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Art Hobson There are no particles, there are only fields 1 - arXiv.org
phenomena showing particles are incompatible with quantum field theories. ... provides a basis for mind-over-matter claims from ESP to alternative medicine, .... II. A HISTORY OF CLASSICAL FIELDS. Fields are one of physics' most plausible ... absurdity that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters a competent.
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Quantum Condensed Matter Physics - University of California, Santa
Nov 30, 2011 ... Quantum field theory is a mathematical apparatus which codifies .... II Basic Formalism. 17 .... 10.4 Phases of Matter and Critical Phenomena .
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Refined Characterization of Student Perspectives on Quantum
(matter-wave or information-wave) did so with confidence, and were of the opinion that the ... and how to teach matters of interpretation to introductory quantum physics ... exploring student perspectives on quantum phenomena in the specific ... simultaneously both particle and wave); and (ii) Students are most likely to ...
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Scale Invariance at low accelerations (aka MOND) and the
May 25, 2016 ... (ii) Dark matter is needed only if we adhere to standard dynamics. – Newtonian .... uitously in quantum phenomena, as a0 appears ubiqui- tously (through A0) ...... Assume that what matters are only the accelerations produced.
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Field theory approach in the dynamics of biomatter
Nov 6, 2012 ... physical phenomena in life matters, in particular at elementary ... If one can make use of field theory on the particle size matter to ..... 11.04/SK/KPPI/II/2011. ... R. Rattazzi, The Path Integral Approach to Quantum Mechanics ...
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Waves Possesses Particle Type Character Inherently, Not Matters
frequency and phase velocity expression for matter waves. ... introduce novel General and Relativistic Quantum Mechanical Wave Equations. ... the explanation of various phenomena of physics and ...... V and II.D.1. First, in section 2.4.1 we discussed the inability of frequency expression for matter wave, proposed by.
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Understanding Quantum Phenomena - Philsci-Archive
1 Three ways of understanding quantum phenomena. 39 ... 2 How understanding matters – or not. 51 ... II Understanding Bell-type phenomena. 85 ..... matter of preference on the basis of the structural analysis of the phenomena and theories.
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A Quantum Approach to Dark Matter final - arXiv.org
II. THEORY. A. Scope and Justification. The essence of the present approach is very simple: what .... The concepts behind some of these quantum phenomena.
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... in the proceedings from the Abisko (Sweden) Conference on Matter Matters √ ... In Sections II and III, we look at some of the current models of cognitive ..... extreme view ( panpsychism«) is that consciousness is a quality of all matter: atoms and .... Coherent quantum phenomena cannot perform computation if the system ...
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SCIENCE CHINA New quantum matters: Build up versus high
Nov 18, 2013 ... Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics & Institute of Physics, Institute ... conducting system, (II) pressure induced superconductivity in topological ... physical phenomena unveils new aspects of the intrinsic.
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The Mind Matters - jstor
of the same (comprehensive) events," (ii) "mental events can with some ... phenomena to violate the statistical predictions of quantum mechanics, then I fail to see how ... hibit only informational sensitivity, as a matter of fact we evolved so as to.
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MATTER MATTERS by Manuel DeLanda
MATTER MATTERS by Manuel DeLanda a series from .... that critical phenomena always take place at N-1 dimensions. Although in the ..... II to deal with problems of communicating encrypted military ..... they emit a quantum of light (a photon).
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I. Physical phenomena in laser-matter interaction II. Imaging with
Outline. Physical phenomena in laser-matter interaction. • Classical and quantum description. • Floquet theory, Volkov states. • Multiphoton processes, tunneling.
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Vague Identity and Quantum Indeterminacy - The Metaphysicist
Suppose (to keep matters simple) that in an ionization chamber a ... ples there may simply be no objective fact of the matter as to whether or not ... perfectly intelligible to interpret quantum phenomena in the more familiar ... (ii) It is mistaken to.
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How Quantum Theory Helps us Explain - arXiv.org
stability of matter in section 7, and Bose-Einstein condensation in section 8. ... They show that the phenomenon to be explained was to be expected and (ii) they say ... quantum theory helps us to see that many puzzling phenomena were to be ...... This question raises important matters of principle, since talk of photons must  ...
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How many new particles do we need after the Higgs boson?
May 16, 2014 ... All matter particles in the Standard Model (SM) except neutrinos have been observed with both, ... observed phenomena (II)-(IV) simultaneously, for a review see e.g. Refs. ... quantum theory of gravity not only for self-consistency, but also because it seems ... P with φ2 ≡ Φ†Φ [12], only matters in section 3.
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The stability of matter and quantum electrodynamics - Project Euclid
dinary matter requires a formulation of quantum mechanics with two ingredients: .... phenomena associated with each range of energy and other parameters ...... not just an idle exercise, for several new matters of a physical nature, as .... II. The many-electron atom and the one-electron molecule, Commun. Math. Phys.
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Matter and Meaning - Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Re-Creation: A Possible Interpretation of Quantum Indeterminism. M. Basil Altaie. PART II: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES. Chapter Four. .... Gospels shows that matter matters to God, which is the creed to be found in Genesis. ..... by those who turn to the sciences for explanations of natural phenomena. John Henry, in a  ...
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Quantum effects in biology - ScienceDirect
Sep 16, 2011 ... We address questions about why coherence matters, what it is, how it can be ... Many of the quantum phenomena listed in the preceding paragraph are ... In Section II we describe the key quant um aspects of the processes and ..... the sm all-polaron representation that was popular in condensed-matter ...
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Course List
PHYS5410 Quantum Mechanics II ... PHYS5450 Introduction to Soft Matter Physics ... PHYS5550 Topics in Theoretical Physics (Quantum Optics) ... subject matters. ... phenomena and the renormalization group; stochastic dynamics and ...
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