonds plus quantum fluctuations lead to a second-order transition ..... This result can be attributed to the reduction of quantum spin.
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Frustration and Quantum Fluctuations in Heisenberg fcc
Aug 1, 1998 ... mean-field sense) simple cubic antiferromagnetic sublattices is ... have a nonzero energy of order J′√S. We also study the dependence of the zero-point spin reduction on J′/J ... the ground state of quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnets on ... anisotropy, biquadratic exchange interactions, or elastic.
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Thermodynamics of Heisenberg ferromagnets with arbitrary spin in a
Considering the specific heat in one dimension and at low magnetic fields, two maxima ... The study of low-dimensional quantum spin systems1 is ... The 2D anisotropic S 1 Heisenberg ferromagnets in a ..... 1/2, i.e., to reduce the number of equations in addition to .... computed by using the fluctuation-dissipation relation.
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Phase Diagram of the Spin-1 XXZ Heisenberg Ferromagnet with a
or a non-zero magnetic anisotropy is involved in the model Hamiltonian studied [ 8]. ... behavior of the spin-1 quantum Heisenberg ferromagnet. ... been explored within the standard mean-field approximation [13, 14], the ... by quantum fluctuations. .... 1 in the reduced units d = D/J and t = kBT/J for the simple-cubic ( trian-.
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posters - DQMP
effective anisotropy, resulting in a positive shift of the Heisenberg-to-XY ... age, enables quantum tunneling of spin through an insulator or vacuum to reach a ferromagnet, which .... that reducing the thickness through facile exfoliation provides an effective ...... Magnetic field induced fluctuations in a quantum spin liquid.
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Dimensional crossover of spin chains in a transverse staggered field
Jul 4, 2012 ... Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain materials are known to substantially alter their static and dynamic prop- erties when ... quantum fluctuations are the source of physical phenom- ena without ... strongly reduced saturation moment in the ordered state ... expected for spin-1/2 antiferromagnets in an applied field.
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Phases of triangular lattice antiferromagnet near saturation
Apr 3, 2014 ... We consider 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnets on a triangular lattice with spatially anisotropic interactions ... field/anisotropy plane due to competition between classical and quantum orders: ..... the symmetry is further reduced by Γ3 term, which is allowed ... presence of anisotropy and quantum fluctuations.
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Slides -
-The Heisenberg model in molecular field approximation: ferro, ... -the Brillouin function (quantum case) .... Charge fluctuations are small .... If gap in the spin wave spectrum (i.e. anisotropy), behavior is .... Reduction of Curie temperature. T.
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Quantum fluctuations stabilize Skyrmion textures
Feb 6, 2015 ... collinear spin texture produce Casimir-like magnetic fields. ... energy, to the lowest order in the spin wave expansion, in a Heisenberg model ... case of collinear ferromagnets, but is non-zero in general. ... those fluctuations leads to a reduction in the energy of ... Zeeman term and the uniaxial anisotropy:.
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Low-temperature properties of Heisenberg ferromagnets with
Low-temperature properties of Heisenberg ferromagnets with arbitrary spin in the ... the presence of easy-plane anisotropy, the requirement of a ... In such fields the quantization axis deviates from ... role of quantum fluctuations near order- disorder phase tran- .... which do not reduce solely to a renormalization of the an- .
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