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Large Scale Probabilistic Drought Characterization Over Europe
Drought Probabilistic characterization Return period Large scale analysis ... observed drought characteristics is unsuitable to model the marginal or joint probability ...... Bonaccorso B, Cancelliere A, Rossi G (2003) An analytical formulation of ...
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Jan 28, 2016 ... Keywords: monthly rainfall; stochastic model; dry and wet periods; Calabria. 1. ... time series into a standardized normal distribution, and the drought severity ... In order to overcome such a difficulty, the probabilistic behavior of dry and wet periods characteristics can be derived analytically, assuming a given ...
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Drought Analysis Based on Copulas - Purdue e-Pubs
Jun 22, 2011 ... drought characteristics, namely, drought duration, severity, interval time and ... droughts, and there is extensive literature on modeling of droughts using these ... interpretation, and probabilistic so that it can be used in risk and decision ...... 1100–1109. [5] Bonaccorso, B., Cancelliere, A., and Rossi, G. 2003.
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Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Meteorological Drought for the
omy in large areas all over the world is drought (Rossi et al. 1992). ... decades ( Bonaccorso et al. 2003; Loukas and ... (basins C and B) and lower precipitation over basin A, .... correct the bias of the regional climate model (RCM) results for ... g(x)5. 1. baG(a). xaÀ1eÀx/b for x.0,. (1) where a is a shape parameter (a . 0), b is a ...
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Copula-based drought severity-duration-frequency analysis in Iran
Jun 2, 2009 ... drought characteristics is, therefore, an essential element ... (2001), Bonaccorso et al. (2003), González ... observed drought data and fitted by a probabilistic model. Copulas ..... Bonaccorso B, Cancelliere A, Rossi G. 2003.
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Recent methods and techniques for managing hydrological droughts
G. Rossi, V. Nicolosi and A. Cancelliere ... Key words: Hydrological drought indices, water management, risk analysis, .... Thus, a probabilistic analysis ..... stochastic model able to reproduce the main statistical characteristics of the historical observations .... Di Mauro, G., Bonaccorso, B., Cancelliere, A. and Rossi G. (2008).
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Monthly hydrometeorological ensemble prediction of streamflow
Jan 29, 2013 ... probabilistic forecasts of streamflow drought events falling below a daily ... This, however, depends on the catchment characteristics, as well as the quality of the ... or a multi-model ensemble (Cloke and Pappenberger, 2009) or multiple ...... agement, edited by: Rossi, G., Vega, T., and Bonaccorso, B.,. Chap.
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Stochastic Prediction of Drought Class Transitions - UTL Repository
Jan 11, 2007 ... chains modeling to drought class transitions derived from SPI time series. ... The less predictable characteristics of droughts with respect to ...... Despite some limitations in drought prediction 2 and 3 months ahead the probabilistic .... Bonaccorso B, Bordi I, Cancelliere A, Rossi G, Sutera A (2003) Spatial ...
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Download - Science Publishing Corporation
In this study, watershed drought under climate change impacts will be ... (2009) downscaled general circulation climate model outputs ECHO-G with A1 scenario for the ...... [12] Bonaccorso B., Bordi I, Cancelliere A., Rossi G., and Sutera A, Paulo. ... ICID Probabilistic Analysis of Drought Spatiotemporal Characteristics in.
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Drought forecasting using new machine learning - McGill University
Apr 19, 2015 ... B – data collection. C – statistical analysis ... interpretation and probabilistic, allowing it to be used in risk and decision making ... drought, this characteristic makes the use of the SPI ... compared to a traditional ANN model and an SVR model. Using ..... Eds. G. Rossi, T. Ve- ga, B. Bonaccorso. Water Science ...
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Methodology for Drought Risk Assessment in Within-year Regulated
Jun 24, 2014 ... In the last years, drought management procedures have moved from a ... river basin has different operation characteristics, drought management ..... 2.3.1 Water Resources System Management Simulation Model .... probabilistic results all, or the most, of their variability. .... In: Rossi G, Vega T, Bonaccorso B.
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Regional Frequency Analysis of Droughts in Portugal João Filipe
Jun 16, 2011 ... the SPI time scale series a regional frequency analysis of drought magnitudes was ..... expresses the return period of drought severity as a function of the statistical characteristics ..... more robust probabilistic model should instead be considered. ..... Bonaccorso B, Cancelliere A, Rossi G (2003) An analytical ...
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Examples - Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform
A. Iglesias, A. Cancelliere, D. Gabiña, A. López-Francos, M. Moneo, G. Rossi ... Mediterranean Drought Preparedness and Mitigation Planning ..... Analysis of drought using drought indices and modelling tools . .... a) Probabilistic analysis . ..... b) Water supply augmentation: Development of non-mobilized natural water ...
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Short-term drought forecasting combining stochastic and geo
Seasonal ARIMA model was employed. .... according to the drought characteristics that they are analyzed. ... b) empirical data method, which is analyzing drought variables without the ... Probabilistic predictions: which try to provide the mathematical probability of a ... of the recorded hydrological series ( Bonaccorso et al.
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Probabilistic quality control of daily temperature data
May 17, 2012 ... Probabilistic quality control of daily temperature data. G. Sciuto,a B. Bonaccorso, b* A. Cancellierec and G. Rossic a Geographical Institute ...
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Droughts and their social perception in the mass media (southern
Mar 20, 2012 ... drought; SPI; Mediterranean climate; social perception; Spain ..... that it does not take a probabilistic approach and has a rigid time ..... understood in terms of the characteristic variability of ...... Cancelliere A, Mauro GD, Bonaccorso B, Rossi G. 2007. ... Climate extremes: observations, modelling and impacts.
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technical paper
drought severity-duration-frequency curves in Victoria, Australia", Australian Journal of. Water Resources,Yol.19, ... multivariate probabilistic approach to model the SDF relationships of ... temporal and spatial characteristics of jroughts .... 5p1 = 1ar [G(x)]. (6) ...... 377 -319. Bonaccorso, B., Cancelliere, A. & Rossi, G. 2003, "An.
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Decision trees to determine the possible drought periods in Ankara
The probabilistic behaviour of drought characteristics has been generally derived analytically, ... method for rainfall flow modelling and indicated that the M5 tree model yielded more ...... Bonaccorso B., A. Cancelliere and G. Rossi, 2003.
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Characterizing, Monitoring and Forecasting of Drought in Jordan
Nov 11, 2013 ... ARIMA model also predicted 3 out of 4 actual moderate droughts for Amman and Mafraq stations. .... along with PSDI to probabilistically assess the severity, duration and return time of ... tistical characteristics of the annual precipitation data col- ..... [12] B. Bonaccorso, I. Bordi, A. Cancelliere, G. Rossi and A.
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Book of Abstracts (pdf)
Nov 13, 2014 ... Reconstruction of historic and prehistoric droughts (from modelling, doc- umentary ... Room B. 08.30–10.00 Plenary 4: Hydrological change (climate change .... Brunella Bonaccorso, Antonino Cancelliere, Giuseppe. Rossi ... Stochastic modeling of spatio-temporal characteristics of drought in southern Iran .
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