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Radiation Damping Effects On Relaxation Time Measurements By The Inversion Recovery - [Full Version]
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Radiation Damping Effects On Relaxation Time Measurements By The Inversion Recovery - Full Download
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Radiation Damping Effects On Relaxation Time Measurements By The Inversion Recovery - [Complete Version]
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Radiation-Damping Effects on Relaxation-Time Measurements by
Radiation-Damping Effects on Relaxation-Time Measurements by the Inversion- Recovery Method. Author links open the overlay panel. Numbers correspond to ...
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pdf - arXiv.org
Abstract: Radiation damping (RD) has been shown to affect T1 measurement in ... characterize the severity of RD, while gradient inversion recovery (GIR) is used for .... relaxation times of the samples (Morgan & Nolle 1959; Viola et al. 2000).
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In vivo measurement of the longitudinal relaxation time of arterial
Mar 8, 2006 ... on the flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery (FAIR) pulsed ASL ... longitudinal relaxation time of the tissue water (T1), and ... nonselective saturation and inversion pulses affect the ..... FAIR excluding radiation damping.
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FAIR excluding radiation damping (FAIRER) - Wiley Online Library
ery (FAIR) technique is complicated by the effect of radiation damping ... spin- lattice relaxation time cs is an apparent one, ex- pressed ... measure TI using traditional inversion recovery (IR) methods. ... inversion time TI, and the echo time TE.
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Radiation damping in modern NMR experiments: Progress and
Influence of radiation damping in diffusion and relaxation experiments. .... experiments. The term ''radiation damping'' does not accurately describe the effect. Szцke and ... spin–spin relaxation measurements [26,27], the use of RD to deter- ...... Recovery of the water magnetization in an inversion recovery experiment.
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Feedback Schemes for Radiation Damping Suppression in NMR - MIT
not requiring the knowledge of the radiation damping time constant is also investigated. ... weak it is dominated by the relaxation effects, and hence it. C. Altafini ...
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Feedback schemes for radiation damping suppression in NMR - MIT
Oct 20, 2010 ... Radiation damping is a phenomenon occurring in an NMR spec- trometer in the presence of a collective spin measurement [6–8]. During a .... Disregarding relaxation effects (i.e., when the relaxation time constants [1] tend to ..... constants in nuclear magnetic resonance by inversion recovery and automated.
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Magnetization transfer induced biexponential longitudinal relaxation
relaxation time constant to all 1H magnetization within a given voxel. ... tion of longitudinal relaxation may need to take this effect ex- ... Key words: magnetization transfer; inversion recovery; rat brain ... radiation damping, multiple nonexchanging magnetic en- .... in the R1 measurement, one rat was killed in the magnet by.
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What is the longitudinal relaxation time (T1) of blood at 3.0 Tesla
The effect of radiation damping on the inversion recovery T1 measurement was also assessed. METHODS: Experiments were conducted on a 3.0 T whole body ...
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Characterization and Suppression Techniques for Degree of
Radiation Damping in Inversion Recovery Measurements ... Radiation damping has been shown to affect longitudinal relaxation time (T1) measurement in.
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Comparison of Spin-lattice Relaxation Measurements Made in the
Jan 1, 2010 ... Spin-lattice relaxation; radiation damping; inversion recovery; saturation ... relaxation times of water were measured at increasing magnetic field strengths. ... Scientific investigations of the effects of magnetic fields on water ...
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Transient properties of radiation damping M.P - UC Davis
short nuclear spin relaxation times for crystals at low temperatures. ... spin relaxation times in condensed phase. Although ... radiation damping and its effects on NMR signals was made by Bloom [8] in ... for inversion recovery and Carr±Purcell curves in T1. [18] and T2 [19] measurements, and other artifacts. [20 ±22] have ...
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Radiation damping with inhomogeneous broadening - UC Davis
ABSTRACT: There are several examples in the literature where effects of inhomoge- neous broadening on radiation damping of free precession signals have been ... B these equations describe the time. 0. Ž . ... represents spin lattice relaxation, and Re ... mat to the time of measurement, followed by. Ž . ..... recovery method.
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Elimination of Radiation Damping Effects from the NMR Relaxation
Elimination of Radiation Damping Effects from the NMR Relaxation Curves ... were determined by the inversion recovery (IR) and Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill ( CPMG) ... that the relaxation times in H2O/D2O mixtures are measurable by conventional methods ... Therefore, RD must be eliminated when relaxation measure-.
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Feedback schemes for radiation damping suppression in NMR: a
maintaining the spin 1/2 in its inverted state, and the second to a 2-degree of ... In this last setting, the effect of a weak measurement is described by a term in a ... situations in which radiation damping is of interest and relaxation is negligible. .... the system (3) is conservative, the bidimensional output in (3) allows to recover ...
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Controlling spin relaxation with a cavity - arXiv.org
Aug 28, 2015 ... such applications, the spin relaxation time T1 must be sufficiently long ... both a large spin-cavity coupling and a low cavity damping rate are needed: in our experi- ... 1b) at a sufficiently low concentration for collective radiation effects ..... magnetic field. c) Inversion-recovery measurements as a function of θ ...
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Controlling spin relaxation with a cavity - UCL
Feb 15, 2016 ... point at which quantum fluctuations have a marked effect on the ... If the cavity damping rate κ= ω0/Q is greater than the spin–cavity coupling g, then the cavity ... of radiofrequency radiation from nuclear spins coupled to a resonant circuit14 ... We measure the relaxation time T1 by performing an “inversion-.
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table of contents
4.2 Quantum mechanical description of the time evolution of spin systems ... Radiation damping ... 8.3 Measurement of longitudinal relaxation times ... 10.1.1 Origin of the nuclear modulation effect .... 15.1.4 Inversion-recovery detected EPR .
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Measurement of amide hydrogen exchange rates with the use of
Sep 27, 2011 ... Using the radiation damping method, although only magnetization at the ... analysis of the exchange process during the water recovery period is not .... where R j is the apparent relaxation rate of water protons in the jth interval. .... Effects of exchange-relayed NOE and direct NOE on the measured HX rates.
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Measuring Cerebral Blood Flow Using Magnetic Resonance
ery; FAIRER, flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery excluding radiation damping; GE. gradient-echo; rCA. internal carotid artery;. MCA ... weighted imaging, metabolite spectroscopy, tissue relax ... volume (CBV) and the mean transit time (MTT) of blood ......... .... it has no effect on the CBF (Doerfler et aI., 1 997) and has.
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