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Kingdom Protista - PROTISTS - contains 11 Phyla ( divisions
Animal-like. Plant-like protists protists. 4 phyla. 6 phyla. PROTISTA. Fungus-like protists. 1 phyla. Protists have also been grouped according to other criteria:.
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The Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, & Protozoa - Suffolk County
1. Fungi. 2. Protista. Subkingdoms. A. Protozoa (animal-like). B. Algae (plant-like) . Kingdom Fungi mycology = study of fungi common characteristics of fungi:.
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DOMAINS AND KINGDOMS – Chapter 2-3 - El Camino College
Eukarya has 4 kingdoms – Protista, Plantae, Fungi and ... Cyanobacteria have Chlorophyll a for photosynthesis like algae and plants (oxygenic photosynthesis).
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biology - Ward's Science
+Diversity of Kingdom Protista. • Animal-like protists. • Plant-like protists. • Fungi- like protists. +Protist Reproduction. +Ecological Roles of Protists. • Producers.
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Chapter 15: Page 191
three different groups: slime molds (fungus-like protists), algae (plant-like protists) and protozoans ... organisms that break down biotic material (like dead plants.
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smaller than those of eukaryotic cells, very much like bacte- rial ribosomes .... each of equal rank with animals, plants, and fungi? ... Some protists, like amoebas,.
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2.4 Protists
fungus, plant, or animal. Here we will classify the protists by how they obtain nutrition. Animal – Like Protists. - protozoans, are heterotrophs. - they consume ...
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14. Eukaryotic diversity II
Protist diversity: 1) Poor coupling between protist phylogeny and nutritional strategy. • Molds - absorptive, fungus-like protists. • Algae - photosynthetic, plant- like ...
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Study guide 3
Be able to recognize the type of protist (protozoan, algae, fungus-like protist) from ... What are some of the defining characteristics of land plants and which ones.
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Cases from History 3
cultures only named plants and animals that they used, and saw no reason to ..... animal-like, plant-like, and fungus-like protists gave rise in the past to today's ...
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The Protist Kingdom… - Maggie's Earth Adventures
Protist Kingdom as being divided into three big categories– the fungi- like molds ( F), the plant-like algae (P), and the animal-like protozoans. (A). Archaebacteria.
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Not plants or animals - University of Arizona
the protozoa to be more plant-like than animal-like and did not believe they were part ..... Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia in his 1959 article,. On the Broad ...
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Gulf Coast Sea Life 2 - Louisiana State University
Locate a body of water that you would like to sample; this can be a pond, lake, .... Plant-like protists. Fungi-like protists. Animal-like protists. **Kingdom Protista. 1.
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Properties and Classification of Microorganisms
members of the kingdom Protista are difficult to clas- sify. They are divided into three main groups: the animal-like, plant-like, and fungus-like protists. Animal-lik.
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the evolution of fungi - New York University
Dec 1, 1997 ... Fungi are more closely related to animals than plants. .... Unlike plants, but like animals, in the fungal mitochondrial code, 'UGA .... are also phagotrophic, resembling protists in their mode of nutrition rather than photosynthetic.
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Evolution of Digestive Systems Notes - The Lesson Locker
Plant-like protists are photosynthetic and include the organisms we call seaweeds. The ... This mode of nutrition makes fungi important decomposers. They often ...
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Characteristics of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. f. Characteristics and life cycles of the main divisions of plant-like protists. g. Characteristics and life cycles of the ...
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