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Polarized Electron Diffraction From Clean And Adsorbate Covered Fe110 - [Full Version]
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Polarized Electron Diffraction From Clean And Adsorbate Covered Fe110 - Full Download
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Polarized Electron Diffraction From Clean And Adsorbate Covered Fe110 - [Complete Version]
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Polarized electron diffraction from clean and adsorbate covered Fe
Intensity and spin polarization of the (0,0) beam from Fe(110) have been measured for the clean surface and for a coverage of up to a quarter of a monolayer of ...
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A low-energy electron diffraction study of Fe(110): II. Theory and
Cover image ... The method is applied to a model of the clean Fe(110) surface. ... we have reported experimental low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) results from the ... energy as expected for an unreconstructed surface with low adsorbate coverage. ..... Spin-polarized LEED from low-index surfaces of platinum and gold.
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Imaging the internal electronic structure of a surface adsorbate with
Aug 1, 2003 ... the adsorbate due to internal polarization. This is the ... and low energy electron diffraction. Iodine was .... for clean Fe(110) and Fe(100) were taken as 5.05 eV [ 26] and ... SSP neutral fractions collected from the I-covered sur-.
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Spin-polarized photoemission - Electron Spectroscopy Group
technique to the study of surfaces, both clean and adsorbate covered, is reviewed. ..... spin-dependent diffraction to measure the polarization. The spin ...
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Oxygen Adsorption on the Fe(110) Surface - ACS Publications
Jan 24, 2016 ... energy electron diffraction (LEED), low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM), and ... new light on the oxygen adsorption on Fe(110) by giving a.
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Spin Polarized Photoemission - Annual Reviews
clean and adsorbate-covered surfaces, both metal and semiconductor (4). Extending .... which relies on spin-orbit effects in the diffraction of the electrons from a ..... photoemission studies of oxygen adsorbed on Fe(110) (67) and on Co( OOl).
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Surface Studies by Optical Second—Harmonic Generation: The
Jan 30, 1984 ... to study molecular adsorbates at an interface be- tween two ... ly clean Rh(111) surface in ultrahigh vacuum. (UHV), we ... brated by low-energy electron diffraction (LEED). For the ... The p—polarized SH signal from the surface was ... The surface cover- .... Rh(111), Pt(111),11 Fe(110),12 and Ni(1()0)13 sur-.
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Online PDF - Emily A. Carter
Abstract. Spin-polarized density functional theory (DFT) has been used to characterize hydrogen atom adsorption and dif- ... electron diffraction (LEED) experiments at tem- peratures ... to overbind adsorbates on metal surfaces [22]. Therefore .... Clean Fe(1 1 0). Fe(1 1 0) is .... (EELS) of H2 adsorption on Fe(110) at a cover-.
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Online PDF - Emily Carter - Princeton University
low-energy electron diffraction (LEED)22 and confirmed with molecular dynamics .... With adsorption energies and clean W surface ener- gies, we can estimate ...
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Ferromagnetic thin-films and nanostructures studied by spin
Apr 24, 2006 ... SP-STM through an adsorbate layer is demonstrated for the first time by making use of the ... H2S the island surface is covered with 1 .... spin-polarized tunneling through a sulfur-layer on Fe(110) islands and the pinning ..... where SP-STM/STS , low energy electron diffraction (LEED), and Auger electron.
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fulltext - DiVA
The figure on the cover shows a STM ... The interaction of segregated sulfur with a Fe(110) surface was investigated by means of ... Fe 2p core level of the clean Fe(110) surface was subject to further investigations ... Proc., Enhancement of Magneto-optical Effects through Polarized .... 3.5 Low Energy Electron Diffraction.
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Exchange splitting of image states on Fe/Cu„100… and Co/Cu„100…
investigations concerning this adsorbate system have been ... troscopy, low- energy electron diffraction, and two-photon ... Two-photon photoemission spectra for the clean Cu(100) surface and the iron-covered surface are shown in Fig. 1. ... from bcc Fe(110) (Ref. .... for the upper spectrum we used p-polarized light for that.
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Coupling of spin and vibrational degrees of freedom of adsorbates
Oct 14, 2015 ... adsorbed molecules can induce a spin-polarization in a dia- magnetic ... energy electron diffraction (LEED) pattern was obtained. A ... Lorentzians of all probed molecular vibrations covered by the bandwidth of the IR ... the non-resonant background of the clean Ni film, and the vertical bars mark the fitted ...
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The Static and Dynamic Lattice Changes Induced by Hydrogen
The clean NiAl(110) surface has been extensively studied and its physical ... Al atoms, neither do adsorbates interact with only the global properties of the bulk ... electron diffraction (LEED) reveals the ripple to be 0.11 Å. Qualitatively this trend is ... From the measured I-V spectra, the structure of the 0.5 ML hydrogen covered .
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Electronic Supporting Information - Royal Society of Chemistry
electron diffraction (LEED), temperature programmed desorption (TPD) and ultraviolet ... beam, so as to change the direction of the E vector of the linearly polarized light ... processed by correction for the clean surface contribution to the absorption ... Co(0001) and Fe(110) surfaces were instead prepared in the form of thin.
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N 2 adsorption and dissociation on thin iron films on W(110)
electron diffraction (LEED) have been utilized to study molecularly adsorbed N 2 on thin ... These strained layers show different properties than the bulk Fe(110) surface. .... (a) Clean W(ll0); (b) iron clusters on W(ll0) prepared by flashing an iron film with a thickness of ... is densely covered with an unstrained Fe(ll0) film.
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PDF (382 kB) - the Welcome Page of the Institute
Oct 15, 1996 ... investigated by spin polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy. ... Keywords: Adatoms; Atom~solid interactions, scattering, diffraction; Carbon ... the electron emission induced by deexcitation at ... for 3d ferromagnetic clean metals E* <<1> and the .... on Fe(110) films grown on W [16] and GaAs [17].
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Atomic-level characterization of materials with core - Fadley Group
binding is the binding energy of a given electron relative to the vacuum level ... in which ˆε is the polarization of the radiation, the notation for initial and .... localized on one atomic site, a photoelectron diffraction (PD) ...... Other examples of PD in the study of clean surfaces, adsorbates, ... k-space covered by the data points.
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Cathode lens spectromicroscopy: methodology - Beilstein-Institut
Oct 27, 2014 ... and polarization available at synchrotron sources [5]. In recent years, the ... sity varies depending on the material, presence of adsorbates, formation of ... energy electron diffraction (LEED) beams is used to produce an image, in which ... belong to clean W(110), to W(110) covered with a pseudomor- phic Fe ...
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High Resolution Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
What is the mode of bonding between the adsorbate and the substrate? • How does the surface ... diffraction are not applicable to single-crystal surfaces since X ... waves polarized perpendicularly to the plane of incidence ..... Clean. Intensity ( arbitrary units). Figure 4 HREEL spectra of CO on Ni(100) for 0.5 L and 1.5 L of.
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