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Recombinant Expression Of Polymeric Iga Incorporation Of J Chain And Secretory - [Full Version]
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Recombinant Expression Of Polymeric Iga Incorporation Of J Chain And Secretory - Full Download
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Recombinant Expression Of Polymeric Iga Incorporation Of J Chain And Secretory - [Complete Version]
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Role of J Chain in Secretory Immunoglobulin - Wiley Online Library
J-chain incorporation into polymeric IgA (pIgA, ... [3,7,8]. J-chain expression may be a marker for relatively `early' ..... with human J chain (recombinant pIgA), was.
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The J Chain Is Essential for Polymeric Ig Receptor-Mediated
of such polymers to the secretory component (SC)/polymeric (p)IgR. To better ...... Recombinant expression of polymeric IgA: incorporation of J chain and.
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Structural Requirements for the Interaction of Human IgA with the
Transport of polymeric IgA onto mucosal surfaces to become secretory IgA is mediated by the .... Recombinant IgA1 expression vectors with specific mutations in the Cα3 ... incorporated a HindIII restriction site (underlined) and a Kozak sequence ... calcium phosphate transfection with the human J chain expression vector.
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Conserved Binding Interactions between J Chain and Polymeric Ig
Nov 16, 2006 ... Secretory Antibody Formation: Conserved Binding. Interactions ...... Recombinant expression of polymeric IgA: incorporation of J chain and.
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Human Plasma-derived Polymeric IgA and IgM Antibodies Associate
Aug 15, 2012 ... ried J chain and displayed selective SC binding capacity either in ... 3 The abbreviations used are: SIgA, secretory IgA; pIgA, polymeric IgA; SC ... hSCrec, recombinant hSC; hSCcol, colostrum-derived hSC; mSC, mouse SC ... from a CHO clone stably transfected with an expression cas- .... Incorporation of J.
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The carboxy-terminal domains of IgA and IgM direct isotype-specific
Sep 3, 2002 ... polymers formed and also which polymers that incorporated the J ... recombinant molecule formed J chain-containing pentamers that ... As for IgA, only J chain- containing IgM polymers bind the pIgR ... Besides the secretory-tailpiece .... The human SC-his6 expression vector, and the chimeric pIgR with ...
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The Coming of Age of the Immunoglobulin J Chain - Annual Reviews
light chains, the J chain is incorporated only in the polymeric im munoglobulins ... The development of recombinant DNA technology and more sensitive sequencing .... pentamer IgM by acting in the early stages of infection, and polymeric IgA by protecting ..... are transported by the secretory pathway in these cells (14, 62).
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Recombinant Production of IgA Antibodies - Boku
combining IgA heavy chains, light chains and the joining (J) chain. ... mucosal IgA variant (secretory IgA) and successfully associated dimeric and polymeric .... 1.1 Introduction to the physiology of (recombinant) protein expression ............11 ...... structures (pentamers and even hexamers) as well as incorporation of J chain.
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Construction of a Chimeric Secretory IgA and Its Neutralization
Jan 7, 2014 ... The chimeric monomeric IgA antibody expression was confirmed by using ELISA, SDS-. PAGE, and ... IgA units, which are associated with the J chain acquired ..... primary antibodies to confirm the various polymeric forms of recombinant SIgA. ..... incorporation of J chain and secretory component of human.
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Bi-directional Transepithelial IgG Transport by a Strongly Polarized
Feb 6, 2004 ... pIgR, polymeric immunoglobulin receptor; TfnR, transferrin receptor. ...... in the secretory pathway. Very similar results were .... Recombinant expression of polymeric IgA: incorporation of J chain and secretory component of ...
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Structure and function of immunoglobulins - Journal of Allergy and
''regular'' (IgA, IgE, IgD, and IgG), and ''light'' (light chain dimers). More than ... J: Joining. L: Light. NHEJ: Nonhomologous end-joining. pIgA: Polymeric IgA .... VpreB gene rearrangement is not required for CLC expression. ..... polymeric IgM in the antibody-producing cell during the secretory .... d.recombinant antibodies. J  ...
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Transepithelial transport and mucosal defence II: secretion of IgA - Cell
part played by a special class of antibody, polymeric IgA, in the protection ... expression of the receptor and hence indirectly ... J chain. (~ Secretory Component. FIGURE 1. Structure of slgA. slgA consists of at least two IgA monomers ..... recombinant SC could bind intracellularly to the ... ISCOMs are formed by incorporation.
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Lymphoepithelial interactions in the - Gut
selective epithelial transport of polymeric immunoglobulins (pIg). To this end there ... with their production of two key factors, the J chain and the secretory component .... found to mediate epithelial class II expression,4" and recombinant interferon-y ... the switch of B cells from IgM to IgA expression in murine Peyers patches.
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Characterization of Human Class-Switched Polymeric - Journal of
Sep 3, 2002 ... 2F5 and 2G12 antibodies of an IgA or IgM isotype should ... The human -chain constant region (secretory form) sequence ... The J-chain or DHFR was next ligated into the SmaI/XbaI site and ... expression was amplified by methotrexate pressure. .... The transcytosis of the recombinant polymeric antibod-.
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Full Text (PDF)
Jul 16, 2013 ... ... VHH-IgA with the porcine joining chain and secretory component led to the ... encourage future expression of these antibodies in crop seeds. molecular ... antibodies in seeds that can be incorporated into the starter feed of weaned ... chains, the joining (J) chain to express dimeric IgA (dIgA), and the SC.
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PDF (186 KB) - ATS Journals
the secretory IgA (S-IgA) system, with a specific focus on the mucosal IgA response ..... called the J chain, secreted concomitantly by pIgA-producing cells. ( 25). .... epithelium, in line with the decreased polymeric lgR expression (80). bility to invasive ..... Recently, the application of recombinant anti-Streptococcus mu-.
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IgA function – variations on a theme - Wiley Online Library
bridges and incorporation of J (joining) chain.23,24 For reasons that remain ... into the secretions (secretory IgA) and is thought to help protect the antibody ...
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Nov 4, 1992 ... Polymerization is initiated through incorporation of the. J chain within the B cell. Following secretion from the. B cell, polymeric IgA is taken up ...
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Control of Key Parameters in Developing Mammalian Production
primary transfectants for secretion rates ... (, and polymeric .... Table 2: Control of early transfectants for expression of recombinant IgM into cell culture medium ... incorporated J-chain was not ... expressed IgM and IgA class-.
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into the secreted product in a ratio of one J chain per polymer (1, 2). ... recent advances in recombinant DNA technology and somatic cell ..... chain gene expression during B cell differentiation. The J ... the production of polymer IgA in that subpopulation of cells which have .... Synthesis but not secretion of J chain by variant.
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