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Psychology Today Seems Less Capable Than Ever Of Providing A Coherent Account - [Full Version]
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Psychology Today Seems Less Capable Than Ever Of Providing A Coherent Account - Full Download
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Psychology Today Seems Less Capable Than Ever Of Providing A Coherent Account - [Complete Version]
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Creativity as Flexible Cognitive Control - Psychology Today
Stroop task. Creative individuals were neither more nor less capable of overriding cognitive conflicts on ... Especially high levels of creativity seem to require some degree of focused mental ... individuals, then, are viewed as flexible in the use of ego control ..... a narrative account of her strategies for creative achievement in.
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Behavior Analysis, Relational Frame Theory, and the Challenge of
Behavior analysis sought nothing less than a comprehensive ac- count of the psychological activity of organ- ... Skinnerian Account of Human Language and Cognition ... If the answer is “yes,” behavior analysis seems destined ..... ever, the slide into traditional ways of thinking ... sive and coherent program of basic research.
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Accepted Manuscript - Psychology Today
service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. ... Empirically, this cognitive architecture accounts qualitatively for the data.
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Leader development and the dark side of personality - Psychology
taking such “dark side” personality characteristics into account when ... range of Skeptical are quite capable of trusting others, but those who are high on the ..... consensus opinion, however, seems to be that higher levels of subclinical ..... (all ICCs except for Fairness are greater than .13 but less than .22; see Singer, 1998) .
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The legal self: Executive processes and legal theory - Psychology
Then we describe several examples in which legal principles can be under- .... the conscious actions of persons capable of understanding the rules and ... 1 Or, it might seem, the other way round: the capacity for rationality is .... Noting that juveniles are more subject to peer pressure and that they have less control over.
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The Attuned Therapist - Dr. Dan Siegel
than four decades of research he's conducted as he discussed the clinical ... psychological development was as self-evident as the worthiness of therapy ... today. Each brought to bear both an impressive resume and passionately ... Are there ever times when too much .... attention to emotion, much less attachment angst.
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Psychological Bulletin
regarded self-interest as a sufficient principle to account for most of individual and social ... tiplicity of responses of which an organism is capable, and then fixated .... 1. The first major focus of interest has been Thorndike's law itself. Ever since its ..... To many psychologists hedonism today is no more acceptable than it was at ...
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How Mate Choice shaped Human Nature
which bears much less directly on human social, sexual, and cultural behavior. ... Today, although natural selection theory serves as the conceptual and ... evolution was a matter of differential reproduction rather than differential survival. ... an initial bias in female preferences), Fisher's model could account for the wildly.
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N°8 - LSE
popularisation of science consisted of little more than a litany of unrelated facts. ... a theory capable of organising the data – that he perceives to be lacking from ...
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ecologically stimulating cognitive psychology - Trinity College
cognitive psychology, but Gibson's brand of perception is another matter. ... previously counted as more or less "perceptual" (e.g., metacontrast), Neisser could .... tridimensional world, losing, it would seem, all the tridimensionality, and then taking immediate physiological account of the disparity of binocular parallax and.
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The Emotional Dog and its Rational Tail: A Social - Mother Jones
Oct 31, 2000 ... with moral emotion more than with moral reasoning. .... the child on to the less egocentric and more ... be taken into account by reason (as in Figure 1), but ... researchers in moral psychology today (see chapters .... It seems, then, that for affectively charged events such as ..... about providing justifications?
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Empiricist Roots of Modern Psychology - Union College
philosophy to develop an integrated account, hospitable to Christianity, of everything ... rationalism overshadowed the empiricism of his day–providing the .... Russell concluded, “I cannot but hope that something less sceptical than ..... seem to us today, it did not begin to emerge in the views of eighteenth century thinkers.
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What is Culture? - University of Warwick
speaking, it was used in three ways (all of which can be found today as well). First ... This sense of culture is more closely related to aesthetics than to social ... ' Culture consists of the derivatives of experience, more or less organized, learned or created by the .... determines one's physical and basic psychological functioning.
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The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays - Monoskop
However, for all that, there does seem justification for a certain amount of retroactive .... it where it applies and where it is capable of extension; and they desist where it does not apply ... ture, which is at least internally coherent and, more important, which .... servational and rather less of an interpretive activity than it really is.
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Political Ideology: Its Structure, Functions, and Elective Affinities
2Departments of Psychology and Political Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,. Minnesota 55455 ... these elements capable of exercising some sort .... picted certain ideologies as “more or less con- ... seem rarely (if ever) to communicate with one .... ever, rather than demonstrating that ideological belief systems.
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plateau experience - Association for Transpersonal Psychology
then, he would be at high risk for another, possibly fatal, heart attack, and his .... account in any psychological theory attempting to delineate a model of the whole  ...
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The Self in Cultural-Historical Activity Theory - CiteSeerX
Although much of psychology today remains devoted to the cognitivist agenda of ... rendering an account of the self as a profoundly social phenomenon, yet at ... which their insights could be integrated to produce a coherent conceptualiza- ... There is hardly any concept that is intuitively more individualistic than the self.
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Man is the fundamental instrument in war; other instruments may
coherent whole out of conflicting parts have been fundamental to ... penetrating insight remain vital in today's Army. As historian ... and psychologists of the modern era, intuition was ... Bastick writes, “There seems to have ... thus enables intuitive thought by providing previ- .... war, he will never be other than a mediocre gen-.
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The Attentional Foundations of Coherence - EECS
Oct 1, 2013 ... of S1, then the meaning of the discourse may be represented ... Though the would-be burglar looks off- ... is understood as providing an explanation of Mary's state. ... This account predicts the same coherence relation – Explanation – no ..... ever, the appeal to Humean associationist psychology is, I think, ...
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Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our strategy for public health -
Nov 30, 2010 ... Today, published to accompany this White Paper. .... network for all those responsible for commissioning or providing public health. 8 ... 1.1 Today, people in England are healthier and are living longer than ever before, and .... circulatory diseases and mental health disorders account for over 70% of the.
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