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Ultrathin Polymer Films for Microlithography
resolution electron beam lithography system, 'L_,_Vac. Sci. Technol., B.5,88 ... Thin polymer films have been used as resist materials for to date in this area.
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Ultrathin Polymer Films for Microlithography
1. INTRODUCTION. Thin polymer films have been used as resist materials for lithography in microelectronic ... In electron-beam lithography, ultrathin resists can.
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Nanoimprint Lithography: Methods and Material Requirements
Jan 25, 2007 ... polymeric material is intentionally left underneath the mold protrusions, and ... Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a nonconventional lithographic.
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Fabrication Approaches for Generating Complex Micro-and
Feb 26, 2008 ... made of polymer materials possessing elongated features in the vertical ... toward lithography techniques with intrinsic 3D structuring capability.
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Conducting polymers in microelectronics - CRN2
In addition, polymeric materials are ... Conducting polymers have potential applications at all ... lithography, with a subsequent discussion of their use for.
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Polymer Imprint Lithography with Molecular-Scale Resolution
Beckman Institute and Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, UniVersity of Illinois ... serve as templates for performing polymer imprint lithography with feature.
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Conducting polymers as charge dissipator layers for - OPUS 4
Conducting polymers as charge dissipator layers for electron beam lithography ...... materials used to build up the device on a semiconductor substrate to be ...
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PDF(872K) - Wiley Online Library
Jan 10, 2005 ... materials in microlithography are reviewed. Various classes of resists ... layer resist processes, an organosilicon polymer must exhibit several ...
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Development of Inorganic Resists for Electron Beam Lithography
May 25, 2004 ... Lithography: Novel Materials and Simulations ..... sensitive organic polymer that is used for defining the patterns and masking the device,.
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Advanced developer-soluble gap-fill materials and - Brewer Science
ensure a lithography process produces the best profiles and critical ... both the polymer and formulation, our developer-soluble gap-fill materials fill vias and ...
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Chemical Amplification Resists for Microlithography - Springer
4.1.8 Dendritic Polymers and Small Amorphous Materials . .... resists for microlithography, which have become the workhorse in device manufacturing for the last ...
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PMMA Data Sheet - MicroChem
PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is a versatile polymeric material that is well suited for many ... x-ray and deep UV microlithographic processes. PMMA is also  ...
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New materials for surface energy control of 193 nm - Sematech
D. Sanders | New Materials for Surfaces | 4th International Symposium on Immersion Lithography. © 2006 IBM .... Blending typical topcoat polymers gives only average properties .... 3rd International Symposium on Immersion Lithography.
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Novel resist materials for next generation lithography - Core
development of a novel resist material is necessary as the resolution capability ... polymeric resists will reach its limit by the time of the 22 nm technology node in ...
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Immersion Lithography: Photomask and Wafer-Level Materials
May 27, 2009 ... In semiconductor fabrication optical lithography, the main materials ... been polymeric photoresists, which changed substantially each time the ...
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Rapid prototyping of functional microfabricated devices by soft
replica into a functional material (polymer, ceramic, metal, or semiconductor) ... Soft lithography is a suite of techniques that uses physical contact between.
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soft lithography - Whitesides Research Group - Harvard University
surface chemistry, materials science, optics, MEMS, and microelectronics. .... polymer of the elastomer is poured over a master having relief structure on its.
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Chromatic control in coextruded layered polymer microlenses
OCIS codes: (110.3960) Microlithography; (110.5220) Photolithography; ( 160.5293) Photonic bandgap materials; (160.5470) Polymers; (260.2030) Dispersion.
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Rational Design in Cyclic Olefin Resists for Sub-100nm Lithography
SPIE Microlithography 2003. Outline. ▫ Polymer design. ▫ Material properties of Cobra 5K polymers. • Optical density at 157nm and 193nm. • Etch resistance and  ...
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Chemical - IBM
the microlithographic technology, the core technology of ... cleavage of a pendant group to convert a lipoplu'lic polymer .... totally new imaging materials.
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Resist Materials for 157 nm Microlithography: An Update
developing 157 nm resist materials based on the first of these two polymer systems. ... Keywords: 157 nm lithography, 157 nm resist, 2-(trifluoromethyl) acrylates, ...
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Nanoimprint Lithography - InTech
Feb 1, 2010 ... squeeze flow of a sandwiched viscoelastic material between a mold and a ... a thin layer of imprint resist (thermoplastic polymer) is spin-coated ...
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Development of 157 nm Photoresist Polymers for F 2 Laser
in resolution but does so at a cost. Introduction of 157 nm lithography into manufacturing, requires the development and supply of new quartz materials for mask ...
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The photogeneration of acid and base within polymer coatings
Specially designed polymers that include acid or base sensitive groups have been prepared, mainly for use as imaging and resist materials for microlithography.
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